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  1. Just remember to use one of the expired cards to cut out your lines...it would, after all, be irresponsible to use a current one 🤣
  2. For something this fresh, it is quite likely that you are seeing the addition of monthly late fees. Your original contract, as amended throughout the life of service, will address what fees were permissible once defaulted...
  3. I'm confused...not seeing any other posts from you in this thread. Is the server being wonky? I only see the posts from Direct and Hege on Monday prior to my Tuesday AM post...
  4. Assault...nah...plead it down to practicing medicine without a license. It was just a bris gone awry...
  5. For $10K, I am guessing there was no privately-engaged attorney involved. After all, settlements in such cases would usually be at least twice actual medical. If there WAS an attorney, she needs to be ringing them up. Presuming no attorney, where was her auto insurance carrier in this? They generally help to facilitate the claims process in an accident situation. Lastly, what precisely has CIGNA told them in response to inquiries? If CIGNA is claiming to have sent a check, there SHOULD be other paperwork that was mailed. I know when I was in an accident a few years ago, the County's carrier sent paperwork in the beginning and their agent was sending monthly letters about 'file still open blah blah blah.' The check at the back end of the process was sent with a signature-required even though it was small (less than six figures).
  6. It is NOT necessary to run A/C 24/7...the SMART people use programmable thermostats. Additionally, better than a third of my bill at one of the houses is pool-related, not A/C related. I usually only run the zone downstairs and not upstairs, which certainly helps, but the bill still rarely hits $150 even during August and September. And Dallas does not get near the humidity whammy that we see closer to the coast... There are plenty of reasonable options in the D/FW metroplex area...traffic sucks, but generally cheaper on housing than Houston and Austin.
  7. There are also some elements of my taxes that the free tax stuff doesn't tend to handle well...not the least of which is the poker tournament income and offsets. One of these years, maybe I will quit being cheap and actually pay people to do it for me, but right now, funds not put towards a CPA skilled in poker are funds that can go towards entries
  8. Are you sure that they are ONLY using a traditional credit report? Anything on your CLUE report that could impact rates?
  9. Raises hand... I'm old school. I prefer paper. I like making them send me a check for the ten bucks or so in the rare year that I get a refund...
  10. As CT notes, it comes down to priorities in life...I spend a LOT of time in my car and like being extremely cozy in it. I also like having multiple options to choose from in a given day, since obviously a sports car or convertible is not always a good choice in crappy weather...those are the days that a manual with AWD are nice to have. I'm also the sort of buyer that gets a Marti report when available...I find data like that fascinating. Of course, I also tend to keep my cars until they die, which is yet another reason I want to know the complete history from Day 1 whenever possible. In the rare instance that I go to sell one, having those complete records can make a big difference on selling price. When I sold my '90 Mustang in 2000, it had roughly 400K miles on it. I still got close to 40% of what I had paid for it new. I still miss that car though...I liked the sleeper effect (it was the 5.0 coupe like DPS and other agencies used in that era).
  11. Be sure to take some of the funds to set aside in an emergency fund if you do not already have an account for unanticipated contingencies... You will ALSO want to be aware of trailing interest since you have a history of carrying balances. In other words, paying your balance in full THIS month won't kill off the balance. You will still have some nominal amount of trailing interest that shows in the next cycle. You will want to pay THAT off as soon as the cycle ends and the new statement is viewable online... Others have already noted that some lenders might get spooked but reasonable issuers should not bat an eye. There have been periods in which some banks chopped credit lines with a large payment. Without knowing who your current issuers are, it is difficult to say whether you have one where you might be at risk. Much will also depend on what you are calling 'large' balances. $38K is certainly more than what you want to be revolving, but without knowing how many cards that is spread across or if any one account has a five-digit balance, it may not be something that triggers their spidey senses...
  12. How thick are your four bureau files? The verbiage would tend to suggest you have a very thin file...
  13. They should be grateful that their employer wants to give them lower costs of living in a State with no income tax and reasonable property taxes and vehicle registration costs (to say nothing about the far cheaper gas costs). Aside from the nuisance of a move, this actually improves their lot in life...
  14. She was stoned out of her mind... Sad thing is the language will probably result in the clerk being canned, even though he was not wrong in the gist of his statements. OH...and I believe the card was I. M. Smart, not L. M. Smart...although Smart and that woman will never again be used in the same sentence LOL!

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