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  1. Which is less than many of us leave the Sportsbook with...$250 for up to 18 weeks of keying the picks in is a bargain.
  2. As noted, the fact that it was to report for ten years suggests that there is no negative information reporting. It is generally not worth removing a national bank that has provided age to the reports...
  3. Came in and checked email...AXP doubled a limit. I had last pushed the CLI button a bit over two years ago. This increase was automatic and was not prompted by anything I did on the site. Not sure I will use the card any more than I have been, but the extra cushion is always a good thing...
  4. I was under the impression you were discussing a line-item entry, and NOT the differences in Average Daily Balance (which is what those fields represent). For the amount of payments that allegedly posted during the month, you had a lot of purchases made which are NOT line-item entries on the pages you chose to show as images here. You COMPOUNDED your error by not making payments until late in the month, which means you had almost an entire month at which the average daily balance was at an elevated level. You would have seen lower numbers had you made the payments on the first and second day of the cycle AND made no further charges during the month. Cue the comments from Hege and CV about math being hard...
  5. Financial decisions should NEVER be made on an expectation of some future windfall. Taking a crappy loan product and then being stuck with it will not be a good thing if the bonus failed to materialize. And yes, plenty of people hoping for bonuses have been disappointed... Needing a car now is NOT a good reason to take terms that are not good...one would be better served to find a decent hooptie for less than $3.5K that gets you through to the point of a better and more stable financial footing.
  6. Antique thread, but for others coming along... NEVER discount the hurdle that ANY 'improvement' that is not to code will create in selling the property. And, where taxing entities get wind of an additional room/feature, they often LOVE to re-appraise a property, with some even making efforts to collect on the back taxes that they got stiffed on. Then there are the jurisdictions that will REQUIRE an owner to demolish the modification that was not built to code...and pay fines for the unlicensed and not-to-code modification.
  7. If you had a zero balance on June 26, charge things and then make a payment somewhere during the month on the amount of $941.58, then your closing balance on July 26 would reflect the difference that remained. However, you did not have a zero balance on June 27 and so interest was accumulating during the entirety of the month. In such an instance, you want to make that $941.58 in payments at the earliest possible date so as to reduce the average daily balance upon which interest is being accumulated. And given that you have an insane APR that shows as applying right now, you need to be clearing the entirety of that balance since you are paying more than two points a month. At $7200+ in balances, your current APR is saddling you with roughly $150 EACH MONTH in interest, Money pissed away and for which you receive precisely ZERO benefit from and will NEVER get a benefit from. I should add that I am confused about the whole $941.58 thing since I don't see anything on those pages that matches such an amount. When images don't match the question, it complicates the discussion...
  8. I gave you the guidance on WHAT you need to do. Whether you choose to actually LEARN is up to you... You are trying to head down a path without having done even the most basic of research on a matter that directly impacts you and has precisely NO impact upon either my bank account or my livelihood (since I don't practice in your jurisdiction). But since you want to be a horse's hind part, fare thee well...
  9. Remember ALSO that there are some jurisdictions that allow a purchaser to step into the shoes of the OC given that this is an asset purchase that is essentially the same as selling mineral rights. Those jurisdictions do not always apply licensure requirements to the OWNER of a claim. So, again, you HAVE to KNOW the law for your jurisdiction...and cut-and-paste letters are NOT good for KNOWING the law.
  10. centex

    Score drop

    oh...so you are one of THOSE people...LOL! At least someone else coming along that also spends time in the various properties might make use of the Diamond spin-up option...
  11. To answer the essential element of the question, the card CAN report for up to ten years after the last activity reported to the four bureaus by the furnisher. Some will cease reporting before then, but just as with delinquency, the reporting is keyed to the date of last activity. As others have noted, do something that contributes to the account staying open OR call and close it yourself. Self-closure is ALWAYS better than a closed by grantor notation.
  12. centex

    Score drop

    I am presuming you have spun up the MGM status to the Caesars Diamond through the status match? Won't necessarily get you the comped rooms but it DOES waive the resort fees. You would have to look at the status match page to see what else beyond MGM Gold (or higher) can be flipped to Diamond...
  13. Shall we presume that you know what happens when one attempts to ASSUME anything?

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