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  1. Your right. They do have a collection account for me on a old SBC account (phone company. Its within the SOL. I can't believe that on the Inquiry they list as a Finance company.
  2. After cleaning up credit for last 6 months, I started mortgage shopping. I got a accepted offer, so I got ball rolling to buy this place. Well guess what, This morning when I checked my reports I noticed that Asset Acceptance did a hard inquiry on my Experian and transunion reports. I did Opt out back in March. What do you guys think that Assett is up too? Now, I am paranoid.
  3. Do GOD=Experian? I am sorry experian that I added 2 new accounts.
  4. Do anyone has this problem with experian? I gotten 2 new accounts in the past 2 months (Circuit City and Crown Jewlers). This has only updated on my equifax and transunion. No Experian. I wonder what is up with that.
  5. I just got the card. I live in Wisconsin and there is no stations that I could use this at. I don't think they will deny you based on where you live.
  6. Check report today. Still CJ is only reporting to EQ and TU. Waiting for EX.
  7. Have anyone have CJ report for experian yet. So far only shows up on equifax and transunion so far.
  8. dinkholt

    Credit Approved

    name of institution - Circuit City approved/denied - Approved score - 647 FICO credit limit - 1000 cra(s) pulled - EQ State: WI Note: When Crown Jewelers reported yesterday, it brought EQ score from 570 to 647.
  9. My 30 day trial membership expired this weekend. I called to cancel my membership today. She extended my trail membership for another 30 days. So, I got a little more time to pay the lump sum.
  10. I found out today while applying for credit card (Juniper) that I had a split file. They was seeing a file different than what i thought I had. I call TU to find out what going on. File#1(note: This has my middle name spelled out): 6 Baddies (all CAs no repo) 1 Year old car loan paid as agreed Score= 586 File#2(note: This has my middle name as a Initial) 2 Baddies (a repo and Chargeoff) 1 year old car loan paid as agreed. Score=Unknown The repo that is on file#2 was one file#1. I successfully disputed it as not mines last month. It was removed off of File #1. I did not know I had 2 files. TU said that they must of reported it to file#2 after it was removed. He just said that the creditor did not respond within 30 days that why it was removed from File #1. This does not make sense to me. He said he could merge my file and dispute the repo again on file#2. I told him don't merge my file and dispute the repo on file#2 again. He said he could not do a "Not Mine" dispute again, but he did a "Inaccurate" dispute. Did I mess up? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Is there a specific secured card I should go for?
  12. Can you guys help me out on what I should apply for of If I should apply for next. Here is some background. Fico: EX=569 (13 derogs)(7 inquires) EQ=571 (2 derogs) (6 inquires) TU=545 (6 Derogs) (4 inquires) I have one open and never late Year old Car loan. Took the board advice and applied for the following. Crown Jewelers 1500 Limit (Not reporting yet. Made purchase last week) Orchard Bank 300 Limit (Just approved last week. Not reporting yet) Thanks in Advance.
  13. I have some definite "not mines" on my experian report. I was able to get off my other two reports. If it not accurate in anyway, Please remove. This poster seem like a Collector. Maybe he or she is the same person who is trying to collect a debt that is not mine.
  14. Just a update. No, I did not get the financing. Damn it Assett.

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