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  1. Looking online, it appears they are associated with Harland, which is one of the biggest check printers out there. Had no desire to dig deeper into corporate profiles. If an issue with Chex or EWR was going to get your account closed, it would already have happened.
  2. As long as there are casinos and strip bars, cash is not going anywhere... Admittedly, without poker, I would not have near the need for cash that I do in the present day...and this reminds me that I need to make sure my bank can handle a large withdrawal in hundred dollar bills- World Series is about to kick off. Hege needs to watch out as I descend upon his stomping grounds LOL!
  3. Maybe that was it...although I still think of Optima as having been one of the first credit products AXP offered. I had one of those back in the late 80's or early 90's. Did not keep it for very long though... Nowadays, I hear Optima most frequently with commercials for one of those 'tax relief' outfits LOL!
  4. Oasis is what I meant to type...not sure why I had Optima on my mind. But the point remains...it is the quickest way back in, especially if you were already going to pay them. May as well get some quid for the pro quo.
  5. Never heard of them, but whether they are affiliated with Chex or EWS has no bearing on whether you would be able to open an account. In order to place an order for checks, you would need to have an account somewhere so that you had an account number and routing number for them to print your new checks with...
  6. This sounds like business debt, so many of the usual rules of the sandbox won't apply. Further, the fact that your bank 'sided' with you does not absolve you of liability if the matter moves to litigation. It is a factor the Court would consider, but the heart of the matter at the end of the day is that this is a dispute between two business entities. I am seeing some manner of pre-trial mediation in your future...
  7. Was she ever sued on this issue in the past? If there was litigation and a judgment rendered, then the sandbox rules will be different.
  8. Given the small balances at issue, you may wish to pursue the Optima avenue...you won't get a discount on the balance but you WILL be back in their good graces. You clearly believe you will derive a benefit from the Platinum card or you would not be seeking to be added. While the program is basically an invite-only, the invite will inevitably come after you have called and made inquiry about getting back into their good graces...
  9. Not all jurisdictions are online, and of those that ARE online, not all have digitized documents going back to the era you describe. You can pretty much rule out federal courts since that is not where most credit issues will be taking place. Your best bet for a stating point will be the jurisdiction where you were living at the time. Send a letter to the Clerk and be prepared to pay a nominal search fee (usually less than ten bucks). The letter should provide as much information as possible to help them narrow the windows of time. Your name at the time of the litigation and the name of the Plaintiff along with the approximate date gets them in the right direction...
  10. Here is the back-story on Dmitry's fandango with the Russian bank... http://www.lifedaily.com/story/clever-customer-turns-the-tables-on-bank-with-legal-loophole/ Also, https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2013/08/14/man-who-outwitted-bank-ends-700k-lawsuit-a26770 Obviously it harkens back to the old days when we actually had to fill in a paper application and mail it in and then wait...and wait...and sometimes wait a little longer. The kids around here might not remember those days LOL!
  11. NEVER underestimate what a now-ex (or even soon-to-be-ex's) will do. I have seen more than one case where one party deliberate dragged proceedings and mediations out precisely to eat up assets that might otherwise have to be split. Two of the attorneys in my building do family law, with one doing mediations on an almost daily basis...it is NOT an uncommon event, no matter how 'nice' the person might have been while the relationship had still been intact...
  12. One of the reasons I always recommend fostering relationships with local institutions is for precisely this sort of situation- you can go in and actually speak to a lending officer and get a feel for what the bank/CU will be able to do for you before you waste time with an application. This holds just as true in a situation like OP describes where the credit is poor as it does for someone with no blemishes on the report. Obviously it will help if there are some measure of resources in place WITH the institution...if all they hold is the dwindling remnants of the most recent paycheck, then one will find less support than the person who has actual savings or checking balances.
  13. Demonstrating again that too many people view having the biggest and latest item as being more important to them than properly preparing for some manner of fiscal event... And of course, no article that references payday loans can ever be complete without the scare tactic related to annualized rates, with this article taking the annualized rate even higher than what exists on the open markets.

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