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  1. Sorry Marv, but this one post wonder definitely deserves the Stretching out loans leaves people 1) having to be upside down for almost the entirety of the loan and 2) almost guarantees a GAP purchase precisely because of being upside down. Burn the loan as quickly as possible...even with a shorter loan. If there was going to be a question about payment, then perhaps a new vehicle is NOT the thing to get...
  2. And yet, in the current climate, some vehicles remain an appreciating asset. My most recent acquisition is generating offers at a few grand over what I paid. If it were not the unicorn that I wanted new in 2018, I might be tempted...
  3. You've been here 14 years...it's been discussed. Many times.
  4. Maybe it has a track record now that supports being an unprofitable model with too few people actually paying what they owe...even vultures have standards.
  5. This is not entirely their mess that was created. I cannot stress enough how frequently this sort of subject appears on this site...it is one of the reasons I refuse electronic billing statements and insist on a mailed statement. It is ALSO the reason (well, one of them) that I log into EVERY one of my accounts at least once per month...the other reason is holdover paranoia from being a victim ~20 years ago. I ALSO suspect that there were calls to the phone number of record on the account. Too many people don't answer numbers they don't recognize, but that does not mean they di
  6. A losing Defendant can be taxed the costs of prosecution, which includes attorney fees that can sometimes dwarf the underlying claim. Pre- and post-judgment interest is usually awarded at somewhere between 6-10% per annum, with the rate generally being proscribed by State Codes. Mailed service can indeed be sufficient in certain circumstances. Again, what constituted proper service will be described in your State Rules... You either need to quickly come up to speed on procedure, hire counsel or figure out what sort of a settlement you can negotiate. MOST litigation
  7. Is this a paper report or online? Something else to look at is whether there was a sale of the defaulted paper. In some instances, there is a recording of the sale as a payment even though it does not reage the default for reporting purposes. What exactly did you list when you WROTE to Experian to dispute the item? After all, I KNOW you are not going to tell us this was done online or telephonically...
  8. Expect to see Vantage telling you the skore is depressed because of the lack of a real estate tradeline or other mortgage-type loan. The shiny baubles give reasons that are crafted specifically to keep people in perpetual debt.
  9. Removed? No. Balance zeroed with an IIB notation, yes.
  10. I'm still trying to figure out who the 'he' was that was referenced...
  11. AXP has the Oasis program, or at least had in the past, but don't expect a discount. Have no idea about the tendencies of Regions since I rarely see them mentioned and don't remember anyone here who burned them. You are outside the scope of a Rule 5000 adjustment, so any resolution with them will come back to whether they still actually owned the paper or whether it was sold off already.
  12. Have you pursued an SBA loan? My understanding through the years was that they were a little more liberal with underwriting than most commercial options... I would certainly be looking at the business credit side of things and find someone that does not require a personal guarantee that pegs the loan to your personal credit.
  13. Chip shortage is dooming soooo many....
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