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  1. Others have posted that AXP will not pull the report if you are on a BL with them...the other chargeoffs showing COULD be problematic though. But remember that AXP is not score-driven and has been known to approve people in the low 600's while denying some north of 700...how strong is the rest of your profile, to include income and assets?
  2. Yes. I routinely have faxes which go to various agencies, ranging from District Attorney, District Clerk, Sheriff, supervising agencies, and the list goes on. Having the confirmation with first-page image to go with the time-stamp can be helpful for the file...
  3. Easy money for high risks...WHATEVER could go wrong? Sadly, the belt-tightening on the lending approvals will ALSO trickle to those who present with no discernible risk and we will see an uptick in 750+ FICO (any flavor) being denied or having less-than-favorable terms. Which, of course, will be followed by whining from some that claim that the processes and risk scoring discriminate against *checks notes* the high risk borrower. These trends in lending are like watching the waves on an oscilloscope...
  4. Borrowing money from friends and family rarely ends well...
  5. You would again be wrong. On multiple counts. I don't work for them and I am not being 'supportive' of them in this thread. But yeah, this IS the point at which if you were a prospective client in my office, I would be pointing you to the door because you don't want the easy resolution.
  6. My guess is eharmony DID indeed send you a communication that you either sent to trash without reading OR went to the junk folder (which you should be checking periodically anyhow just to make sure nothing got mis-routed). Personally, I would already have been on the phone, not screwing around on a website. But then again, I am not afraid of my phone.
  7. The ideal solution is to check with the small, local bank with whom you should ALREADY be doing business. Their officers are in the best position to gauge capacity and character. They are ALSO the ones more likely to run a combination of a secured loan and secured card...you basically do a CD-secured loan and take THOSE proceeds to plow into their secured card. The rewards may not be great, but the fees also tend to be next to non-existent AND you develop further your relationship with the bank or CU, something that typically can be helpful down the road...
  8. If one is paying attention to scores, it makes sense to focus the attention on the scores lenders are actually using. And, given that the number of lenders using Vantage does not even require every finger on the one hand to count, it is useless for real-world purposes. On multiple occasions, people report seeing Vantage go down while their Fair Isaac scores went up...and the converse has also been observed. I get reasons given on Vantage for the score not being higher which include no mortgage on the report and not enough new accounts. Meanwhile, Fair Isaac never has mentioned the lack of a reporting mortgage and has dinged me for a new account (even though the newest is about a year old now and will be 13 months in the next report). There are places where dented and dinged report history may have some sort of overlap with Fair Isaac models, but do not confuse it for correlation...
  9. Doing the math for the next trip out to Los Wages now that the Circa guarantees have been announced ($6M in each of the contests for those so interested)...looks like I can still drive it for ~$600 which is less than the airfare on UA. Of course, that calculus could change if premium is now over $6 in NV or AZ. I know what to expect on the two TX fill-ups (which is still sticker shock), with the second being literally on the TX/NM border. That then puts the third around Phoenix and gets me to LV... Shelves are looking more and more bare but at least bacon has not gone up again...still holding at $6.99 from the case, with the additional help of staff that tare it down to the pound. Hey, I will take the extra couple of strips at no cost if they want to let me have them...
  10. Pay it and consider it the price for not reading the terms you agreed to... Oh, and NO, 99% of other services do not simply cancel because a card expired. Many are now on systems that allow the renewal to process on the existing replacement card date. That many may not engage in collections practices on the small amounts does not alter the fact that the account does not simply go away without some manner of proactive step being taken by the customer...
  11. Send a copy of your notice cancelling the service which I am SURE you sent consistent with the Terms of Service.
  12. If they are claiming to be PT-related, there is a doctor somewhere in the ownership chain...otherwise, insurance probably would never touch it for the purposes of reimbursement. For me, a PT clinic is ONLY useful if they have something I cannot get elsewhere. When I had the hand therapy, the uber-hot towels were nice, but the ultrasound was what I could not get elsewhere. No need to pay for exercises and someone to watch me do them. Ditto with the place that helped with my back injury...but once I knew what the routine was, it was nothing I could not replicate in my own pool. The only difference was theirs was salt-water while mine was plain old tap with chlorine added...and theirs was a little warmer.
  13. Didn't arrive today but I just looked at them today...FNBO basically increasing their warning to use my account or risk closure/CLD. Since the account cycle closes in a few days, I stuck an online payment on that card. I did note when I logged into the account that the line was still there but they were not producing a FICO score for me, which they indicate CAN be due to inactivity over a prolonged period of time. They are rapidly moving DOWN my list after they got pissy over a recent app where I used the address on my reports which is NOT the house attached to my TxDL. Their underwriting team seems not to grasp that people can have multiple residences...and moreover, that those with multiple residences need not have a mortgage.
  14. Ah...that was before my account time. I just have it in my list as EX unknown...I will look closer one of these days and see if it matches what AXP spits out through the score since they used to show they were FICO8.
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