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  1. Is it still possible to get a Washington Mutual Visa Credit Card? I applied for a credit card recently from them but got MasterCard instead. Of course MasterCard isnt accepted by Pacific Gas & Electric, my utility provider. But Visa is. So I tried to apply for Visa thru WaMu (which is my bank), and they said they dont offer Visa anymore. Is this true? I saw some stuff online that suggested they still offered WaMu Visa cards, but im not sure.. anyone know more about this?
  2. If I got a deletion from Equifax from a paid collections account from a small collections agency, what is the chance of it coming back via reinsertation? Is this likely if they report it monthly? Do most CAs report paid collections monthly? I deleted it very recently, but I have been in their office causing a ruckus threatening lawsuits etc. recently as well. Im not sure if they decided to keep an "eye" on this account or something.. possibly?
  3. If I get a deletion by getting a CRA representive (in this case Equifax) to delete a paid CA (note that its paid), do they send a letter of deletion to the CA? Anyone know?
  4. OK really I think as long as you dispute the right inquiries and are careful about it, I dont think anything is going to happen. Yes ive heard the horror storys of people's credit cards being cancelled 10 year tradelines being deleted etc. But I really think its the best way of going about dealing with most inquiries. Leave the ones that really are connected with strong tl's alone though. I would still like a way to deal with TU inquiries though..
  5. What annoys me is Transunion is the only one that refuses to let you dispute inquiries. I have thought of sueing them over this but have been too lazy to do it. I think it might work though.
  6. getting rid of inquiries is easy on Experian. 1) Put yourself on 90-day fraud alert 2) Dispute as many inquries as you want - they all go away the next day after you dispute them! 3) Take yourself off fraud alert or just wait out the 90 days. Note: Be careful about disputing inquiries related to tradelines that have age and are helping your credit score. You dont want them removed!
  7. It shows on one other CRA, Experian. Its a paid collection account, I doubt they would reinsert it. But if they do I know that Equifax never sends those dumb reinsertion letters they are required to by law so I feel like I can Equifax to delete any reinsertation on those grounds. How often does reinsertation occur? Are the people using Jack's method having any problems with reinsertation?
  8. So I thought since I ask so many questions that I should give something back to the community. So this is my story of how I removed a collections account from Equifax today (it is now no longer showing on my credit report, so im certain its gone now) I disputed a paid collections account as "paid before it went to collections". I mailed the dispute letter on May 8th and May 11th Equifax recieved. Equifax being slackers, took until May 16th to begin the investigation. At this point, they faxed something to the collection agency telling them to begin the investigation and that they had 3
  9. Well I dont think theres any law forcing them to report the information to the credit bereaus. Just if they report information that it has to be fair and accurate. But yeh obviously if its bribery that i shouldnt do it. Is the fact im acknowledging this is a legit account by already paying it make it bribery? What do you think would happen if i called them up and asked them about this soft of offer? Im in in danger of being sued by them am I for bribery?
  10. I am wondering for paid collections accounts with exceptionally low original balances (say south of $200) if you can pay the collection agency a certain amount of money to have them delete the account. Say the amount of the original balance. Obviously you would write up a contract and make them sign it before handing them over any money. Sort of the same idea as a pay-for-delete, except after you already paid them. Assuming im dealing with a very greedy collections agency that definitely wants as much money as it can and one that doesnt care about the rules too much, do you think this wou
  11. I am talking to them only after they completed the investigation. I never talked to them DURING the investigation. They cant say a phone call that I made 10 days after the investigaiton completed was relevant and move backwards and time and tack 15 days on to the investigation right?
  12. Yes I did include it in my letter. I am confused what to do. I talked with their "supervisor" who insists that its 45 days as long as once upon a time I ordered a Free Annual report. Even though I have paid for a subscription AFTER the fact. I am trying to talk to a "manager" (above the "supervisor") but none were available at the moment. Should I send an ITS letter?
  13. Equifax seems to now be of the opinion that they can take 45 days to respond to ALL disputes as long at one point earlier in time you recieved your Free Annual Credit Report. I made a dispute off of a credit report I paid for from Equifax (2 months after I recieved the Free Annual Credit Report), and they say they have 45 days to respond. They then took 44 days to respond and then verified it. Assuming I have everything properly documented, are they right? Doesnt the FCRA only say 45 days if the dispute comes from a FREE ANNUAL credit report and not a normal one? I mean I would hate to ha
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