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  1. Brian, We really want to go the conventional 80/20 route. Do you know what the credit score may need to be for you? I sent you an email the other day.
  2. Correct, they are not due - We do not owe on 2015 personal or business. And what was owed was paid. We are doing a jumbo loan in Virginia. Not delinquent on any federal debt. The mortgage lender of the builder is being very tough. I think the easiest route right now is to take the FHA route., and put another 50k down.
  3. Mid Scores 699 / 702 range - S-Corp and mortgage lender giving more troubles on approving for 80/20 loan. Home purchase is 791,000 but they are also requiring 10% down, which is standard, I've given them 110k thus dar to date, and they also are forcing to file Corporate and Personal taxes. They are not willing to accept W2 statement. Not only do they want us to file ,they also want us to pay the tax liability prior to closing (which may not be feasible). Are there any lenders that are more lenient to "self employed" S Corp filers, that doesn't have a 760 credit score?
  4. Ford Motor Credit - 59k Loan (NON PG)
  5. Congrats Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  6. Approved 10k - Business Established August 2014 - S-Corp - No PG
  7. Finally, I had to give them a different date as to when my company was established. So I added an extra year, and told them FEB 2013 They said they will let me know in 5-7 business days.
  8. When I called that ph number, I told the representative that I wanted to apply for the BJs MasterCard for businesses, and then she called the card a "BJs World of Business MasterCard". I don't know if you should ask for that name specifically, or not. But she didn't ask for any personal info at all, only my business info: tax id#, etc... The phone call wasn't long at all. If I were you, I'd try back and try to get a different representative, it won't hurt to try!! Yes, I agree!! I'm going try that again as well.
  9. @illusemycredit... Lol...Nope, I kid you not man. We are a corporation lol I will call them again.
  10. I called them again...They told me since I was a corporation that I needed to have a PG. I'm confused with BJ's at this point. What did you tell them?
  11. 48 hours later: " Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding a payment experience in your D&B report. Below is the information you requested and we verified. Date: 01/16 High Credit: 50 Amount Owing: 50 Past Due: 50 Payment Habit: Ppt-Slow 60 We have completed the payment experience investigation on your company’s D&B report. As a result of our investigation, your payment experience reference above has been removed per your supplier. This supplier did not release their company name to you. Please do not reply to this e-mail as the sending mailbox cannot receive incoming messages. To obtain a free copy of your current report or request additional changes, go to our website iUpdate.dnb.com . Thank you for taking the time to review your own D&B report. Partnering with you, the expert on your business will help us keep your company’s D&B information up-to-date and accurate. Sincerely, Your D&B Customer Response Team"
  12. What do you mean by Quality of traded Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  13. I didn't purchase the credit builder package but they said their system only see's it at Misc-Publishing and they will dispute it for me, and it takes 7-14 business days. I hate how some companies just try to mess you up for 30 days past due at 50 bucks. I have over 100k in Business auto loans why would i need your stupid misc publishing company lol.

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