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  1. I've had no problems at a local grocery store (national chain) running both store-type gift cards as well as the V/MC/AXP gift cards and paying with American Express. Granted, i was not doing it for the purposes of M$ but it raised no red flags either with the cashier or with the issuer.
  2. You REALLY need to fix the issues that have contributed to such low scores. And, some of the questions will best be addressed by your broker. They are going to have to fight tooth and nail to get either of those scores approved at anything resembling a rate that doesn't send you running to throw up...to say nothing of the PMI you will be saddled with.
  3. 1) when I get tires, I usually go straight from the installer to whoever is doing the alignment. The ~50 miles if I go to the dealership won't destroy them 2) It would not surprise me if the last step of the repair manual for the bushings is "perform alignment," meaning it should already have been baked into the cost of that repair. Hopefully they waited until AFTER the new ones were mounted to do the alignment...
  4. It is up to YOU how you label it it. On the spreadsheet I keep, I rely upon the closing date, so anything closing THIS month would be on my Expense 04.2021 file. On occasion, like in February, I might have a closing that fell on the 1st or 2nd of the next month, but I still incorporate it since in MOST months, it falls in the same month as everything else. At no point do I ever call and ask to have a closing date moved...no sense in giving them cause to want to 'review' the account. I also don't rely upon USPS or email to get a statement before adding an account to
  5. Classic case of once burned, twice shy. There is nothing to preclude any lender from denying based upon past poor experiences with a customer, even where there was a BK and a surrender. You won't be likely to run into that scenario if you go to something other than an FCA dealership...instead, you only have to deal with the BK itself.
  6. Have you sought to actually go IN and talk to your provider? They ARE local after all...
  7. Yikes...did the tires also come from the dealership service department? Please tell me no...please! Still, $1,500 across a year is vastly better than just getting a new car note because it was easier than doing something vehicles all need somewhere in their life. I occasionally get grief from my service writer about putting a grand into the X-Type, but it is a generally-reliable four-door with a manual transmission that also has AWD with more than 170K miles and so eighty bucks a month on average (viewed as an annual repair) is STILL cheaper than the alternative.
  8. It's back but with the same crappy rates..actually worse than before, with a smaller cap. Used to be 6.98% with a $35 or 40K cap.
  9. The 825 is up to 840 after a recent update and my having allowed a sub-$20 balance to report on a card. So...with AZEO, impact of a new account appears to be ten points on a bureau that was not subjected to a hard inquiry. FICO BankCard9 is at 824 but has not updated since March 10th. It uses EXP which also has eight or nine inquiries showing...
  10. If you can, I would ditch the card with the late...you have more than enough datapoints to not need an AU, especially a derogatory AU.
  11. There is no pay for delete that could be done precisely because they wrote the balance off and zero'ed the account. And since they did so, the front-line reps wouldn't be able to even entertain the offer. You MIGHT get some modicum of relief by digging through the various investor relations documents and finding a responsible executive. Alternately, go back to the same dealership and see if you can get face time with the GM so that they reach out to their contacts in an effort to resolve something for a prospective future purchaser of their wind-up product. You don't indicate WH
  12. $2K in 90 days should not be that challenging to hit. Becomes even easier if you have car insurance to pay or utilities. Just make sure not to revolve the balance since paying interest to get some SkyPesos just isn't a smart play...
  13. Saw the ticker on SquawkBox this AM that GAP is moving their cards to Barclays. Makes me wonder if the corpse of the old GEMB is finally growing closer to room temperature and giving a reason for the stinking up of the joint...
  14. When you say the hospital wouldn't/couldn't tell you anything, do you mean you actually went in and sat down with someone in billing? If not, I would HIGHLY suggest doing do. But that is just me and trying to resolve things expeditiously...and hospital staff tend to respond better to in-person billing discussions than phone conversations.
  15. Nowhere near enough information to answer the question. You don't indicate HOW or WHERE you submitted the application nor do you indicate whether you have ever been a seller or buyer that had 'issues' with FleaBay. That being said, being declined for a SUCKrony product is not always a bad thing...
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