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  1. they arent as bad - in Florida it is the insurance that can be an issue - like some parts of Texas insurance because of Hurricanes the price can be pretty steep I was told that hail storms are a bigger factor in TX. A lot of homes have masonry/stone exterior for this purpose
  2. With Amex Plat/SPG Gold now giving Marriott Gold, I'll be canceling my RC card when the next AF hits.
  3. Haven't bothered because I like the Cent lounge, even when it's crowded. How is the PP lounge?
  4. Amex plat - 40k MR points offered and accepted, no requirements. $60k spend last year.
  5. Kept my plat this year as they gave me a 40k MR retention bonus. A few weeks ago I couldn't remember if I had used my airline credit, so called the 800# and was told I had the full act available. Used it to buy up to F on a trip and then a few weeks later notice it hadn't been refunded. Called and was told I had already used it, tough luck. Spoke to a supervisor and demanded that he go and listen to the call - they credited me back the amount I'm in and out of DFW and don't mind taking airtrain to the cent lounge, as long as I'll have at least an hour there. Time from the lounge to any gate (assuming you're in a different terminal) is typically 10-12 minutes.
  6. I'm in my final semester of a graduate program and have lined up a consolidation with a nice competitive rate. The problem is that my school hasn't reported the federal loan (that was credited to my account on 5/9) to NSLDS yet, so I can't even show that it exists to consolidate it. I want to get the refi wrapped up to position myself for a new mortgage. Any thoughts on what can be done? In the past they've been reported within days and now we're a month out. I really don't want to wait until the end of summer and then likely need another hard pull for the consolidation.
  7. We're preparing for a purchase in TX where I would be the only party on the loan - my wife is a SAHM with no income. With TX being a community property state, would her credit be pulled? What would be the impact if I were to refinance a car note into her name only? Could it be removed from DTI?
  8. Just thought I'd update - spoke to some folks and they're forgiving it. It pays to leave on good terms and to not be afraid to just ask sometimes.
  9. Yeah, I found it a bit of a difficult situation myself. I don't want to completely ignore it as I don't want something to come up and bite me, particularly as we'll be starting a new construction soon.
  10. I've recently departed an employer and have received a letter from the employee service center that they'd like me to repay some funds that I received under the educational assistance plan. The amounts reduce by 25% over 2 years from date of disbursement. This is a letter that is generated automatically from the service center when an employee leaves - my former boss and our VP both indicated that if they are asked, they don't want me to have to repay it (I left on very good terms). During the course of my employment I actually got nailed under this policy and changes to it cost me in excess of $50k, so I'm not enthused to give more back (particularly with the backing of my former management). With that being said, I'm trying to figure out how to approach this... The letter states that it is a "memo to remind [me] that per the policy the company expects me to honor my obligations..." The letter further states that there is a 3 month period to make repayment. Should I just send a DV letter CMRRR within 30 days of the date of receipt? If they actually do validate, then my plan would be to try and negotiate a lower amount, though I don't know if they actually would pursue this... Thanks in advance for the help
  11. Thanks for the feedback - so it seems that the fact that the bank may be working with the corporation to provide a relo package doesn't change anything there. Another question - if the corporation is doing a temporary mortgage buy-down (e.g. borrower has a 4% fixed rate, corp. pays 3% of that in year one, 2% in year 2 such that the borrower is only paying 1% interest in year one and 2% in year 2)...how does that affect calculations?
  12. I'm in the lucky position to be considering a couple of relocation offers that I've received...hoping to get some insight into the following to help with my financial models: - Does a lender who is working with a borrower as part of a corporate relocation program typically include annual bonus (e.g. 15% of base) when calculating income if it is in the same industry and the role is a promotion (with a demonstrated history of receiving a bonus in the prior role)? What if it is with a different employer? I know that if it is with the same employer and able to be demonstrated that the average will be used for a typical mortgage, but I don't know if a lender working with the corporation as part of a relo program will be more flexible. - Does a car loan with less than X months (e.g. 10) of payments count against DTI? - What is a typically allowable DTI for a conventional loan with a corporate relocation? Does locale have an effect? For example, a state with high income tax vs a state with no income tax?
  13. Closed this afternoon - everything went perfectly.
  14. They may have difficulty getting a GFE until they submit an application. They should be able to get a ballpark estimate when get a pre-approval.
  15. Just as a point of reference, our inspection came back with 4 relatively minor issues (i.e., I could probably fix them myself pretty easily). We still asked the seller to have them all repaired and they agreed. The point being, you can't get a "yes" if you don't ask.

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