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  1. That is why barley and rye and corn came to have other purposes...
  2. "08 Synchrony" would not be a date. It is a portfolio/account name. It is batching from the sale. You want paper reports to confirm DATES, not labels.
  3. If it is truly new, you should have a letter in the coming days. You will want to ensure you preserve all rights by responding in a timely manner. That is separate and distinct from any disputes done with the CRA. Where something begins reporting without an accompanying letter, there are other avenues that COULD be appropriate depending on local statutes...
  4. Is the same company Hege posted about last week or is this one of the other providers? The one Hege posted looked like a good deal on the mixed nuts, but their cashews were comparable to local pricing.
  5. I cannot make such a statement AND keep a straight face. I value my credibility...
  6. The incident a few weeks or so back involved Chase if I remember correctly... My BofA card is showing a zero balance...although that is by design.
  7. Yeah, I came back from all cash circa 2004 which is when I discovered a bunch of identity theft that occurred during my all-cash phase (and is what led me to CB in the first place- I stuck around for the punch and pie).
  8. Four open cards, three of which have a balance, can be a problem for some models...does not matter if the balance is a buck or maxed out. Granted, maxed out has its OWN set of score flags...
  9. meh...we made their brain hurt so they changed course and moved on to 'why sourdough became so popular again'
  10. PIN would not be needed if you went INTO the bank and did the advance. BUT the interest clock DOES begin ticking that day...as do the red flags being waved...especially with the other issue you recently posted. I would be wary of some of the apps, especially something like Square, that are intended for business and NOT bypassing cash advance guidelines.
  11. The first of the three claims is easily defensible, especially with the school district acknowledging class changes. After all, if you are BETWEEN classes, then it is not instruction time. Use for social media during school hours is a gray area without seeing the specific rule. Absent a showing, however, that anyone got sick, this is simply more fear-mongering though...she must be a wobbler for a scholarship somewhere and wants the woke points.
  12. A Sorento page? What joke am I missing?
  13. Given the claim of scam, what is the status of the report that has been filed with law enforcement?
  14. Much depends on the issuer. But remember that score is clearly not everything. So, in that regard, it is NOT like the way things USED to be...
  15. NEVER use an online report for the purpose of preparing a WRITTEN dispute. There is a very limited exception for when online disputes might be warranted, but even THOSE are predicated only upon what is on a paper report. Even a report from the bureau itself that you view online has been contorted and distorted to fit into the online viewing narrative. Disputing from that document means you are not only using inaccurate displays of the information but ALSO giving an extra period of time in which to complete the investigation.
  16. I have not yet finished all of the original pleading, but this appears to involve people who were ALREADY in default. As such, the employers were already garnishing. While the DoE may have a process that would stop new collection activity, it can take some time to completely halt a boulder that is already rolling down the hill, as would be the case with an Order in place authorizing the garnishments and that was being acted upon by the employer (as opposed to the Government seizing accounts). The suit even acknowledged emails sent by DoE to employers but notes that "most of those emails were not even opened." In Barber's case, the Final Notice of Garnishment was entered during December 2019. Approximately 12% of the checks have been garnished from her work in order to be applied to the loans that she took out in 2010. The latest check in question that is referenced in the pleadings saw a total of $70.20 withdrawn (April 24). No savings, in arrears on taxes and past due on utilities. In other words...her woes are NOT something that may be laid solely at the footsteps of bureaucracy. The DoE status report last month reflected that payments had been received in less than 1% of the outstanding cases with an AWG Order that was in place. There are also an increasing number of cases in which refunds had been mailed but returned due to addresses changing. Also of note is that collections are actually handled by Maximus, NOT the DoE, and that the letters suspending collection were provided to Maximus to send to the employers. The Plaintiff's cited fewer than 3K former students in default who had been impacted by the garnishments. In light of the Plaintiff's own data, this is NOT a substantial problem but appears to simply be a case of the time it takes to slow a rolling locomotive. At least this was not a case with my initial fears that it involved people who don't have federal loans or where it was the State governments who were involved in garnishment activities that had commenced after the 'rona nonsense came into daily life...
  17. The FIRST thing to be doing is READ until your eyes are bleeding...then read some more. Rushing into a dispute without understanding WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it, you run a substantial risk of screwing things up. Rushing is how people end up sending crappy cut and paste letters that have been useless since before your account was allegedly defaulted and it is what leads people to online disputes. You WANT paper reports from all four bureaus before you send of the very first tailored letter. Ensure that it is tailored. Generic crap begets generic crap.
  18. If uninsured wreck means you had an accident without coverage, you COULD have issues bigger than JUST the charge-off amount. You need to ALSO be looking at the licensing in your State because such things can result in an administrative revocation of the license until such time as all parties have been made whole.
  19. Discount runs deals on a regular basis that involve deferred interest if you use the card, so it is not unique to the opening of the account. But in the absence of a specific promotion, one should not presume such deferred interest or payment plan is in place. It is likely much like the PayPal BuyerCredit (or the absorbed Bill Me Later) where offers were sometimes there and sometimes not...and when they existed, there were occasionally spend minimums that existed. PPBC always cracks me up when they offer a six-month deferred on a $30 ebay purchase...
  20. Edit...gone from TU as of last night This will definitely give insight into the score impact since I have a few cards offering TU FICO9 scores. With no recent updates, it may even have essentially been nulled out long ago. Average age of accounts should actually increase though since there was only 15 years of age (give or take) attached to the loan, and it is not the only loan reporting...
  21. How many cards total? Remember that ratio of cards and cards with balance is an element of utilization on some of the Fair Isaac models...but having one at 85% is definitely hurting/impacting.
  22. Perhaps...but is IS amongst the most effective. And sometimes, it IS just the result that matters...
  23. Was just looking at EFX and saw that my auto loan that closed in September 2010 apparently fell off a few days ago. I knew the time was coming close and that it was on life support...still shows on the other two reports viewable online, but expect they too will be etching a headstone. Will be interesting to see what the score hit amounts to. Interestingly enough, there are still some accounts where changes in the bank have resulted in 'activity' that keeps some of those long-since closed accounts on the reports more than seventeen years after they ceased to be open. And then there was a store-type card now backed by CrapOne that I tried to dispute off and instead got an update that keeps it in place for another nine-plus years (talk about unintended consequence).
  24. See what I mean...put in the walrus and nobody realizes the change was made.
  25. From Houston... https://www.chron.com/local/article/Houston-entrepreneur-accused-of-spending-1-6M-in-15460818.php

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