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    I am being sued. Advice please

    Having no assets NOW does not mean one will NEVER have assets. Plenty of people have funds drop in their laps for any number of reasons, to include lottery, inheritance and/or settlements. Further, if one has a judgment and goes to sell property, they may find that the property was encumbered by the lien, which must then be paid off, INCLUDING the accumulated interest, so that title may be transferred. People need to look big-picture and NOT limit themselves to a narrow view that fails to go beyond the next few years...
  2. centex

    Capitol One Restriction

    What did they tell you when you called the number on the back of your card?
  3. centex

    I am being sued. Advice please

    The Plaintiff does not set deadlines. Your Rules of Civil Procedure in the jurisdiction where the case is pending set those deadlines. Given that you have been sued, you have two viable options...hire local counsel to represent your interests or very quickly come up to speed on legal practice. The Court won't give a damn about what you can or cannot afford. They are not there to facilitate payment arrangements. The judge and/or jury will be looking solely at whether the elements of the case brought forth by the Plaintiff have been satisfied and whether the Respondent has offered any manner of defense that negates the claim. If the finding is for the Plaintiff, then judgment renders, complete with the assessment of attorney fees, costs and post-judgment interest at a rate that likely will run between eight and twelve percent per annum. Counsel for Plaintiff is not going to entertain a ten dollar per month payment plan. They have precisely ZERO interest (as does their client) in seeing a payment arrangement that would take more than fifteen years to reach a conclusion. If you are seeing multiple cases filed, then you may need to pursue bankruptcy to discharge all of your outstanding and delinquent obligations.
  4. centex

    Help! Paid for car was repo’d

    Unless you have a unique State law, there is no requirement that you be home when a car is hooked up. Further, as long as they notified local law enforcement (which prevents wasting law enforcement time on theft claims that are not theft), then no other notice is required to have been left. The notice of the repo action will be two-fold: 1) when the consumer calls to report the car stolen and is informed of the repo and 2) when the lender sends out the notices associated with repo actions.
  5. Are you paying the weasels, err DMP administrators or are you making payments directly to the original creditor? And if it is to the weasels, are they actually sending a payment to the bank each month or do they do lump sum? Yes, it DOES make a difference. And again, to those late to the party...debt management plans are rarely in the best interest of the consumer. You are paying other people to screw your credit up even worse and they are going to do nothing you could not have accomplished on your own.
  6. centex

    Missed an Annual Fee payment(over 30 days)

    Create a spreadsheet that includes annual fees (there is ZERO use in a sock-drawered card that has a fee, so this would be a good one to cull). You MIGHT be able to get a goodwill adjustment, but the reality is that you (or any consumer) is responsible for keeping up with the account. Maybe you need to take the account off of online-only and insist on USPS statements. If you are going to keep online statements, then use the aforementioned spreadsheet and go through EVERY card on a monthly basis...this is ALSO a good way to catch fraud as quickly as possible, to say nothing of potentially useful BT arbitrage offers.
  7. centex

    Discovery charge off rate jumped to almost 4%

    Few people stay in the first home they got as an adult. And, sadly, the other element is that many in the 50+ category are in the range that was taught by the financial industry that the house was a piggy bank. Factor in the element of those who bought a home in the mid-90's and then later refinanced to get a lower rate and it would not be difficult to be 50+ with a mortgage that still had several years before being burned...
  8. checks calendar... yep, its a Friday. coincidentally, the same day of the week as the first thread was created in November. On the off chance this may be legit, I would recommend OP to spend time with their CPA and local counsel adept at dealing with the IRS. There is NOTHING any of us here can offer given what is at stake. The dollar amounts in question coupled with federal tax issues CAN spell a few years in prison (just ask Wesley).
  9. What did the issuer say when you wrote to them asking that they remove their reporting and delete you as an AU? What have they told the primary cardholder?
  10. centex

    NEW PREPAID CARD!!!! (Vegannection)

    Plus it means one fewer farting cow in the herd LOL!
  11. I'm not even sure a pulse was required for the NINJA loans...
  12. Much depends on whether they are doing ANY reporting. The law does not require them to update at any interval. The requirement is that reporting must be accurate. Thus, accurate reporting the account status at the time of the update satisfies the reporting requirement. It would be different if they are updating monthly and the balance was not consistent with what your statement is showing...although going through weasels, err DMP means you likely are not even getting a statement. Use this as your lesson to NEVER again do business with a DMP. They do more harm than good...
  13. centex

    This is a 1st for me.

    It is NOT uncommon for customer-facing phone jockeys to lack access to the same data executive personnel (or other components of a company) might have access to. That a phone call yielded no information from the OC is NOT an indicator that the company lacks the information...
  14. That probably explains the 2017 post in this thread about the fact it started reporting and was no longer a hidden gem...
  15. centex

    Sleeping Dogs and New Credit

    Whether the apps for new credit trigger litigation will depend much on who you walked debt on. However, that being said, being in Texas somewhat reduces the probability of litigation. This is because of the simple fact that post-judgment remedies are almost non-existent in this State...no wage garnishment and the inability to levy bank accounts substantially hinders the holder of the judgment. This does not mean that litigation never takes place, just that the risk is substantially reduced. What you WILL see is a substantial uptick in the collection activity because of the trigger alerts that many entities subscribe to and that kick in when there is a new inquiry. With fresh charge-offs, however, you also need to be aware that even a secured card is NOT a sure thing. The issuer is not going to be certain that they won't have to defend their position with respect to the funds you place on deposit for the card. As such, when you are at risk of litigation, you are not guaranteed of a secured card being approved.
  16. centex

    Penfed - Bizarre Soft Pull

    Why are you worried about a soft inquiry from an entity with whom you do business?
  17. That you earn more than her is irrelevant provided that her income supports the financed amount. Obviously it does given the approval of the note. Not discussed in any of this thread is whether you previously burned Chase and if so, for what amount. They have been known to occasionally blacklist. I am not understanding the comment about insurance being in your name given that policy premiums are generally keyed to the drivers on the policy. Premium is looking at a number of factors regarding the risk-based pricing, and all drivers of the vehicles are generally expected to be listed on the policy. At least in my State, a driver need not be named on a vehicle registration in order to obtain insurance on a vehicle. Your State could be different, but from the standpoint of the insurance carrier, insurance follows the driver. Payouts on a loss would often include the name of the vehicle registrant.
  18. As CV notes, the SEC filings are great places for information as are profile pages on the various investor sites. Additionally, the Investor Relations page on the company's website usually gives you the names and positions. You are generally looking for a SVP with a title that relates to some manner of customer relations or finance. Job title and descriptions will point you where you need to go. DO NOT send it to them by email even if you are able to track down an email addy for them. Use the Postal Service.
  19. centex

    Government Debt Relief

    1) not government 2) clearly not US-based as evidenced by repeated use of " enquiry " 3) duck is now apparently spelled as scam 4) oh yeah, that whole area code 747 stuff...also a good sign of a scam. When people allegedly in the States use non-American spellings of words in the financial arena, it is a good clue that you are about to be taken for a ride
  20. At many schools, it has become close to impossible to be flunked out. If you show up to class, the professors apparently feel obligated to give no less than a D, with some using a C as their lowest grade. Dershowitz was talking about this last night on one of the programs. Sadly, worthless degree programs have gone hand in hand with worthless grading scales at many institutions.
  21. centex

    Odd Goodwill Response

    Which specific executive was the letter mailed to? Goodwill letters are rarely effective in the current era, and when they ARE, it needs to be a tailored letter addressed and mailed to a specific executive. The best source for those persons are SEC filings, either 8K or 10K/10Q, but even the corporate website will usually name the executives.
  22. So much for the notions of 'non-revenue sports.'
  23. centex

    Need help with stagnant credit score

    What balances are reporting on your current and active credit cards? Remember that the algorithms look not only at the ratio of cards to cards with balances, but are also looking at utilization percentage on each card. You want, ideally, no more than one credit card to report with a balance in a given cycle, and you want that one balance to be low. Learning when each account reports is a critical part of maintaining the reporting of zero balances given that you can control what balance reports.
  24. Interesting comment that "According to the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances, older, wealthier, and self-employed consumers use bank branches more than other consumers." As to the comment in the article about lines, I could not tell you the last time I had to wait in a line to do anything at the branch, and when that DID occur, it was ONE person who was ahead of me and at the window. There are some things that REQUIRE a personal appearance. There are several other things where it becomes a preference. As an example, I LIKE actually knowing the people I am doing business with. But I also don't bank with a mega-bank. I even had an account with one institution that I scaled back when they expanded outside of Texas and got into the double-digit number of branches. Even the new construction of mega-bank B&M locations shows the inefficiencies that exist though...lots of wasted square footage. It cracks me up with the new buildings having five and six teller windows when all but one will have a 'next window please' sign in place. A lot of physical locations could be done in less than 500 square feet and the customers would still be happy. A vault does not require that much space and a couple of tellers can handle both the drive-up and walk-in business. People can talk about going cashless and all digital all they want, but there remain some areas where cash is required. There are no credit card sliders at a poker table...which means I need a method by which I can go and get several thousand dollars prior to a trip to Las Vegas and be able to re-deposit (along with its newly acquired friends) when I return home. Having the same staff on a regular basis also means that I don't run into problems with making those large withdrawals or deposits...to them, I am simply a customer, not some unknown engaging in a suspicious activity.

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