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  1. Thanks guys, I will try sending the goodwill I drafted and see what happens. Won't hold my breath though.
  2. Edit: This is kinda long and I'm a gas bag. I did bold some stuff below if you're looking for tl;dr kinda thing. I cosigned for my step daughter's new to her car last year. It was right after I had closed on our first home, opened a few accounts, and then cosigned on her loan. My score was low 600s after all the activity, but I was okay with it. Anyway. She didn't get a great rate on the car loan, mostly because she had bad credit due to stupid mistakes in her younger years, then all the activity on mine didn't help but at least got her the loan. She was deployed to Texas shortly after. Quick summary of the last 12 months, she pays, sometimes 12-14 days late. They always called me around 7-12 days in and I'd make whatever remainder was due on that payment. A couple times I randomly called and checked to make sure it never got to 30 days late. In September they called me just before her birthday. it was an automated call and she had already made a payment. The guy was super nice, apologized, I made a payment towards the principal of the loan as a birthday gift while I had him on the line. in October she messed up. She didn't make a payment. November 21st it was 30 days late, and she finally made the payment November 23rd. They didn't call me. This past Saturday I got a notification from the MyFICO service I'm subscribed to, that my Wells Fargo Dealer Services loan was 30 days late. Their customer service was closed when I tried to call on Saturday. A couple hours later though their automated system called and connected me because she was late for the November payment as well. I got a hold of her, November is paid. December is scheduled. I was mad, her mom was mad, and now the credit isn't the only thing that's taken a hit. Their relationship is a little strained (though I told 'em both it's my credit, I'll take the hit but the relationship means more). So there's all the backstory. I called WFDS Wednesday. They said it is policy that once a loan hits 5 days late it goes into the queue for an automated call. I asked them why then didn't I get one for October? I checked the call log for my Verizon phone and only saw the September call and the December calls. After getting transferred to another department we found out that her loan went through some SRA (SERA?) Verification, meaning it was capping the interest rate and a few other things since she's active duty. One of two reasons I didn't get a call: 1) The verification process for the active duty. 2) Making a payment towards the principal of the loan lowered the risk of the loan and prevented the call. So. Like I told my wife, I don't think there's anything I can do to get the late removed. We were late. Regardless whether they call or not we're liable for the payment on the 21st of every month. She still suggested I hit up the pros at CreditBoards and see what they thought. My brain says bury the late in a sea of on time payments for the next year (two?) and then refi and get her off my credit. Her brain says fight the late since they didn't call and I can prove that out of the 5 or so times they have called I've made a payment every time. Even when not necessary. Should I go with her brain and try to fight it or my brain and just accept it? Any other thoughts?
  3. I would get a babysitter for an evening and sit down with the wife to quietly, calmly, and realistically create a budget. Be serious about it, maybe involve a service like Mint to show what you've spent on different categories/stores recently. You're not wrong that children are expensive, more so once they start walking, talking, and wanting things like smartphones, their own cars, or worse...an education. However maybe your wife is seeing something in the budget that you're not. Children are a sacrifice, my mom sacrificed working three jobs as a single mother to raise just me. I worked two FULL TIME jobs for a year to get through a rough patch. We do what we have to, but it's a team effort and money has a tendency to do funny things to people. I could see this conversation drawing some emotional lines. The budget is going to help you two form a plan. Maybe she continues her job for a year while you do some snowballing of the debt then she scales back to a part time job to help cover bills while maximizing time at home and giving the side business a chance to catch up. Open, honest, calm discussion is what you and your wife need to do. I only know the little you posted, but to me it sounds like she's been trying to start the dialogue with you, but it needs to be serious. The final question after the budget is created should be: "Are we having more children?"
  4. Just used S1403STL20FST promo code tonight, worked without issue for me.
  5. It's been a while since I did anything with my credit report, forgive me. Was turned away for a mortgage due to a collection of $707. I have a Collection Agency that is reporting Date Opened at 6/1/2010, however I have an old report showing this SAME collection agency in October of 2009 reporting with a Date Opened of 12/2008 and a balance of $706. This is for a Sprint cell phone service. I moved, got service that provided better coverage, they sent me a bill with ETF, I likely didn't pay. Stupid. However, in July of 2008 I disputed this debt with CA #1 via certified mail, never heard back. In January of 2009 I disputed (upon receipt of a "bill") this debt with CA #2 via certified mail, never heard back. As soon as I go back into the office I'm going to dig up the proofs of these disputes. Advice on the next steps?
  6. I have everything ready to send out. Hope this works out! :|
  7. Spoke with Nate today (answers to previous posts below), have been recording all calls. They can't do anything at Bank of the West. Nate spoke with Best Services and was told that if I pay the full amount due within (conflicting numbers here...) 70, then 7 days it wouldn't show on report. I got information and called Best Services, spoke to same person Nate spoke with and asked to get it in writing, they can't do that. It is just their policy and Mason (Best Services) repeated it several times that nothing would show on the report, not even a "Paid" status. He gave me the current due, which has gone up from when I received the letter on Saturday. It now is at $133.86 which includes 9cents worth of interest. Mason did tell me that they received the account from Bank of the West on the 14th (26th calendar day). Essentially, even if I had gone in on Friday, May 11th, a full week before the deadline, it would not have mattered. It was too late. Bank of the West gave me 30 days in writing and stabbed me in the back in truth. I have proof of this, but just want it to go away. So here's the new question: Do I just send via CMRR a letter stating these facts, thanking Best Services for working with me, and not reporting, with a cashier's check for the full $133.86 and hope it just goes away, with lawsuit to follow if it doesn't? Or do I lawsuit now? I'm personally leaning towards CMRR w/ full amount and watching reports for next 3 months like a CB'er. This is different than CHEX Systems from what I'm gathering. This is full on Collection Agency. hegemony, It was entirely my mistake. When I got the letter I was prepping for a trip out of town, was out of town for a week. When I came back my first attempt to stop by the branch in the morning met with closed doors (they didn't open 'til 9 and I was there at 8:15). The second attempt I got there just after 5 on a Friday. I know I fudged up and should've taken the time off work in the afternoon to work this out but just has been a busy time.
  8. I screwed up. I've been doing so well for the past few years and then this happened. I am seeking the sage advice of those wiser than I on these boards. It's been a long time since I've been here, and I'm close to home ownership! (4 points shy of an FHA!) I fear this situation might hurt my chances, but I have ammo for legal recourse I'm pretty sure. Please read. Thanks! The situation: So, before I screwed up, I screwed up by not checking my PayPal's default "pay from" option. I went to pay for a $10 ebook for the wife, it pulled from my Bank of the West (which I should've closed anyways because I had not used it in so long), which had no money in it. Bounce, bounce, bounce. I received two letters. The first: dated 4/18/2012 stating my account was $78.53 in the hole and that I had 30 calendar days from the date of the letter to fix up my account. The second: dated 4/27/2012 stating my account was now $113.53 in the hole and that I had 20 calendar days from the date of the letter to fix up my account. My visit to Bank of the West: Being the salamander I was I didn't get in there right away, but did get in there yesterday (5/18/2012) which would be the 30th calendar day from the first letter. I spoke to a nice guy, I was very polite, I was willing to pay the $113.53 without raising any hell, and wanted to close my account. I just wanted to get this over with and move on. I made the mistake, while I don't think a $10 attempt from PayPal warrants $103.53 in overages, I wasn't going to argue with their fees. He pulls up my account, says it's already been closed but attempted to call the "home office" to see if he could do anything about it. While on the phone he was taking notes and some of the stuff I picked up was "Best Services" and then a number. I figured this meant my account had been charged off already. I was depressed over that fact, but remained quite and calm while he was on the phone. When he hung up he said he had another number to try calling but that he thought the department closed at 5PM (it was 5:10PM ish). Sure enough, they were closed. After he hung with them I informed him that I was concerned about it being charged off, that I wanted to buy a house this year and didn't want any blemish on my otherwise (nearly) clean report. He said he wanted to still try calling this other department, but would have to do so on Monday at 9AM, but that he would try someone else to see if he could get more information yet tonight and call me back. He took my numbers and I left for home. He called me just as I was pulling in the drive to inform me he had no new information but that he would call me Monday as soon as he knew anything more. I thanked him and went inside to find my letters. I reread them and called him right away, but it was 5:35ish and he was out for the weekend. I left a message informing him of the letters, dates, and content, and that I looked forward to his call on Monday. Today, Saturday May 19th: I received in the mail a notice of collections, that my Bank of the West account had been charged off to Best Services and that I now owed $133.77. The date on this letter... May 16th! Bank of the West gave me neither the 20 day or 30 day timeframe that they themselves wrote in the letters! May 16th is the date on the collection agency's letter. NOT the date Bank of the West sent it to them. NOT the date of my account being closed. I immediately called Nate at my Bank of the West branch, and informed him of this letter, the date of it, and that it was within the timeframe Bank of the West had given me in the letters. I was polite, calm, and again told him I looked forward to hearing from him on Monday. My question to Credit Boards: I'm honestly not expecting miracles from Bank of the West. I'm planning for nuclear warfare and having to take this thing to court. What should I do? How do I proceed? Do I wait for Nate to try anything or should I plan to 8:01AM on Monday be calling a lawyer or some advocate of some sort to arm my weapons for when I do talk to Nate. I know I screwed up and should've gotten in there the next day after getting this letter, but I also feel like if Bank of the West said: But they didn't even give me until business day close of the 30th day! They didn't even give me until business day close of the 20th day! (you'll note 20 days from and 30 days from wind up being Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th - two conflicting days!) I'm angry at myself, I'm angry at Bank of the West, and I don't know what to do. I know I've got some ammo here but like I said, I'm willing to pay the $113.53 to Bank of the West for the $10 charge disregarding the ethics behind it all and just have it all go away without hitting my reports! HELP! tldr: Overdafts, willing to pay, was charged off before they said they would (in writing) and now need to know what to do. I have documentation.
  9. Got it. So if you, personally, were purchasing a car - let's say total price out the door $30K (all in), no-money-down, 72 mos [subsidized] loan, would you purchase the GAP for $795? Thanks for all your advice! Do what you feel is best, but quite honestly on a $30,000 loan...the piece of mind GAP would provide, to me, $800 would be a great deal!
  10. Ha Ha. Exactly what a thief would say IF there is reasonable doubt that the card is stolen the merchant is to make a "Code 10 call". Going DIRECTLY from the policy. They should also keep the card, because IIRC reward money is available. Merchant policy is in the car in a binder, car is not with me so I cannot reference it to be positive.
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