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  1. Concur with the other guidance to look at interest rates. While the notion of paying smaller amounts first makes it seem like you are making better progress since you see more accounts zero'ed out, the reality is it COULD be costing you more money to do things that way. For example, that Barclays card is probably pushing 20% APR. Macys and the furniture store, unless on a deferred interest option, is likely close to 25% (or more). In other words, between one and one-half to two percent (or more) of that balance adds on in the way of interest EVERY SINGLE MONTH! While the requirement on most accounts is to pay the interest plus one percent of the balance, that means you don't make big dents in the overall balance. That is what gave rise to the three-year box on credit card statements... Keep plugging away but make sure you focus on the most cost-efficient way of killing those balances!!!
  2. It would have made sense if they showed it as a 0% deal, since after all...free money IS free money. But to get a crappy rate AND drag something like that out for six years makes no sense, no matter WHAT the income. And adding GAP to boot...they saw him coming. Subaru uses Chase for the underwriting and mom STILL gets pelted with 0% offers if she will trade for something new (she bought an Outback about four or five years ago and has long since burned the note). Edit: just looked at the Subie site...0% for 63 months on a 2020 Impreza. And five years is STILL three years too long on something like a Subaru.
  3. Few people have a need to instantly know their mortgage score or the other specialty scores. And, quite frankly, unless applying for something in the way of a card or a loan, there isn't a need (other than ego) to know the precise three-digit score for each and every model...
  4. Even if an appointment is required, you make an appointment and speak to a human AT the CU. That you won't do so says you really DON'T want to get matters resolved (or open the account). You COULD resolve this very simply (and potentially help OTHER prospective members at the same time). You CHOSE not to do so...
  5. The Houston Comical, err Chronicle would like a word... Today's fear porn was "As of Tuesday evening, the state's positive test rate reached a record high of 23.97 percent, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis of state data. A drop in the average number of viral tests has contributed to the increase in the state's positive test rate." Which goes back to my comments about not being able to get one of the free tests because they don't WANT us non-'rona people screwing with the narrative. They ONLY want people with a symptom. Meanwhile, those of us capable of using common sense and not being afraid of our shadow don't meet the criteria for the easily available testing.
  6. What? Rocks could be a prize. Where else are ya getting a weapon for a quarter? I mean...it isn't like Irwin Mainway and the Bag o'Glass...sells for a buck 98 by the way... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veMiNQifZcM
  7. *sigh* another instance of people living beyond means and having no plans for any sort of emergency.
  8. How a card works for the consumer can vary between consumers...what is good for one is not always ideal for the next person. How points accumulate can ALSO vary between products even from the same bank. This is why people should be dissuaded from applying JUST BECAUSE. Instead, focus on products that will work for the applicant. For some people, they would NEVER derive maximum benefit from, for example, the AXP Platimum. However, others get far more out of the card than the annual fee sets them back. I won't presume to speak to the 'youtubers' because I don't go to them for guidance. I don't need a tuber goober telling me what is best for MY situation...
  9. What do you mean by payment history? Are you talking about the fields that show how much was actually paid each month or you mean the status box for each month? If the former, many banks STILL don't report that information in an easily viewable manner. If the latter, then it does not matter as long as the open date is correct and there is no derogatory reporting... As to a PFD, you cannot compel one party (Midland) to carry an agreement over to reporting by an entity who was NOT a party to the Agreement. Your Agreement was ONLY between you and Midland. It does not extend to the entity from whom they purchased the account. And the OC would have had no reason to WANT to be a party to an Agreement in which they had long since divested interests...
  10. So if you live in the area, you go and plop yourself down in front of a CU employee. Extremely easy to resolve.
  11. I am aware of this. HOWEVER, even when the cards FOR Exxon and Mobil were shifted, the benefit on the Discount cards STILL remained intact. I know because I HAD one and used it at one particular station between Austin and Houston on a regular basis.
  12. Do not send generic tripe. I would not be inclined to run the FOAD yet...wait until next month.
  13. Remember that a small balance is still a balance to the algorithm as it pertains to the number of cards with a balance... This is why when I pay to zero, I always pay attention to when the cycle closes so I don't get some de minimis purchase showing up...
  14. Algorithms don't care about the type of vehicle. Similarly, unless the equity comes from the percentage of a mortgage that has been paid down, the algorithm knows nothing about equity. They are equations that focus on raw numbers. This means also looking at the ratio between cards and cards with a balance, which is what prompted the AZEO plans.
  15. I posted the other day about new questions coming up that looked at license plates from years ago and others ALSO noted questions keyed to older information. But LN is rarely the source of the data for those identity questions. But being old or being bizarre does not make the question, by itself, invalid... The biggest thing that seems to trip people up with credit unions is NOT meeting eligibility requirements. Joining the outlier on their list online and applying the same day is not often going to carry the day.

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