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  1. Ive got the call and called back ... scams
  2. Store cards start small and drag you down I learned the hard way they take a while to grow but if you pick the right ones they will grow with you... mines help with utilization and range from 6k-10k I buy a few things every now and then..but I would not rack up on store cards like they said pick ones you actually do business with...
  3. Under this scenario you're NOT paying $100 to that other credit card, (Navy Federal is). Think of the childhood game of Musical Chairs. Every time the music stops someone doesn't get a chair. Play this game with CC issuers long enough and eventually you won't get a chair. Balance transfers can help you save money under limited circumstances, but unless you have a reasonable plan whereby you can eventually pay back ALL the money you've borrowed on a revolving basis, the BT game isn't a whole lot different than "re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" +1
  4. I got that same offer for PayPal and another usaa offer seems those come every day maybe they really want me on their team lol they just dont know Im in gardening mode 😂
  5. Closed amazon, merrick next once I wrap my mind around it had the card a decade..
  6. Walgreens forgot I closed that card 🤭
  7. Crap 1 6k-6,5k I guess better than nothing 🙄
  8. Why do you have a savings account with them? Idk that was years ago when I was gonna open an account with them.. just never closed it I have a few of those too.I qualify military and its free had it 6 years so if not hurting why bother closing I might start using it tho... actually forgot until they sent a statement lol I just checked and I also have a USAA savings account. And a checking account. [emoji38] Why do you have savings and checking accounts with them if they are mediocre? Hoarding? They have a few decent products: insurance and credit cards which non-military memb
  9. Smart move u dont need two of the same cards.. and later u will get it back anyways cli 😎
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