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  1. comes from https://www.chron.com/news/nation-world/space/article/I-feel-helpless-About-50-people-protest-13535012.php Living off of credit cards and being frugal are generally not compatible concepts. And then, when you have no job to go to, how do you manage to blow a deadline for your employer's credit union to get a zero percent loan? Some of these people just amaze me...
  2. You've been sued. Traditional notions of debt validation are a ship that sailed A LONG TIME AGO! You now are looking at the Rules of Civil Procedure, which are an entirely different sandbox. You can make a discovery request, but you ALSO need to realize that this could contribute to them withdrawing their previous settlement offer. If they can prove up the original amount for which you have been sued, then you are looking at a potential judgment north of $35K when fees and post-judgment interest get tacked into the mix.
  3. centex

    VA mortgage question

    The balance on CreditOne is KILLING you. While you are good with only one out of three accounts having a balance, the fact that you are over 70% utilized on one account is probably 30 points at a minimum...and maybe even more with that thin of a file.
  4. centex

    Making Money Online From College or Home?

    Do colleges and public schools not teach how many days are in a month anymore? I've had clients that were from India (and I have also played poker with people from there). Costs are NOWHERE near what they are in the States. You claim you need $100 to $200 per day...at 30 days per month, you are indeed claiming you need $3K to $6K per month. Even in the States, few people NEED that amount of money...
  5. A logo'ed debit card is STILL a sucky debit card. You lack the protections that come with real cards. GET A REAL CARD as quickly as possible.
  6. Anyone who cannot extract more than the $500 in rewards and benefits from the card is not doing Platinum correctly...
  7. Government shutdown does absolutely nothing to impair his ability to file charges with a local law enforcement agency. Some people are simply too stupid to function in the real world...
  8. centex

    do kids inherit parents CC debt

    Again, it is very much a fact-dependent situation. Probate laws vary by State. And you STILL have not addressed whether you are trying to deal with the estate of someone who has passed or whether you are trying to engage in estate planning or whether this is simply some exercise in mental masturbation... MOST who pass don't have extensive debts...MOST older people abhor debt. The bigger issue for most is NOT credit-related issues but rather is the medical debt not covered by insurance or medicare. But in EVERY instance, the steps post-death related to payment of debts is going to fall at the feet of the executor/executrix of the estate.
  9. centex

    Debt Validation Question

    Broader question which is essential to next step thinking is WHAT the reply consisted of...after all, setting aside the fact that they did not apparently update the record with the correct address, they may well have elected to close interest in the matter.
  10. centex

    do kids inherit parents CC debt

    When it comes to estates, there are no absolutes. The executor is often a family member precisely because MOST people don't have much of an 'estate' and what little exists is spelled out in the Will. If you are trying to DO estate planning, then pony up for the three to five hours of time with someone in your jurisdiction who is skilled in the area of estate/probate law. BTW...MOST old people don't have tons of credit card debt.
  11. centex

    Making Money Online From College or Home?

    Wait...you have a student loan and STILL need between US$3-6K per month...in INDIA?!?!?!? That place where costs of living are about a third of similar situations in the United States? Is it Friday yet? If serious, then online is NOT your answer, even if you were actually good at something like poker (presuming it was not blacked out in India).
  12. centex

    Garnish or Rehab?

    make sure you are looking at that account AT LEAST once each month on a date prior to the due date. There are too many stories on CB (and elsewhere) of people that treat auto-pay as a 'set it and forget it' only to find out something went awry.
  13. Using a PIN does not change the fact that a debit card is in play and you lack protections that come with real cards. The amount being charged for the rental on any scale relative to a note loan is irrelevant and should not even be a component of the discussions. As rental rates go, you have a steal. It is entirely possible they have also added other fees that the prudent renter tends to decline simply because they are pure profit juice for the company. But again, these are ALL discussions that you need to be having with the claims adjuster. And no, they are not responsible for overdraft fees. You made the decision to provide a debit card. There is a difference in the specific language used. I have seen loaners where the claimant was paying fees upfront but was reimbursed at the back end while others were entirely covered by the insurance company. I have, fortunately, never had Progressive nor been hit by one of their soon-to-be-dumped customers. But those I know that DID have the misfortune of dealing with them described it as one of the WORST experiences of their insurance lives...
  14. What has the claims adjuster told you since they are the ones who would have been responsible for making the reservation? Some companies absorb everything from the beginning while others put the cost of the rental on the individual, with repayment coming as part of the settlement at the back end of the claim... Sadly, you have two of the crappier components in the equation...Progressive is the nut low and Enterprise is not much better. NEVER use a debit card for rental vehicles (or any other reason). You lack many of the rights to recourse that are available with real credit cards. Where is YOUR insurance carrier in all of this?
  15. centex

    do kids inherit parents CC debt

    The executor of the estate has certain obligations regarding notices to creditors. Unless a child is the executor, they are not in this equation. However, the death, by itself, does not extinguish the debt obligations. A good executor/executrix can generally make the debts go away either entirely or at a substantial discount. Non-credit card obligations such as a mortgage or car loan are different animals and the lender could call the note. This would require the heir(s) to refinance if they wanted to keep the asset.
  16. centex

    1974 Imperial -- Good Daily Driver?

    Carbs are NOT difficult to keep running unless we are talking about something like the SU twin downdraft sorts of things, but those were not what the Exxon Valdez, err Imperial uses. As to vacuum light covers, I had them on a '77 T-Bird. When there was an issue with the system, they did not fall down. They just stayed UP. There was a valve on that one that could be used to crack the system if the need exists to open them manually. Was actually easier than if a motor fails like with the set-up my '91 Miata has. On this one, they would simply stay DOWN (since the Chrysler went down and not up). The older cars are coming back up on valuations and something listed in Hemmings is definitely not the typical hooptie one would find on Craigslist. Those are cars someone has typically put some time and money into bringing back towards factory new condition. The old boats can be fun and are actually easier to work on than current stuff. Aside from the fact that there is SPACE under the hood even when something had a big engine stuffed into it, parts are still actually easy to get on the mechanical side. It is the body and trim pieces that are often problematic (which was why I got rid of a '72 Mercury that was one of just a few thousand produced). That 351C was one of the easiest things I ever had to work on...definitely easier than the Volvo 1800S (which had the aforementioned twin SU carbs).
  17. centex

    To be added to a Amex card with bk

    Would be very surprised. Remember that AXP is not an AU situation but rather is an Additional Cardholder. They ask for a SSN and also remind people that the Additional Cardholder is responsible at a contractual level for charges they incur ON that additional card. Also, backdating no longer occurs with AXP...
  18. centex

    From 800 FICO to 600 in 3 weeks - HELP!!

    A goodwill letter is NEVER sent through the bureau dispute process. Those would go to a person in the Executive Office. You have NO basis to claim inaccurate reporting. And even if there was an isolated issue with an online pay interface, it would not have absolved you of the obligation to pay through other methods, either by sending a check, going to the bank/store or by pushing a payment from your own financial institution. The simple reality is that this is an event that occurred where there was no oversight by the account holder. This is NOT a reporting error. This is why goodwill is the only potential option.
  19. centex

    Garnish or Rehab?

    Garnishment is easier for them, but is NOT the best solution for YOU (or more specifically, your husband). Aside from the negative entries that will exist on his credit report for the garnishment, the very fact that a garnishment exists could harm his future employment prospects. HR will know of the garnishment and word WILL spread. Those making decisions on promotions may be more inclined to take the person who keeps their financial affairs in order before they take the person who let things get to the point of a garnishment... The other element is that a proper rehab ALSO does away with the previous negative reporting on the student loan...and when the loan has been rehab'ed, then consolidation/refinancing of the amount becomes an option.
  20. centex

    Escrow dropped by $100/month

    What was the reason for the change in amount? Tax changes, insurance premium went down, some other assessment changed? In other words, was it a variable that is subject to flip-flopping in the coming years. From there, as cv aptly notes, savings is a critical issue. We are seeing that in the papers with the whining about impacts from the shutdown. Too few people, even with high paying jobs, have no savings. Miss one paycheck and they are screwed because of that lack of savings (to say nothing of the over-extension in the financial realm). Once you have at least the six-month cushion set aside, THEN you can begin to focus on putting additional funds into the principal on the mortgage balance...
  21. She needs to answer the question as it is posed on the application or during the interview. Period. Anything else will be problematic and would result in termination if it were discovered that she had not been truthful.
  22. centex

    New website alert

    I was actually amazed that they bothered to reply to the question I had posed...most of the Friday posts are one and run.
  23. centex

    Rebuilding credit, legal name change, what now?

    The name change as a legal action should not impact your ability to secure credit in the new name. It might add an additional step of needing to prove that you are, in fact, you, but it does not preclude the acquisition of new credit. The individual lenders you currently have will eventually populate their records with the new name. However, you may want to go ahead and sent the information to the four major CRA's. Be forewarned that your old name may remain on their for quite some time as an AKA. I know in the days prior to same-sex marriage having been legalized, my ex remained on the reports as a spouse since we were joint borrowers on an auto loan. I have no idea about who or what 'SBR' might be so I cannot give you any guidance there. The identity information is likely not looking at name but is more likely keyed to the social security number...
  24. centex

    Auto loan missing from Credit Report?

    I would guess the five or six year window is a little more common simply because it is not worth it to the lender to continue to pay costs related to the reporting. However, they COULD continue reporting for the full ten years from last activity if they chose to do so...it just does not happen very often. I remember getting a benefit on a Mervyns account many years back where they did some manner of "OK" long after it was closed. It served to change the 'remain on report until' date to about 17 years after I had closed out the account...other actions related to Mervyns as a viable entity would result in it disappearing from the report in the past few years though.
  25. centex

    Auto loan missing from Credit Report?

    As noted, it likely aged off. While positive lines CAN report for up to ten years after closure, it is rare to see a car loan actually hang around that length of time. Even the larger players like Ford Credit don't always remain that length of time. I've lost them even before five or six years had elapsed after paying one off. It happens. If that was the only thing on your report, why would you have ever disputed it to begin with? That tends to suggest there were issues that make it something that you may have been better off with it gone and to be going in with an anorexic file...

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