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  1. centex

    Validation Notice sent via Certified mail

    You don't know enough about the situation TO respond. There is a world of difference in how you respond if it is within the statute of limitations versus outside of the expiry window. Further, there are elements of that letter which suggest it was sent in response to a dispute. You need to be getting ALL relevant records. The fact that you just got the letter does not mean you HAVE to reply today or even this weekend. Get your ducks in a row and THEN figure out what you are dealing with.
  2. Concur that you need to be reviewing the paperwork. EVERY rental I had required me to initial to decline their add-ons (with the exception of my National rentals since that information is stored in the profile and I just get in the car and go without dealing with a clerk). Sadly, you are quickly finding out why smart people tend to avoid Progressive at all costs...it will not surprise me if they made a decision that the car required only one week in the shop and so that was all they were paying for.
  3. centex

    Credit drop confusion

    There is more to life than a three-digit score. What actually changed on the paper report? DO NOT rely solely on 'alerts' even if they come from a shiny bauble being pushed by Fair Isaac. You need to be paying attention to the actual reports from all four major bureaus and know what is on them and, more importantly, what may have changed or even just fallen off. In this instance, you don't know what else could have changed. While one balance may have dropped, there are clearly other changes going on.
  4. centex

    Validation Notice sent via Certified mail

    You REALLY need to spend some time getting paperwork in order...garnishments without knowing what they were for makes ZERO sense. Going to the courthouse but not getting copies or even making notes from the file makes ZERO sense. You cannot begin to address issues when you are punching at the wind.
  5. It can be used for much more than just a 30-day late. The notion behind the Rule is to allow consumers who want to make things right to make three consecutive payments at a defined threshold (or a single payment that is the equivalent of the three months), at which point the lender will 'reage' the account and it can generally be returned to an account in good standing. MBNA used to put such offers out to its consumers and CrapOne does so on a regular basis as well...they just don't call it an action under Rule 5000 even though the net effect is the same. What I do not know is whether a lender that still has the paper in-house will enter into such an arrangement where the account has actually been charged off. OP cannot rely on the report to determine who may or may not hold the paper right now. That a third-party is not listed does NOT mean it is not in the hands of a third-party, either by placement or by sale. This is where a phone is going to be essential...and the OP cannot be afraid of his/her phone if they want to try and make this work. These are not typically the sorts of offers where the bank is going to dick around waiting for letters to go back and forth. If the offer is extended, it is often a take it or leave it, right then and there sort of thing...
  6. centex

    Dispute Strategy - Settled Chase CO

    What is required is that the data, at the time it is reported, be correct and accurate. There is ZERO requirement for live updates of data. You didn't screw your credit up overnight and it won't be 'fixed' overnight. You need to exercise a modicum of patience...
  7. Or, tell her to READ the question and answer accordingly instead of having someone else go on the interwebs. Specific language of a question drives the manner in which a question gets answered...
  8. Can you MAKE payments if they agreed to terms? If so, then you MAY want to look at trying to get them to agree to a Rule 5000 reaging. This would eliminate the negative reporting while also putting you back in their good graces. It is ALWAYS easier to try and work with an OC, especially when they still have the paper in-house... However, since the questions posted by Indy have not been addressed, no additional guidance can really be offered...
  9. Do you look like a schizophrenic? What about you?
  10. centex

    To be added to a Amex card with bk

    Being responsible for charges one incurred on a card in their possession should NEVER be viewed as a negative. To propose otherwise is absurd... The charges the additional holder is responsible for are the ones THEY incur, not the primary...
  11. centex

    To be added to a Amex card with bk

    They USED to backdate...they stopped doing that a few years ago. I can confirm that the CashMagnet had no backdating for the additional cardholder since I had put mom on my account. Her card shows the new date while mine had my membership date...
  12. centex

    Validation Notice sent via Certified mail

    When did the sale of the vehicle take place? Have you been sued for the deficiency? If so, when did that occur? If there was no suit and the repossession event occurred in 2008-2009, then this should not even still be on the report and the dispute should be going down THAT avenue, not the validation track...
  13. centex

    Advise to get FICO above 760

    You don't indicate how many of those credit card accounts are reporting with balances. It is not simply the utilization amount on each card and as a percentage of total available credit, but ALSO the number of cards with a balance that can help or hurt. Your post suggests that you have multiple accounts reporting a balance, which means the two dollar trick won't help you unless you clear the other balances...
  14. centex

    NEW CARD!!!!! (Fanatics)

    We get that you don't like the bank...but there is nothing that I see on any page that supports the assertion of APR, even on a card that might be issued in the UK...
  15. A REAL credit card...this would be MasterCard, VISA, American Express or even (**gag**) Discover. Something that is issued by a lender and has an actual credit limit and, more importantly, protections that do not exist with a sucky debit card. The mere fact that a card tied to your bank account has a logo on it does NOT change its status as a sucky debit card.

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