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  1. These things happen when the company beats Q3 expectations...
  2. NEVER rely on third-party compilations for things like limitations expiry. You (the generic you, not the specific you) should ALWAYS look to the Statutes for the jurisdiction which will often be on the legislative webserver. Similarly, each jurisdiction will have a searchable database on their Courts server that generally includes the ability to search by both terms and provision of law (ie. chapter or section as numbered). The process of doing your own research will ALSO be of assistance when you are actually in the courtroom and need to be able to make objections. While courts give some measure of latitude to the pro se litigant, they are STILL expected to know the law and how it applies to a specific situation. The other advantage to doing your own research is that it occasionally opens the door to a novel approach. (To an extent, this is precisely how the Texas plan came into being and why those in MY State scoff at those that who insist on a reliance upon federal statutes... )
  3. The reason I posted as I did was recognition that some people don't get an actual hard copy in the mail because they fall for the crappy claim that "oh, they will ALWAYS be available to you" or they take the five dollar statement credit. But the fundamental issue I was getting at was that a website that shows a zero balance is not necessarily a STATEMENT balance. Detail matters. And, of course, after more than 30 years in my field, I like that measure of clarity...its one of the reasons we are always trying to get as much as we can even on forty-year old misdemeanors that were long ago disposed of...details matter in background for criminal law matters just as much as they do when looking at background in a credit matter.
  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They could likely NEVER come up with enough range to make that viable for actual USE.
  5. Always remember that the larger the bank, the less likely they are to actually use discretion...smaller banks actually tend to take the time to look at the customer. There ARE some where character and capacity still count for something...
  6. To follow...when the term 'statement' is being referenced, is that the actual PAPER statement received in the mail, .pdf version of what would have been mailed or simply the balance line viewable online? Yes, it DOES make a difference...
  7. 855 is a legitimate toll-free exchange, so not ALL calls from there are spam/scam. In fact, the Upgrade calls (see the thread in main credit forum) were coming from that toll-free exchange.
  8. Merely being IN the database does not automatically mean one is going to be declined for a new account. Some banks actually USE that thing called discretion and look at whether you burned THEM or how long ago it was that anyone got burned...
  9. NEVER dispute from a third-party tri-merge report. ALWAYS use paper reports obtained directly from the four major bureaus. While the paper reports may show a truncated number, there are still other data pieces that can be incorporated that allow them to more easily locate the matter after they receive a well-written and non-generic dispute...of course, if it were ME, then my first step would actually have been to go back to the doctor's office or hospital billing desk and sit down in front of someone who would very likely be able to resolve the matter in a few minutes...far better than sending letters when one is trying to actually resolve the issue. What gets most people into reporting trouble on medical claims is the unwillingness to actually talk to the billing people, which is odd given that those very same billing people are the ones that could potentially set up the indigent discount or complete lining-out of an amount owed...
  10. As others noted, this is simply trailing interest. You can easily figure, roughly, what is going to be posted. There are some issuers that make it difficult to make the overpayment necessary to address the sum, but it CAN generally be done. You will want to sock drawer the card for a month or so to ensure that everything does, in fact, zero out. If you absolutely HAVE to revolve a balance, then do so ONLY on a card with a low APR...there are still some out there with single-digit rates as the 'go to' APR once any sort of promo period is done and over with.
  11. Another call and email from them yesterday...ignored the call and let it go to voicemail. Was both sad and funny at the same time listening to the desperation and exasperation in their voice that I won't give them all of the documents that they are demanding...it is almost like they never expected their applicants to have a choice and not actually NEED the account.
  12. Well, duh...clearly the system resources are all tied up with the inquiry process for PotO

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