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  1. I will be attending my NACA meeting on 1/10/15. I will be following your post to stay updated!
  2. Thanks gdale6, I didnt know you could GoodWill a closed account.
  3. I use to be on the board back in 2008-2010 while I was fixing up my credit to apply for cards to boost score and to prepare to purchase a car. I do not know my score at the moment, Discover Card statement has 2/24/14 FICO 657. My utilization is crappy at the moment but hey I'm working on that too. I come to you guys today wondering what I should do about a card that I closed and paid off.... JCP opened in 12/2007, closed in 4/2013. I have 3 conservative months of lates from 12/2012-2/2013, besides that I had perfect payment history. Should I try to get it deleted bc of the negative or is there something else I can do considering that I already closed the card?
  4. Got mines with the link that was posted above by Big Ed.....
  5. Macys must have pissed me off so bad when I was on my vacation in MI. I went into the store and wanted to get some shoes knowing that I had like $800 that I could use on the card. Lady swipped my card talking about declined, so she called Macys and the stuff they were saying wasnt making any sense....Well ma'am you can make a payment and then purchase it. Ummm are you dumb if I got the cash to make a payment I can just buy the shoes myself in general. I asked what was my limit being that it was $2500 before and she was like IDK. Hell what do you know then? I been with Macys since 2006 and they were my first CC but I had to let they butt do. If I knew that they didnt put the CL on your report I would have keep it and put it in the draw. They was trying to do everything to get me to stay but the crazy thing is hell you can say your going to give me 50% off on my next purchase but heck I cant put it on my card cause I dont have a limit. CONGRADS OP!!!!!!
  6. I agree to just send it to the address that shows on your statements......I have so many address that I dont know which one to tell you to use. But this is the one that shows up on their mailouts for me. Hope this help! Chase Student Loan Servicing, LLC. POBox 523 Madison, MS 39310
  7. I really do love your story. I am getting my BSN (Nursing)and considering to further my education afterwards to become a Nurse Practioner. I have a year left with my undergrad and I am around $40-45k with $22k being a private loan. I was just sitting and thinking about what I am going to do to work this balance down faster. How do you go about finding out more info for the civilian job? I had a friend ask me about it recently and I wasnt sure, I told her to try google LOL. If I dont do something like that I will do travel nursing.....Hmmm I need to looknore into that also considering I will be graduating soon.
  8. Ok thanks... So EX still gives out score just not where we can purchase?
  9. If your unable to get EX score, where are some of these ppl pulling numbers from. I keep seeing EX scores in ppl siggy and I am wondering where are they going to get it? Thanks in advance, I havent been around from a long while.
  10. I will be trying my luck with CCT and MPM, I had CCT when I did B* back in the day. Will start my mission again today.....Thanks guys, I am glad B* still lives on
  11. I think mypoints30 will get them for you for $11.00.......... Yes it work, Thanks!
  12. Yes they are. I just went from $7800 to $9300 yesterday. I gotta love Citi......
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