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  1. I am in the same condition right now Applied for auto loan, approved at 1.99, was also offered CC which I accepted, income is good too. Then I applied for membership online. Sent in all the documents, and they still keep asking for more address proof. Plus they have a long list of documents they dont consider enough for address proof. Worse thing is the people handling this are NOT reachable at all, by phone or email. When called, the information call center folks keep me on hold, talk to this department and then get back regurgitating the same thing. I get no email responses to the emails I send. I have to email documents and it has now happened twice that they didn't 'see' the documents in the system. I was hoping to get everything lined up to make a car purchase this weekend, looks like it is not gonna happen, most likely will go with the 3% rate I got from local CU (unless the dealer offers to beat it) Has been really frustrating, when asked to the supervisor of the information center, whom can I speak to discuss this in detail, he says, no one else takes 'external' calls than the information center team. If anybody has a 'backdoor' number do let me know.
  2. Thanks a lot for your replies. No, I have not gotten hard copies, I got the alert from CCT. I have not received any letter or phone call, but I have moved quite a bit in the last 2 years, so not sure what they are doing. I am not sure if this is medical related either. I was in college, and covered by student insurance. So, next step would be to get hard copies and then send letter to the agency? My other concern is, will this affect my regular credit cards? I don't want them closing accounts.
  3. Hi, I have good credit (no collections, everything paid on time). Only credit cards were the accounts on my report till last week, all were in perfect condition. I monitor using CCT. Suddenly there is a $604 collection account reporting from someone called Merchants Credit Assoc. I have no idea what this is! I have not received any letters or phone calls (yet, maybe they will start soon). This is definitely not credit card, phone or other utility service or school related. What should I do? I am looking to buy my first car down the line and this will hurt me. So I have a few questions: 1) How do I know where is this coming from? Should I contact the Collection Agency? Will that hurt me? 2) I am ready to pay, but I want the whole account removed from my report. 3 What should my immediate plan be? Thank you.
  4. Congrats! Scores? No. of inquiries on TU before? Also, did you get info on the CL? I have been waiting for an inq to come off to apply for this card.
  5. Hmm. so these cards really don't report to the bureaus or they don't report the limits? Either way, sounds tempting... They dont report to the CRs at all. Only the co-branded ones i.e., the bank ones do report.
  6. Congrats! I got one a couple of months ago, might get another some time later. Were you carrying any balances on the other UMB cards?
  7. What are my chances for the plain World card, which has a no annual fee promo going on at the moment? I am worried since I am a student I might get rejected by default, I do have around 19k credit combined with Citi, BOA and Discover. I am interested in this card because of the high limits. Perfect history since first card, two years ago. Util around 18% but that too due to a ongoing 0% BT. Thanks!
  8. I got a Linux Foundation credit card from UMB, but did not receive any BT checks and cant seem to find such option online. Do they BT to a checking account? Or only credit cards? Thanks.
  9. Here are two from citi, https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/Apply.d...p;screenID=3000 https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/Apply.d...p;screenID=3016
  10. Which number are you guys calling up? I have had my card for 8 months now and no CLI, just want to try my luck
  11. Oh, come on Stryker, you know you thought that was funny. LOL! Another preapproval site: https://www.spiegel.com/credit/eligcheck.asp Blair https://www.blair.com/webapp/wcs/stores/ser...p;storeId=10001 Newport News http://www.newport-news.com/credit/preapprove.aspx Any idea which CRAs are pulled for the soft?
  12. Hey, My 2nd statement on a 2.5month old Chase +1 student card cut today and I was surprised to see a CLI. From $800 to $1100. I havent used the card at all for the past 2 months. I once charged $10 and transferred $450 from my 0% apr expiring Citi mtvU to take advantage of the 0% BT till Oct. I always pay my cards in full every month, except for this Chase BT now, I have been paying it down 70-80$ per month. Now maybe the card will see light after being in the SD , Chase just irked me with the toy limit. I have citi mtvU with 4k, BOA Amex with 2k and discover with 1k.
  13. Have you looked at which CRA will be pulled for your state? The general consensus for the easiest citi card is the premier pass (basic).. you can also try for the AAdvantage card..
  14. Thats weird looking at your EQ score! I got it as my first cc ever.. Did you try recon?
  15. Who does Citi pull? When I go to their website and use the card selector I get 2 choices: 1. Citi Platinum Select 2. Citi Diamond Preferred bb Citi can pull any of the three depending upon your state of residence.. Look at the credit pulls database for your state..

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