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    Just saw this and just applied because I keep on reading about it here. I didn't know they did all military like USAA, so I put Army reserve which I am, well IRR, but its still reserve LOL.
  2. Yea I hope everything works out too. I'm looking in my Contico boxes cause I have all my Army stuff in there, I found some CR's from exactly a year ago from all 3 CR's too LOL. Wondering if that can help me out if theres discrepancies from this years and last years, for the people I am disputing currently.
  3. Jack I just called my bank...glad there 24/7. And there going to email my august, september, and october 2006 bank statements. Hopefully I paid by debit, I don't know if I paid debit, check, or money order but I KNOW I paid this. If thats the same thing I'm thinking its for. In the meantime I will write them a letter in case its something different.
  4. Ok thanks after looking through all my paperwork I had with the army I think I know what it is. It was for travel pay during my tour but they tacked on a couple more days for me to get out because I owed that debt. I paid the debt and remembered the Major I gave the money too, I will drive to Ft. Bragg even though I doubt that same Major is there. Now I need to contact my bank and see if maybe its on an old statement, or if I borrowed the money from my mom. I know I paid it because other soldiers left before me because they would not release me out the army until I paid the debt any former soldiers out there no exactly what I'm talking about. Finance will not release your Orders to get out the Army until all debts are paid.
  5. I've always had DFAS address, but what do I send just asking a question cause there the OC so I can't DV them right?
  6. DEPT OF DEFENSE Address: 8899 E 56TH ST INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46249 No phone number available Account Number: Address Identification Number: Status: Collection account. $1,161 past due as of May 2008. Date Opened: 02/2008 Type: Government Credit Limit: $1,136 Date of Status: 05/2008 Terms: 1 Months High Balance: NA Reported Since: 05/2008 Monthly Payment: $0 Recent Balance: $1,161 Last Reported Date: 05/2008 Responsibility: Individual Recent Payment: $0 Account History: Collection as of May 2008 Your Statement: NA Thats what the Experian Backdoor says... What exactly am I looking for thats different than the True Credit one? Thanks Jack
  7. Question I'm still waiting on disputes so if I do the backdoor thing will that extend the 30 days by an additional 15. I don't want to extend anything.
  8. TransUnion Experian Equifax - Past Due: $1161 $1161 - High Balance: $1136 $1136 - Terms: 1 months - Limit: - Payment: - Opened: 02/19/2008 02/2008 - Reported: 05/18/2008 05/18/2008 - Responsibility: Individual Individual Remarks: [TransUnion] Collection Account Placed for collection [Experian] Account seriously past due date/account assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department. [Equifax] Thats what it says when I press more information. I never started an account in feb 08. Last time I got paid from the army was 09/06.
  9. It seems like since I started cleaning up my CR I've actually ruined it!!! I just got an alert on True Credit that the State Government has put an account in collection. An account I have NO IDEA what it's about. According to true credit DFAS-Indianapolis AKA Military Pay. I NEVER received a letter from the Military saying that I even had any money that I owed them. It says that it started feb 08 and they JUST reported it to collection this week! What should I do...I mean DFAS NEVER contacted me. This is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The Army NEVER gave me a letter stating I owed them. I left the Army in 06. WTH is going on??? Anyone know what I should do??? Edited: The Government knows my current address. The GI Bill has my address and I had a debt but that got paid as soon as they sent the letter out so why didn't DFAS send me a letter. Why did it take them 2 years to firgure out that I owe them. I have ALL my DFAS information from when the pulled me INVOLUNTARILY out of IRR to support OIF aka backward draft. Yes I was one of those 5600 IRR former active soldiers they pulled to go back in involuntarily. Why did they not have my information, they've had my phone number and address since I left. Whats going on, I am sooooo mad!
  10. this doesn't make sense to me..?? the one who mailed to you? First I paid for a report which they sent so I can triage. I received another CR after I submitted a dispute. Equifax sent me the more detailed CR with the dispute results.

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