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  1. Putting it in context, the class had 33 students. Marlin is a dying community and has been for a few decades. I do wonder about school administrators that missed this seemingly glaring issue until the last minute... Last news I heard was that they now have 29 of the 33 re-reviewed and ready to walk...
  2. There are...even stuff like toothpaste sells on the black markets and back alleys...
  3. Pre-judgment garnishment tends not to be a thing in Texas and neither is post-judgment garnishment. Interest would accumulate if you lose and that will also apply to the fees awarded if you lose the case. A party is NOT required to accept a settlement offer. Neither is the offer of a settlement evidence in a future proceeding. Without knowing what you offered in exchange for a dismissal of the case, we cannot even determine if the offer was reasonable.
  4. Sounds like a small company operating regionally and prices their risks accordingly... There are other options out there, provided you don't need new home insurance in California, where Jake is taking his ball and going home.
  5. As to the original question...Hege nailed it- not just no, but HELL NO! They are just a shotgun and you will see at least a half-dozen pulls. Credit unions often will have a better rate. When I got the Spider, I went through Justice FCU and they mailed me a fill-in-the-blank check up to a certain amount, which was actually more than I needed. I think I got around 2.25% for three years...but that was two and a half years ago, right as the pandemic was setting in. Unless a dealership is offering a killer rate, you will likely do best with a CU, logo be damned!
  6. How much is at issue? I went through a lien-related issue about 20 years ago...they were sending certified mail to an old address and they didn't forward those in that era, so I never knew there was a problem until they tried attaching my bank account...I got to be a regular with the Taxpayer Advocate Office and they released the hold several times. Eventually, I scraped the funds together and got the cashier's check to take to a local IRS office and the matter was resolved.
  7. If this is related to a claim or other vehicle damage, also be aware that allowing it to linger can result in a suspension of driving privileges AND professional licenses. More information is needed and only the OP can provide it. Otherwise, people are just p*ssing into the wind.
  8. AetnaCVS. Mom actually did the sign up as I was returning home...she was happy with the Aetna from dad's retirement plan and didn't understand the difference between HMO and PPO. She was just looking for someone on the exchange that handled both my surgeon and the recommended oncologist, with the plan taking effect in February. Suffice it to say, I will not be renewing with them. But, by the end of the year, I hopefully won't need them since the chemo is almost done and I hope to have the colon-reconnect by the end of July.
  9. Thnx...next week is session 10 of the 12 originally scheduled. Insurance company is pushing back on the CT scan that the oncologist wants to do, claiming there is no showing that an abdominal scan is needed...never mind that the colon is IN the abdominal region. And the whole point is to confirm that there are no new masses that developed despite the chemo regimen...
  10. As I recall, there was a bank in Chicago that would accept up to $25K on a secured card...I think it was Amalgamated, but it has also been almost 20 years since I really contemplated them as an option after the identity theft incident...not sure if they are still their own bank or if they got acquired by someone else or if they even still have their secured options...
  11. Unless you are looking at an auto-enhanced score, the drop is meaningless. 45% utilization, however, is a killer, especially if it is more than one account reporting balances. Remember also that utilization ratio components ALSO are noted for looking at the ratio of cards to cards with a balance...
  12. What specific language did you use in the C&D paragraph? Yes, it matters.
  13. often in the evenings and on cable...since it was prior to the plethora of paid advertisement programming that ran a half hour, they had to reach the post-midnight crowd with SOMETHING. And I would imagine the Paula Abdul one was a biggie on channels like MTV and VH1...
  14. Mom and I had, shall we say, differences of opinion after my hospital stay after she realized the stack of cards she took home from my pocket was roughly a quarter-million in overall available. She wanted me to get rid of cards and I told her I was better off adding MORE while I still could get the approvals and CLI's. Since some of my bills were self-pay, larger lines and 0% offers made more sense than selling off assets and incurring the taxable event. She still doesn't entirely *get* it, but at least she stopped nagging.
  15. Bureaus don't give or subtract points. Algorithms score you based on the data in the file at the time a requestor seeks to have it scored using any model in place. As others already noted, FAKO scores are just that- FAKE!!! Sure they are accurate for the model of Vantage like utilized, but next to zero lenders are granting credit using the Vantage models. It is a shiny bauble designed to appease the rubes who don't know any better. With respect to FICO scores, most models want at least one hard pull in the two year window. Absent such, a small ding occurs, just as does when there are no open loans reporting. AZEO is ALSO a thing...if you have more than one revolver reporting a balance, you will see a hit in some nominal amount.
  16. Since you have been sued, any negotiations HAVE to go through opposing counsel. It is the same reason that the collection entity is not supposed to contact YOU directly. Is this even reporting? If not, then PFD discussions are not productive as there is nothing to delete. If the collection entity is the Plaintiff, then the hospital or professional group is out of the equation and could not accept funds even if you offered them payment in full.
  17. I app'ed the card since I have an HEB close to the house in three different directions...not thrilled with the limit, but it was still another $8500 added to the pocket for spend capability...
  18. More than that...my cancer fandango saw me in ICU and a few days later, a room by myself. In early January, I get a call asking for the name of my attorney as they had it coded as a Personal Injury case. I said it wasn't PI, but that I was transported as an emergency and lacked insurance at that time. They said they would re-route the billing back to the hospital group. I asked what the bottom line was showing and she said it was roughly $400K. And that was just for the hospital. Admittedly, in the time since, while I didn't yet get an itemized statement since it went to a truncated address, there is a new billing that indicates I only owe them $12.5K after various charity write-downs...there are still plenty of other entities out there sending billings, including anesthesia, various IV installs, radiologists, blood draws, etc, that have ranged from a few hundred to better than $10K. When the dust settles, chemo will probably have been the priciest element, with the hospitalization coming in near $50K.
  19. Noted that my recent replacement PLAT shows a Member Since date from the 90's on the card face now while the card being replaced only had a date from the mid-aughts. Not sure if the reports will show any different though...that said, the new card also looks incredibly cheap and didn't have the weight of the card it replaced.
  20. Have you ever had credit issues with DISC that, although no longer on the reports, remain in the internal servers?
  21. They aren't going after him personally. He was the administrator of the estate...that means he has a fiduciary responsibility as relates to all outstanding financial matters to ensure that the estate pays what it can.
  22. Older hotels sometimes have hard-wire capabilities still in place but you have to ASK for them.
  23. I disagree with automatically pruning cards with a fee. For me, the question is whether I can extract the fee through the benefits. As long as I can break even, the card is worth keeping. This year will be the first time I failed to extract the fee since the cancer stuff is killing my travel and eating into discretionary funds, so I will have decisions to make later in the year... Other considerations are whether we see a downturn in approvals as the economy continues to blow chunks...credit in hand can be better than crossing fingers whilst rubbing the rabbits foot with a four-leaf clover. I had to explain to mom this was why it made sense for me to keep cards open and even seek out a few new 0% offers following the cancer diagnosis that impacted the ability to work for a while...
  24. The last handgun went on another card, but I have had range and ammo costs go on AXP products within the past nine months without issue.
  25. If circumstances change, THEN you call and inquire...but don't be surprised when they balance chase or simply close the account PRECISELY because you have raised concerns about making payments.. Despite paying cash for my first two chemo sessions and a handful of other cancer-related bills, I have yet to need to call. And I would call nearly dying a change in life circumstance...
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