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  1. My finances are good now, but they should be even better within a year. I am going through a divorce and have everything budgeted just right and am fiscally prepared for life after the divorce and for getting a new mortgage. The $7,000 is for an unexpected opportunity. I have been on the waiting list for over 20 years to get season tickets to a very popular sports team. This year I made it to the top of the list and have the opportunity to get tickets. I will have no problem selling the tickets and expect to make a decent profit. It's the initial investment of $7,000 that could throw my budget out of whack. Most years the $7,000 wouldn't be a concern, but this year is different than most years.
  2. Here's my financial situation. My credit score is in the low 800's. I have a PenFed Visa card with a $28,000 limit, a Capital One Savor card with a $30,000 limit, a Costco Visa with a $8,500 limit, a Capital One Venture card with a $34,000 limit and $10,000 limit store cards from both Amazon and Walmart. I pay off my credit cards in full every month. I also have a car loan of about $5,000 with PenFed. I would like to make a major purchase of about $7,000 that I won't be able to pay off until the end of the year. I want to find a way to pay either no interest or very little interest. My options: Should I take out a personal loan with PenFed and make the minimum monthly payments until I can pay the loan off completely in about 10 months? or Should I get another credit card that has a 0% introductory rate and then just pay it off in full 10 months? Maybe I could get a card with a strong sign-up bonus and actually come out ahead in the long run. I am going to be buying a house this summer and I don't want to damage my credit score too much because I want the best mortgage possible. Which option is better as far as not damaging my credit score too much? What would you recommend?
  3. There is a credit card that I was an authorized user on that was reporting as 30 days late in October. I am no longer an authorized user on that account. Will the 30 day late that is on my credit report be removed if I have the account removed? In other words, are things like "30 day lates" attached to accounts or are they recorded differently?
  4. It's now working again for me, too.
  5. Eleven years later and I am having the same problem.
  6. I am definitely an authorized user. I do not have any assets in PenFed, but I have their rewards Visa with a 28,500 limit and I have a car loan that I still owe about $6,000 on with them. The main reason I need to protect my credit scores right now is that after the divorce I will want to qualify for a mortgage (current house will need to be sold to get the equity out of it when splitting assets). Thank you for the advice about disputing the accounts. That makes a lot of sense.
  7. My credit scores had been in the low 800's. I am an authorized user on my soon-to-be ex wife's two PenFed credit cards. In July my wife, due to mental health issues, went crazy and ended up in jail. She's been in and out of jail since then. I wanted myself removed from being an authorized user on her credit cards and was successful in removing myself, except for PenFed. I sent PenFed a letter that I wanted to no longer be an authorized user and they responded that my wife would need to contact them. There is a restraining order and my wife is not to communicate with me at all. Through her attorney I requested that I get removed from the PenFed accounts and she initiallyl refused. Finally, she sent them a letter, but PenFed is saying that they need to verify that it's really her that wrote the letter to remove me from the accounts. She is refusing to contact them again. In the meantime, she has stopped making payments and it's killing my credit scores. I have made phone calls and written letters to PenFed and nothing is working. They will not remove me from her accounts. Do any of you have any suggestions?
  8. I know a man who is about 60 years old who has a job that requires a specific skill that he is very good at. He's considered a genius at that particular skill, but otherwise not very bright at all. His boss pays the man's rent and all of his bills. At the end of each work day his boss will ask what he needs and usually ends up giving him anywhere from $20 to $60 to take with him that day. His boss puts any unused wages in a retirement account that this guy has no interest in at all. His boss also helps him with his taxes every year. It's a very unique relationship, but they've been doing it this way for over 25 years.
  9. I've had my phone number for 11 years. For the first year or two we got many debt collector calls for someone named Ron Mackie. I called the telephone company who confirmed that someone with that name had our number before us, but they also said that the account had been closed for over a year when they gave us the number. For the last 8 or 9 years we would get an occassional call (maybe one per year) from a debt collector looking for him. For the last month we've been getting several calls per day looking for him. Each time I explain that we don't know who he is, that he hasn't had this number in at least 12 years, and I tell them not to call again. I've tried finding this guy myself and I've never found anyone with that name living anywhere within 400 miles of me. For all I know he died 12 years ago. Any suggestions for getting this craziness to stop?
  10. The offer does have opt out language. It shows an APR range. So, does this mean this pre-approval really has little value and it's mostly just an invitation to apply? Ubercat, my specific questions concerning NASA were not easily found. Thank you for your post. It was quite helpful. Actually, it was unseemly at best.
  11. I burned them for about $5,000 eight years ago. Today I received a letter saying that I am pre-approved for their Platinum Advantage Rewards Visa. Are pre-approvals usually a sure thing? Is NASA known for being forgiving towards being burned? There's not much in the credit pulls database about this card. Does anyone know if NASA is generous with credit limits?
  12. I probably would not use it much, but the only reason I would get it would be for the large credit line which could be helpful in getting other large credit lines. Is it worth taking an inquiry to add a $20,000 card to my credit report? This would be my second highest limit. My highest is a PenFed Power Rewards card that has a $28,500 limit.
  13. Are there disadvantages for having positive authorized user accounts on your report? When applying for a credit card, do they take into account how many accounts someone is an AU on?
  14. My credit score is in the low 800's. I checked for prequalifications with the different credit card companies and there were offers at all of them, except Chase. I would like to add one or two more new cards with a focus of large credit lines and cash rewards. Since I have two new accounts should I wait six months or so to apply for more accounts or apply now? Any suggestions on what I should apply for? Here are my current accounts. PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa, $28,500 limit, brand new account. Citi Costco, $9,500 limit, brand new account. Capital One Venture, $18,500 limit, account is 2.5 years old. Capital One Venture One, $15,500 limit, account is 2.5 years old. Amazon store card, $6,000 limit, account is 2.5 years old. Walmart store card, $6,000 limit, account is 2.5 years old.

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