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  1. FCO was deleted from EQ on 7/1m account was not in dispute. EX and TU had already deleted the account without me doing anything. This account was scheduled to be deleted 3/2018.
  2. I'm curious when your BK was discharged before you began getting decent cards? Thanks and great job. 2011. I didn't apply for a card until 2012 because I was depressed with my situation. Avoided toy card hell by reading here when I felt the need to apply. I didn't start getting nice increases and decent approvals until my chargeoffs/IIBs dropped off. Amazon was at $700 and QVC at $400 until I was in the high sixes on TU. One mistake I would do over is not applying for an AMEX until after my BK dropped off of EX. Still, no CLI on the EDP and the reason stated is the BK. I have added: CapOne Venture: $20000 Discover IT: $7000 Wells Fargo has unsecured my card and I should receive the new card by the end of the month. Good luck.
  3. Capital One sent me bt checks on an account with a $750 limit. SMH. Terms suck.
  4. I opened two AMEX accounts in December of last year. No increase on the EDP card. I won't ask for an increase again until December when the BK will drop off of EX.
  5. I had a collection from FCO finally removed from Equifax today. Score 683-->732. TU and EX deleted this account last year. Check your reports.
  6. Yes, almost five years. I don't even use the card now because I have better options now.
  7. I received a letter from Wells Fargo on yesterday with "good news" on the envelope. To my surprise, my card was unsecured with the same limit and apr. I received the card in September 2012. I never call them to unsecure the card. BK is still reporting on Experian and Transunion. Scores: EQ 677, EX 714, Trans 733
  8. I have. I was excited and then I pulled Equifax and the account was still there.
  9. I applied for a Discover card hoping they would pull TU. They tried to pull EQ which I have locked and I wasn't willing to unlock it so I moved on. They called me today and I told them I wasn't willing to unlock EQ and the agent asked which bureau would I like for them to pull and I said EX. Less than 30 seconds later she said congratulation you're approved for $6500.I didn't know Discover would pull the bureau you wanted them to pull. I have a 2011 BK and a 90 day late on EX. 710 2008 fico.

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