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  1. According to my Plat benefits page... Select one qualifying airline and then receive up to $200 in statement credits per calendar year when incidental fees, such as checked bags and in-flight refreshments, are charged by the airline to your Platinum Card® Account.*‡
  2. I have never been a fan of cut-and-paste letters. However, while I agree that a FOAD is an appropriate response if you know for sure from your files that the debt is THAT antique, I would ALSO incorporate language that the debt has long since been contested and continues to be in dispute. The language places them on notice and also lays the predicate to go after anyone else who ever comes along since, at that point, you can document that you placed the entirety of the claim in dispute. Additionally, being in Texas, there are unique State-level statutes tha
  3. There are also monthly credits on cell and streaming...that makes for another few hundred a year. And, for those who still fly, there is $200 annually in certain additional fees on your airline of choice... I've also made good use of the status upgrade with National. If you travel in the slightest, the card pays YOU when all is said and done. 100K points and 10x on grocery, even for a limited time is just icing on the cake...
  4. Since this got bumped... The purpose of a dispute paragraph is to effectively prevent or foreclose the sale to any other entity. You are laying the groundwork for a continued collection claim if anything else EVER comes out of the issue.
  5. Focus on the addresses that are actually attached to accounts you intend to dispute. The rest is background noise...don't get lost in minutia that matters not one single whit.
  6. I don't recall TU as having Address Identification Numbers. The last paper report I had from them just indicated when the address was reported. As to DOFD info, I will have to defer to someone with any manner of negative reporting.
  7. They don't know if you were denied or not...and I would venture to say you have at least one soft OR hard pull appearing on your report for the past sixty days.
  8. Much depends on WHO you are seeking to submit a dispute to...there is no one single master address.
  9. Do you REALLY want to claim you haven't lived somewhere and then have that claim bite you in the hind quarters if you move to litigation? While they may make some boneheaded decisions, bureaus are not entirely stupid...if an account shows that the address reported for multiple years, then you won't get very far claiming the address was invalid. The paper report has a locator number that links each address to an account. Do your due diligence and figure out who is linked to what accounts. THEN figure out the best way to seek the culling of addresses.
  10. I'm guessing one has to live within their service area to open an account. However, if you later move outside of that footprint, then you still have the already established relationship which would qualify one for a card product...
  11. A written request that simply makes reference to some relatively recent pull on the report should get you what you need. Phone calls tend to fall in the category of 'we have no record of that' if something goes awry. If something is worth having, then pay the fifty one cents for a stamp and wait a week...
  12. You just have to figure out how to destroy the case when asked questions...I had a prosecutor use a strike on me at the bench after I was asked if I could find the D guilty if it was just the word of the officer against that of D. My reply was "but you told us about video and two other officers, so that would be a moot point...but in your hypothetical, I base credibility upon the testimony and demeanor of the two individuals who have testified." It was mildly ironic that defense counsel wanted to keep me and the State struck me since, had I voted to convict, I would likely have imposed someth
  13. 1) it won't hurt 2) there is a world of difference to a manual review between a vehicle loan and a personal loan (which may not even report as a secured loan) 3) it never hurts to have relationships with local lenders who know you by name
  14. If the question asked if you have ever filed, then clearly the answer is yes regardless of whether it is on the report. It is no different than questions about whether you have ever been sued...I have to answer in the affirmative because I was routinely named in suits earlier in my career...hazard of the job. The Attorney General always handled them but it is still a question that I have to answer in the affirmative to when asked.
  15. I believe Innovis has a phone option, but the others can be accessed via regular mail.
  16. In English please. At the most basic level, however, what legitimate grounds exist upon which you seek to dispute the items? Sometimes you just have to live with an OC reporting for the full term after a default.
  17. ACR won't get you paper reports and also serves to give an additional 15 days on any dispute.
  18. Did you ever engage in any manner of a dispute of the TL with EFX? Is there a possibility that D is simply not reporting to EFX for anyone? After all, there is no obligation for a company TO report data, just that if they do, it must be correct...
  19. Something else that COULD be a factor for some people...if you file BK, you will be checking the box on loan applications asking if you have ever filed BK. There is not generally a box that asks if you ever defaulted. Some people would rather have the defined seven year window as opposed to seeing BK survive on reports for ten years...
  20. Quit doing apps for turds...your reports will thank you down the road if you avoid the subprime crap like CreditOne. If that CreditOne card has fees attached to it, just close it now. Your wallet will thank you down the road. There are plenty of small, local lenders (ie. your local bank or CU) that will offer secured offerings to get your foot in the credit door without sucking you dry from fees. Further, there are also some loan options where you basically pay back about 1% over what you have in a CD...a CU would typically refer to this as a Share Secured Loan. Th
  21. That you have old records is a good thing. Reference those dates in a tailored letter. If you had previously disputed the matter and it was not 'resolved,' there is a secondary issue to be raised of continued collection since the prior entity had an obligation to have reported to the current owner that the account was in dispute.
  22. Two things that would help with the best guidance is an indication of what precisely the situation is (ie. cards and how far delinquent they might be at this juncture) and also the jurisdiction . I know of some in places where litigation is not as common due to the lack of post-judgment recourse like garnishment where they made the decision to selectively default, keeping some of the cards in the process. They then played whack-a-mole as collections reared their head and did not use generic cut-and-paste letters. In the end, they had charge-off entries on the reports but no third
  23. I'm confused about what specific date the account ceased to be available for use. It is not outside the realm of reason to believe that the account COULD have been reinstated in March and then closed through the standard computerized reviews that ALL accounts go through on a regular basis (those soft pulls that occur). Admittedly, I am also confused about how things went from September to March without knowing what was going on. Monthly statements would have been generated, even if you were only getting e-statements. Further, you presumably had online access to your account, som
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