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  1. My wife and I were in India this past Jan. We stayed at a hotel in Mumbai that was very upscale (Sheraton). Fast forward 11 months and she notices today that someone charged $500 to her Amex from this same hotel. She had used her card to pay for our stay so someone who works there obviously got hold of her account info and took some free cash. My question is should we worry about her identity being compromised or only about this one credit account? We don't think they had access to social security numbers but only names, address, passport # and CC info. Is it worthwhile to start a credit monitoring service or is it unlikely that someone would be able to open new accounts in her name? Thanks for the opinions.
  2. Wow I posted in the first page of this thread back in 2005! My wallet has been updated since then: AMEX Starwood = majority of purchases. I have been averaging at least 5% back when using the rewards for hotel stays. Citi Diamond = 5% back at grocery and drug stores AMEX Platinum Charge = the rewards aren't great but concierge is a good service. Annual fee is too high though and I will probably cancel soon. Merrill+ = backup card that is never used Schwab Card = backup card that is never used
  3. You don't understand how I-bonds work. That 6.73% is only good for the next 6 months and then the rate will change according to the new inflation/deflation numbers. It is very possible that the rate could be much lower than a 3.5% ING account in 1 year.
  4. The rate is really good right now but remember that you must keep them a year and the rate will change in 6 months. So you really only get 6 months at that good rate and then it could go down (or up). There is also a 3 month interest penalty for cashing out earlier than 5 years.
  5. Somewhere between 2-3K. Oh how I wish I could charge my rent!
  6. I'd try ivory tower for sure on this one. Especially if you've made payments in the thousands to them in the past.
  7. They mail everyone a letter to open an account AFAIK. You will get it soon. Relax.
  8. Citi seems stingy to me. I've had mine almost a year and routinely charge it up to 90% and then PIF at the end. Still no CLI. All my other cards have moved up dramatically in the same time period.
  9. Note you also get a free credit report and score every year.
  10. Looks decent, basically a flat 1% cashback card. I'll hold off for the Emigrant Direct card to see what % cashback they will offer. But AMEX does know how to make cool looking cards!
  11. And you're limited to ATM withdraw limits (usually around $200-400).
  12. This is not an obscure law and is disclosed on the opening of every FDIC insured savings account.
  13. But you also have to face the flip side of that coin. You can also lose your investment just as fast whereas those in savings don't have to worry about that.

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