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  1. Who you should refinance with is about as open-ended as it gets. Sometimes a bank will be the best option and sometimes a CU will be the best option. YMMV is NOT just a car-related thing...
  2. There are reasons they have changed hands so many different times...as I recall, Sears sold them to Morgan Stanley somewhere in the early 00's...and they are now floating adrift in the subprime waters that they seem to chum so well...
  3. That IS ground beef...to the extent that the beef was found ON the ground
  4. After re-reading the thread, I would be inclined to incur that this letter was sent because you didn't get the teaser term/rate that appears on the manufacturer's website. It isn't a 'you got denied' letter but rather a 'yeah, we bent you over a little so here is a letter' letter...
  5. Well, that was pretty much proven with the breach by that dude in the Pacific Northwest earlier this year...
  6. The calls I have seen appear on caller ID with an 855 number...same number each time and with people who speak easily understood English, even if they don't want to LISTEN to what they are being told. I even had the SAME person call a few times. My guess is the calls are coming from Cali...
  7. The follow-up includes this gem " Your NEW credit line is $500 of which $70 is available as cash. " Don't spend it all in one place LOL!
  8. LOL, but true...good 'que is often the same- if it looks like the Health Department should shut them down, it is usually good stuff.
  9. Sadly, the next level of whining will be from the idiots that NOW find they lack ANY avenue other than Sharky the Shark, operating out of a trunk at the corner of StabMe and Run.
  10. These dilweeds are persistent...two MORE calls from them today.
  11. Presuming dealership is local to you, I would be inclined to drive over there...on a busy day. They WON'T want someone letting other customers know about something like this...and somehow, I just KNOW an outside voice might escape (just don't create so much of a disturbance that it rises to a criminal violation)
  12. The language is generally in the form itself...very few people bother to read things like that. It is the reason we have an entire episode of South Park dedicated to people who don't read forms...
  13. There is no "can have" to it...using the crappy crap crap third parties will do irreparable harm and leave you stuck waiting the seven years since their steps pretty much cement all but the low-hanging fruit to your reports...and they also have a knack for ALSO disputing POSITIVE tradelines which THEN will result in a closure of the account...
  14. Concur about costs...while I realize that inflation is indeed a real thing, I spec-ordered my F-350 in 2000 and it stickered at something like $32K. With the price gouging in that segment, I am guessing it would now show an MSRP north of $80K if it had been something that still existed (FoMoCo decided that actual users of trucks don't need a manual transmission). When it got totaled in 2013, I still was able to get low five figures out of it...sadly, that is probably what the $60-80K crowd will get out of theirs in a similar situation...despite having fewer years on them.
  15. I would not necessarily bet on that...I still encounter some Counties that require efiling and the software does not work with some of the popular browsers...even the public-facing portions of the search pages require jumping over to Chrome. And this has been going on for at least two years with some of them...

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