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  1. I'm not sure why I'd want to get less rewards by using one of my "real" Amex cards. I suppose I should start mentioning that whenever someone whips out a Green or a Delta.
  2. Seriously. I'm a total snob, and even *I* think this is pushing it, if it's not a joke. PS: I'd rather see someone paying with a cobranded AmEx card issued by another bank, than a debit card or cash! Amirite?! "cobranded?" It's no more "cobranded" than a Citi MC or a BOA Visa.
  3. Unless you're a frequent traveler, I think the best Centurion Bank card, by far, is the Blue Cash Preferred.
  4. Apparently, the Federal Direct Loans site has been outsourced to another website run by a private company, and in the process they didn't feel like transferring recurring payments. I noticed that DW's DL payment wasn't pulled from the checking account, and that's when I found this out. Her account may now be in arrears, but it's a little hard to find out since the new website doesn't work and no one is answering the phone.
  5. I don't see where this info is coming from. http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/g19/Current/ The July revolving is listed at $792.5 Billion, but the annualized rate of change is listed at -5.2% Non-revolving, on the other hand, grew at an annualized pace of 11.2%. Also, with 112,611,029 households, the mean CC debt would be $7037.50, which isn't that much more than I have reported on my CR even though I PIF.
  6. Fidelity Amex to partially replace my soon to be defunct ex-Schwab.
  7. where did you see fidelity wants $200 contributions? I have not contributed to my roth for almost 10 years and have never been charged a fee or told I need to make min. deposits? The minimum to open a Fidelity IRA is $2500. They'll waive that if you set up automatic $200 monthly contributions.
  8. If they could get it down to 125% LTV, they could qualify for HARP if FNMA or FDMC owns their loan.
  9. For bears you want bear mace. Otherwise, shooting to maim might get you in more trouble than shooting to kill. Like pryan said, if you don't think you should be shooting to kill, you shouldn't be shooting.
  10. Jaywalking is not illegal. It is legal to cross anywhere, however, if you are not at a crosswalk or intersection, you are required to yield to oncoming traffic. I don't know all of the facts in the case, but would you have been as sympathetic with her if she had failed to yield in a vehicle with a resulting death?
  11. BOA reports when there's been a change like a CLI or CLD. I have had Discover report randomly. Didn't see any particular reason why they did it when they did.
  12. @frank22 I do not believe there is any evidence at all that checking ID reduces unauthorized use of a CC. That is why I do not want to show my ID. Security theater is nothing more than a distraction that in actuality reduces security rather than improving it. I have given up the fight however, and am willing to show my US Passport Card. Of course, the people taking it have no training and have no way of telling if it's a valid ID and have probably never seen one other than mine. They just glance and continue on.
  13. We borrowed billions to give to GE, Northrop, Xe, and Halliburton so they won't have to pay any taxes on their profits. How can we consider defaulting on debt we acquired for such worthwhile expenditures?
  14. I guess that since most Treasury bonds, bills, and notes are at lower rates than a mortgage, they should be excluded. However, I personally count my mortgage as debt. In a couple of years I intend to have my Household Debt be less than my Gross Household Product, but right now, my debt is higher than my GHP due to the mortgage and some student loans.
  15. My Driver's Edge was changed into a useless ThankYou card, so I figured I would convert that into a Forward Card. They made me wait 45 days, but it finally changed and my first statement has cut. I spent ~$30 at a restaurant and ~$18 at Amazon. I got 58 points. 48 base and 10 bonus points. I have no idea how that happened, but it's not anywhere near 5 points on either purchase.

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