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  1. centex

    DCU is great for difficult auto loans!

    Set ALL transfers on your calendar to leave you with at least a ten day grace period. You are not making enough in interest on the account the push goes from to make it worth waiting until the day before the due date. This is doubly true when you are making additional principal payments.... Every day that a balance remains on the note without a dollar going towards it is another day that dollar of balance is being subject to interest. And a refi that extends the life of a note is one that you want to pay off even sooner. If you can throw at least a grand a month towards this thing, then do it. Do NOT think of the lower monthly amount as a savings. You should have been paying well over the $530 each month to start with...dragging a note out for seven years is just pure insanity, especially at THAT APR. Even five years is too long, especially on a re-fi. Your retirement fund will thank you...
  2. centex

    100K Noodle Theft

    Maybe it was gourmet ramen? And it isn't as though it would be the first time someone inflated the value of a loss...can easily envision a low-FICO company/driver doing this
  3. centex

    Credit Report Wells Fargo Dealer Services Question

    My guess is your now-ex screwed up the filing and failed to list you in the creditor's matrix. I went through this with my ex (not a relationship recognized at the time by the State) and where we had multiple vehicles we had jointly purchased. The BK they filed wreaked havoc with the note and the reporting. It actually got to the point where I had to deal with a repo since the ex surrendered their half-interest but had an attorney that did not note that there was a co-borrower. I ultimately got the vehicle back and owned it for several more years (before someone else rolled the vehicle at 75MPH after borrowing it for a trip). If the stagecoach is anything like BofA, you will need to call and speak to whoever in their lending department handles BK cases. Expect them to route you around the phone banks because the front-line personnel will be worried about the conversation breaking the prohibitions related to the BK.
  4. centex

    will renting an apt for my kid cause a problem?

    He has already screwed up at least one lease. If you co-sign, that means you are on the hook if/when he screwed THIS one up. Signing on a lease where you have no actual tenancy is rarely a wise decision...
  5. She needs to kick his hind-quarters to the curb and move on with life...she should have no issue finding someone capable of also engaging in the acts related to adulting...
  6. centex

    Best Secured Cards - 2018

    That was the one I looked at way back when...but I see they have shifted their card ops to Elan (which itself is in the midst of being sold off).
  7. centex

    Best Secured Cards - 2018

    When a mass-media site puts a list together, you may ALWAYS presume it is NOT the best listing. It means they gave the names of people that are ponying up in some manner for the free press. I was just looking to see if one of the cards I considered when I was getting back into credit years ago still existed...unfortunately, the bank in question has farmed its operations out and the current processor has cut the cap back to $5K. One of the things that was good about Amalgamated when they handled their own stuff was that you could have the secured card up to $25K. And yes, there ARE people looking for secured cards that DO have funds like that available. Almost every major and minor credit union is going to have a secured product. Even many local banks have a secured card. The key will be finding one that is handled in-house and not shipped out to a mega-processor. You want to avoid the ones with high APR's just in case you actually decided to revolve a balance. Further, you do not want one charging various fees. There are plenty of secured cards that are not fee-laden pieces o'crap. Some will even have decent rewards...
  8. centex

    Which card to pay down to increase score?

    As noted above, most credit card free-money offers are NOT like a store promo. A store promo that does a zero percent deal WILL generally backdate to the purchase. However, MOST credit card offers are going to just look at the balance on the day the offer expires and begin the interest accumulations on that day. You will want to ensure that NO purchases are put on the card once the offer expired UNTIL you get it paid down to where you are paying balances in full each month. Otherwise, you will be paying interest for quite some time. Also as noted, focus on what makes the most financial sense. A score is a three-digit ego feeder except and unless you have an actual purchase or application on the horizon where it is going to matter. This holds true whether it comes from one of the tri-merge services (which are not accurate in most cases to begin with) or whether you had paid for the score directly from Fair Isaac (no matter which model of their scoring you were being robbed for). You ALSO need to be looking for cards that have better rates (and likely better rewards). Admittedly, rewards become rather moot if you carry balances and are paying interest. You want to be in a position where you are paying no interest while reaping the benefit of the rewards offered by a variety of card products.
  9. And your reading of all of the offense reports and relevant provisions of law should ALSO have informed you that the off-duty officers did not commit the offense of murder. The State has enough problem showing that there was even any manner of criminal negligence much less an intent to cause the death of the deceased. Intent matters in charges such as this. Oh, you haven't read offense reports or seen anything other than what is viewable online...well, that explains a lot. But it is ALSO irrelevant to the fact that people were photographed in apparel that is wholly inappropriate for public settings AND the courtroom. And it is clearly not a situation where they only have jeans worn from use...they are in jeans that people pay a mark-up for to look that trashy.
  10. Many markets tend to have those 10-15 year swings of the pendulum...can be a good time to be set to make some cash purchases in some markets right now. Your backyard, hege, is sort of in that roller coaster peak right about now...I think the Raiders will probably keep the market elevated for a few seasons, but when I was looking to purchase, there are signs of a potential bust coming. There will be some good buying opportunities...even a few good ones showing up now on the MLS foreclosure lists. Those who were able to buy and hold a decade ago, after the crash, are sitting pretty now. One has to admit that there is a certain irony in the focus of the linked article having been a guy who was in the mortgage industry. Shows how out of touch some of them were with what was going on around them whilst they kept fiddling...
  11. Start-ups have the money to burn on a risk-reward basis...since they don't have to be profitable from the get-go, it makes sense to hit the profit center that is subprime credit.
  12. centex

    Last Collection Removed = Score Drop

    Why would you be surprised that the closed loan is still appearing? They can report for up to ten years. Do not adopt an approach of the young loans "only" having two reported lates. That is two too many and if you get to actually speak with an underwriter in any capacity, you make it ABUNDANTLY clear that you understand there are two too many incidents on the auto loans. MOST people have ZERO late payments. After all, to be reported as late, one was not just a few days but at least an entire month overdue. Too many of those send all sorts of red flags and is the reason why a single late causes such a hit to the score for such a prolonged period of time. Once those get to be five or six years of age, the impact will be far less but can still be a factor in any manner of automated underwriting. DO NOT purchase tradelines. Just...don't.
  13. 1) not when the State overcharges the defendant 2) not when the State is unable to prove up the charge they brought instead of the one that was arguably more appropriate to at least have made for a triable case 3) to another poster, going to Yale has nothing to do with dressing appropriately for courtrooms. Simply put, you don't wear ripped jeans in public, especially when that public is the courthouse where the media will be focusing on you. 4) each successive poor appearance etched into the media will be even more problematic in the NEXT trial related to this case (either because they have to try the current defendant for a third time or if/when they get around to trying the wife of the husband/wife defendants).
  14. centex

    Last Collection Removed = Score Drop

    Concur that this is likely an age/bucketing combo. You are now in with the masses that have no open collections reporting but who DO have delinquencies in an apparently thin (and now, young) file. Those lates are still VERY current and to have that many does not do the score any favors (although the biggest whack is with the first one).
  15. I don't see anything that is proposed that is worthy of outrage. If someone is stupid enough to pay for something like gap without having done their due diligence, then that is on them. Nobody twists their arm and forced it upon them. At what point is an individual going to actually be held responsible and accountable for their own fiscal missteps? It seems that some, like Howard, want to keep a perpetual nanny state approach. That benefits NOBODY, least of all the very victim class that people like him claim to want to 'protect.'

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