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  1. YAY! I just checked, and whoop there it is!
  2. I would definitely say it's a ripoff, but I agree that they have treated me well also. I have never had any type of AA with them, and I will choke down the fees if I know I can count on them.
  3. No. But if they softed my Experian report, in order to make changes to my account, as they have done in the past, they must be up to something. It isn't a mere coincidence that they softed me a wek before my anniversary date. They haven't pulled any other softs since I opened the card, just these two. Maybe they are going to send the letter to me.......
  4. I got my Target card in August, 2008. After three months of on-time payments, the gave me a CLI to $500 from $200. I noticed they softed me Experian report on November 11th, and my statement cuts on the 22nd of each month. I received the CLI on the 22nd of November. My account is about to be a year old today, and my statement won't be in their system until Monday. They softed my Experian report on the 10th. If they upgrade my card to the Visa, will the account number appear online, or will I have to wait for the card to come, and activate it before I will know if it was upgraded or not?
  5. They aren't taking any new applications; the card has been discontinued.
  6. Don't even get me started on BofA today. They just closed my secured card because I had too many new accounts.
  7. I currently have this card. It is supposed to graduate in September, after nine months of usage.
  8. I bet they had to hold Experian at gun point.....
  9. OK BubbaG, no that we know how to apply for the Visa, what are the requirements like? My experian report is the worst, but all of my open accounts are in great condition. I just have 4 baddies, and a high five hundreds score. Macy's can still approve me for GLI based on the softs, just FYI. Once I called, and they softed me when i had a high number of negatives on my report, and they said the computer was atually showing my limit need to go down. I was worried about this a little.
  10. They delete them on a certain day of the month. You have to wait until that day from them to come off. It might be the end of this month before they delete those inquiries. That's just how America's "favorite" credit bureau rolls.
  11. I would say the student loans. If you can save that much by paying the full balance by the end of the month, that debt would be much better to get paid off first. Credit card repayment is much more flexible, so i would advise you to pay the money owed to the government before paying money back to a private financial institution.
  12. I have had mine since Febrauy of this year, and I got a $500 CL. I use it quite a bit, but only to show usage. Should I be expecting a CLI at the six month mark? Is that typical for this card?
  13. I have been recently added to my mother's Chase Freedom card. It has been reported to TU and EX, but not EQ. EQ does still show AU accounts, correct?
  14. They definitely couldn't o it. It would be considered ex post facto.

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