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  1. just applied and approved for Venture this week and hadn't seen this thread, missed out on multiple cards for the stupid triple pull :cry2: :cry2:
  2. though tempted, im hoping for more than $500 so I'll wait...90 days will be next Friday the 11th....i will click button on Monday the 14th Yeah I should've waited, itchy fingers . I'm about to call and see if they will increase it more...
  3. 3rd statement cut yesterday, 65 days since approved at $1k, hit luv button today and got $500 increase data points: each month I've spent close to triple the available balance, paying off the balance at least twice a week, had zero balance report for the first two statements, allowed $300 to report yesterday on the third statement bc I thought it would allow the cli to be more than $500 today
  4. Just closed in July and I was on IBR for my student loans and the lender used the reduced payment amount that was reporting on my CR's to calculate DTI. I was not asked about the student loans at all (thank goodness). Also note my student loans do not have IBR noted anywhere on the CR's.
  5. wow


    Congrats!! But don't use it until after you close.
  6. $200k mortgage...2.5 yrs post BK
  7. I don't think it unsecures, but they will do CLI and that portion is obviously unsecured. DH got a $100 CLI on his (yeah I know what a life altering amount lol). They still have his initial cash deposit, which is why I say I don't think it unsecures. Either way, it reports as unsecured.
  8. The LO said that it was because they were swamped with re-fi's, which was part of the problem. I also think that he was getting the info to the lender slower than I would have liked. Which was compounded by the fact that the lender has a process whereby a junior UW has to verify all documents, then send them to a senior UW to sign off on. Once conditions were listed, the required documents had to go through the same process again to get the clear to close. Completely out of my hands, if I could've done anything to move it along faster I would have lol!! It was extremely stressful for both us and the seller.
  9. My lender required bank statements for the past three months for my main checking and savings. I also included my 401k quarterly statement bc that's where a portion of the closing funds were coming from. For the statements that had rent checks coming out of them, a few got down to about $10, but the rent check had already cleared so I guess it was a non issue. IDK about showing enough to make the mortgage payment, as I have direct deposit and always had enough to show, so the lender never needed to ask that of us. My LO told us before he verified funds for the last time before the file went into UW to take out a few hundred to live on - we use our check card for everything and he wanted it to be a solid number before UW got it.
  10. wow

    Closing time?

    ours took 45 days (just closed last week)...originally we were pushing to accelerate it and the LO said he would try to push it through but couldn't promise it...we gave them all the requested paperwork in a timely manner and had the funds to close, everything was just pushed back due to a large influx of re-fi's.
  11. DH had a $4k collection pop up on his CR the day before the loan officer pulled our credit for the first time. It dropped his score drastically, but we still needed to purchase quickly. The lender just requested an explanation letter and did not require us to pay it off. It did increase our interest rate, but the need to move quickly outweighed the monetary loss. We are working to take care of it so that we can re-fi in a few years. That being said, if the need to move outweighs the potential interest rate increase, you still may be ok to move forward. I would still attempt to get it fixed as you are mortgage shopping.
  12. Very pretty! I want double wall ovens tooooooo lol!!
  13. We closed last week, finally :yahoo: It was a looong 45 days, but it was all worth it.
  14. I have always been able to remove all phone numbers from TU. EX seems to be removing them almost immdetiately now, must be system generated. I have recently disputed a few and logged out and logged right back in and they were already gone. I didn't receive the dispute email until the next day...

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