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  1. Spreadsheets are all about how YOU choose to design them...and that is what makes them better than anything else out there. It serves YOUR needs, not the preconceived notion of someone else who does not know your spending cycles. Better yet is that they are free. You reference tossing nine bucks a month at yours...that is more than a hundred bucks that could have been used to pay a different bill or groceries for a few days/week. Mine is very simple, is saved as Expense.xxyyyy, and lists the entity to whom funds would be owed, the minimum amount due, the balance in full, due date, date paid and how (ie. online or by CC), amount paid and then fields to note when the payment cleared (asterisk) and also any notes I wanted such as opened, line increases, soft/hard for the increase, etc... I use SUM function for the min/bal/amt paid and I also manually track each of the deposits and the daily account balance for the primary checking. All told, there are about 30 accounts being tracked, although I do also have another 25-30 lines representing accounts closed for various reasons. I could ditch a lot of them but I'm lazy about that sort of thing LOL! Those dead entries occasionally serve to remind me which crappy lenders I want nothing else to do with...
  2. Good gawd! What sort of vehicles and what coverages...either you have a horrendous driving record or it is time to change carriers. I'm not paying that much and I have five vehicles on my policy. Even if I had swapped the F-type out for the Aston, it would not have been over $5K.
  3. DR= Dave Ramsey. A well-known tool that finds fools upon whom to shill his credit 'tools' by essentially claiming credit is da debbil. As to not knowing when something begins to accrue interest, that suggests you are using a credit option without having fully understood it, and THAT is what leads people to get into trouble. It is the credit equivalent of "I cannot possibly be out of money- I still have checks left."
  4. Don't need an app to do budgeting...but if whatever works for someone is what they need to go with, then so be it. But an app for budgeting that you have to pay for is NOT an effective budgeting tool IMO...break out an Excel spreadsheet and set up whatever fields you want to track. I've got my spreadsheet, not for budgeting, but rather to keep up with the simple elements as well as notes relevant to an account, to include dates that a statement cuts. For me, it is tracking as opposed to budgeting...
  5. The fifty cents has been common-place here for several years...some of the really sub-prime stations are even larger, but you can tell they are often buying on the spot market, so the spread increases as stuff sits in the ground longer while they move a lot of the regular unleaded...
  6. IF you are in a position to actually get them current AND remain current with payments, then you will want to pursue a Rule5000 reaging on EACH and EVERY card that is delinquent but has not yet charged off. This allows you to see the negative reporting removed from the reports as soon as they have the equivalent of the 90-days of overdue payments. The accounts ALSO would remain open. This is an FDIC rule designed to help lenders help consumers who have a legitimate interest in making things right.
  7. If they were still around, we could have avoided the whole TP shortage issues...
  8. Something to keep in mind is that, even with a No Data notation on payment or a reference to disaster, the balance field will very likely continue to increase for each month. On a manual review, this will let people know you were skipping payments.
  9. $19K dragged out for more than two years is stupidity, perhaps three in the climate of the past month. Six years is commitment-worthy...that shopper is the person around whom the four-box school of sales was modeled.
  10. YNAB? Have never seen a situation where they took everything at once. The only thing I have under Suckrony control right now is the PayPal Credit (formerly BillMeLater). The statements were very clear about date that everything had to be paid off on their six months, no interest deals. I make the payments in a timely manner as a push from my checking account and they all went without a hitch, even when there were overlapping purchase deals. As such, I would be inclined to put a pull of twelve payments at once time in the glitch category as opposed to standard operating practice and procedures...
  11. Contact information is easily sourced through their required public filings.
  12. Got yet another Capital Credit Allocation disbursement check from a telephone cooperative...$100 checks are always welcome even if not really needed.
  13. I've got SiriusXM...not many of these ads on VSIN though (my primary station of choice). The uptick on the television ads is in the past week though...more than just the usual suspects. The tax and timeshare nonsense doesn't automatically screw the credit reports though...the 'right to reduction' on outstanding credit debt DOES carry a screwing penalty that will extend far beyond JUST the Fair Isaac modeling. And it will happen VERY quickly...
  14. The use of 'whiskey mike' is just the alpha reference for white male.
  15. Just a reminder to pay attention to the fine print...while watching television early this morning, I saw ads for at least two new players in the market, using the same basic crapola as the others that have been shilling for a while. They all claim a "right" to settle for less, but don't openly disclose that you trash your credit in the process. I expect to see even more of these snake-oil salesmen showing up given the current economic meltdown that is occurring in the name of health. After all, these idiots are just one more sector that won't ever let a crisis go to waste if they believe there is a buck to be made. The way they pitch themselves, I can easily see people getting sucked in who are current on all payments but have ears perking up at the "do you owe more than $10K?" DO NOT allow yourself to be sucked in on this nonsense! Like everything else in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely IS...
  16. "Jian couldn’t be located for comment." Loosely translated...he already has a bullet to the back of the head.
  17. Talk about making cheap gas REALLY cheap...but I suspect the growing trend of making unused hotel rooms near the hospitals available at no cost will decrease the driving being done. It will be of the most benefit to those who are being asked to go to areas away from home... The place I normally fill up is down to $1.499 for regular unleaded and $1.999 for premium unleaded. There are some places around town that are roughly 20 cents per gallon cheaper. That said, I noted that much of the Austin area was running roughly 35-40 cents per gallon higher when I drove back on Saturday.
  18. Macys is a Citi offering as I recall, so don't expect much there. Have no idea about the others...you would need to research executives with the issuing banks. The corporate execs with the chains won't be able to do anything...
  19. The issue really isn't what we all were able to do back in the day...the question is, at its most basic root, whether we are going to see itchy trigger fingers over the current destruction of the economy that sees some limits slashed as they were in 2008...or 2000 for that matter. Cannot really compare to the Black Friday era since back then, a $5K line was living in high cotton...
  20. How many cards and, of those, how many with a balance? People too often ignore this component of utilization...and as CV aptly notes, 24% is high in the current climate even if it was only on one card. Also remember that Fair Isaac Bankcard 8 is irrelevant if that is not the model being used by the lender with whom you have applied.
  21. Is it a correct presumption that the Aviator has the typical crappy Barclays travel-related card APR? No promo that applies to the balance presently on that card? You indicated no fee on the QS BT but is it ALSO a zero percent offer to go with the zero fee? At no fee and no interest, I could see moving $17.5K on the BT and paying $5,500.00 direct to Barclays to zero the remainder of the balance out...that would put the QS at ~76%. With an otherwise solid profile such as you have described in the past, I would not anticipate adverse action even in the current climate. It would be different if balances were popping on all of your cards since that would trip the bust-out modeling...but a single card is no different than dropping a single purchase, for example, on American Express.
  22. There is no single definition precisely because every case is different and the law recognizes this. What is necessary is going to depend on the nature of the dispute. The necessary and responsive documents can be distilled to, at a most basic level, be that which is sufficient to persuade a court of competent jurisdiction that the person being dunned owes the amount at issue.
  23. Son should be sending the letter in the name under which the contract was written. On edit...in MANY jurisdictions, a name change approved by the Court admonishes the individual of their obligation to notify ALL creditors of the new name. If that was not previously done, then this will be the time to include the new name in the letters. If they DID previously notify all creditors, then the name under which the contract was written will necessarily have incorporated the modification.

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