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  1. i don't disagree with any of this, just taking it farther ito name calling.
  2. Yeah, they're thieves. I just don't believes it speaks well of me(us?) to just crap on people when their down. But if it makes you feel better
  3. When did it become cool to refer to these people as "whiners' and "mouthbreathers"? I think we should be better than that.
  4. Just looked at mine, nothing is on ther but a few Synchrony accounts and my NFCU card.
  5. It's missing: NFCU nReward BofA BankAmericard
  6. It's a PRG, no need to change it or get rid of it unless you have a different use case for another AMEX.
  7. Navy has used internal scoring for far longer than 2 years, at least a decade as far as I know.
  8. If you've read the thread you know this thread re-hashing the things that led to it being closed isn't wise.
  9. Closed positive accounts only count towards score for 10 years, after that they're just informative listings on your report. Payment does NOT affect AAOA.
  10. I don't see how paying an account off would affect it's AAOA. In fact I've never heard that theory, how did you come to this belief?
  11. To touch on what cv said, anything can be removed from a CR, BUT in my experience; removing a public record is usually a few orders of magnitude harder than removing charge offs.
  12. Is it? They made some solid points about how wrong the practice of requiring the add-ons is.
  13. You need to check the parameters of your account, they very well may have those rights as you agreed to them when you opened it.

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