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  2. How did it go? This is probably too late for your situation, but might help someone in the future. Specifically for Comcast, I called them in March and asked if I paid the bill online in full that day, would they have DCI remove the collection from my credit report and they said yes and I would receive a letter to that effect in 2-3 weeks. I took note of the name of the person, the date and time and what he said. I paid in full that day and a week later DCI updated the collection to paid and closed but did not remove it from any credit bureaus. I went in to Comcast chat support and explained that the reports were updated but not removed as promised. The chat support person took a few minutes to understand that we were talking about deletion and not just closing the account. Once she understood what I was promised, she said that would happen. This established in writing that the OC agreed to delete for payment in full. Of course, nothing happened for a few weeks so I disputed online with all three credit bureaus based on OC agreement (paid in full rather than in installments or negotiating down or simply not paying it, etc). I included a copy of the chat transcript with the promise to delete highlighted. By May 1st the collection has been removed permanently from all three credit bureaus.
  3. I just did a refi through Full Spectrum Lending with a mid score of 538 (ewwwww). I was, of course, raped on fees and interest rate, but I knew I would be going into it. Good luck.
  4. if it makes you feel any better, my 9 year old is a cheerleader..and she says real cheerleaders don't use pom poms...lol. and if that didn't work..this should... my dd is an allstar competition cheerleader for a private gym - like you see on ESPN and foxsports occasionally. we pay (monthly) $95 for allstar fees and tumbling class; $72 for stunt class; $100 for private tumbling lessons (only do privates for 2 months each year) practices are year-round. there is no off-season..ugh. $200 bi-yearly for uniform $55 annual booster club fee $65 x 2 annually for shoes...one pair for practice, one pair for competitions $50 annually for bows, competition make-up, etc. $150 jacket (first jacket is on its 3rd year of use..yay!) $75 annually for goodie bags at competitions entry fees for regionals and nationals...$600 total?? depends on how many we enter. her squad travels to chattanooga, dallas, tampa and jacksonville to compete...so tack on airfare, hotels, meals, etc. we're fortunate in that we live in the atlanta suburbs and a couple of the big nationals are held in atlanta. and after all that...when we go to competitions, i have to pay to see my own child compete!!! lol... these people are raking it in!!! that being said, it really has been a rewarding experience. my only child now knows she is part of a team and that the world does not revolve around her. she's made a ton of friends and learned to deal with all personality types. her self confidence is through the roof. she knows how to set goals for herself and works to achieve them. she's gone from not having a back handspring to being able to do things on a university's tryout list. thanks for letting me vent and brag in the same post!!
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    My credit scores are awful - in the 500's, but I just got 2 phones from AT&T Wireless. 900 anytime minutes, free nights (after 7 pm) and free weekends, nationwide long distance and nationwide no roaming... for $59.99 a month, plus $9.99 for 2nd phone. Both phones were free as well - one Samsung flip phone and one LG flip phone. Good luck.

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