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  1. This at least ALSO confirms that SOME companies (like AXP) actually do a modicum of due diligence before making an acquisition...like a vulture, they took the best part and left the rotting intestines...
  2. This canard needs to die a painful death. I know MANY process servers who seek to ensure a mutually agreeable time to serve papers. A LOT of process is upon people who are not afraid of being in court or, who perhaps aren't fond of court but would rather have service somewhere OTHER than their place of employment (which is where a lot of dodgers WILL get served). It is a cost-mitigation measure, which in some cases is essential since ALL costs of prosecution can be taxed upon the losing party if the case goes to actual verdict.
  3. I still remember a Stats course I took as a GPA fluff in the era where my agency gave points in a promotional consideration for the number of hours...I was very close to the next threshold and I was going to be able to use the class towards my undergrad requirements anyhow. The class was taught by a grad assistant who made clear that we could bring in a page of whatever notes we wanted for the test since, after all, in the real world, computer programs did the heavy lifting and not employees memorizing formulae. After I destroyed his first test, as well as any need for any manner of bonus points, he got even on the second test and put on 20 points of definitions. Who expects definitions (as in dictionary type definitions) on a damned math test? Aside from those 20 points, the rest of the test was a breeze, although there was a 'bonus' that came via an easy curving of the grades. That would also be the last test we had definitions on...seems that the slackers in the class had blown every single one of them in addition to not being able to do relatively simple math even when given an opportunity to bring in a page of whatever notes or formulae you wanted... To this day, though, I still maintain that my first two years at a JC were among the toughest...I actually had blue book final exams in multiple criminal justice classes. I don't remember seeing a blue book for a complete exam in the junior and senior level years...almost everything was multiple guess.
  4. Why WOULDN'T you want to prove it was paid before they acquired it? FFS, they ALSO have a cause of action against VZN if the facts are as you assert in this thread... DO NOT send a generic piece of crap letter. BE SPECIFIC! DO NOT send the original of the receipt...a legible copy along with confirmation that the funds actually got withdrawn from your bank account should suffice.
  5. By taking no action because of an irrational fear, you harm any case you MIGHT have been able to make for damages. You ALSO ignore that Jefferson doesn't know they bought a hog unless you send a well-written dispute to them which includes confirmation of the amount being paid, in full, to VZN prior to the acquisition BY Jefferson (not sure why you keep misspelling their name but it is clearly intentional).
  6. Assuming arguendo that it WAS paid prior to the movement/sale of the claim, there is no showing that Jefferson Capital had knowledge that they purchased or reported an account that was paid in full prior to acquisition. OP seems to concede they have had zero contact with Jefferson. Absent a well-written dispute that places them on such notice, money spent seeking to litigate against Jefferson is money wasted.
  7. If you get a vehicle at a price you are ok with, then it is what it is...this does NOT mean there might not be times where money feels like it was left on the table. It helps to NOT be shopping while in an absolute need of a vehicle. I can make an offer and walk...done it more than once. The two most recent occasions were related to the Spider shopping...one over numbnuts from the glass tower coming over and playing the four-square game despite having been told by my sales person that I would walk if he did that. He did, I walked. The GM reached out and tried to make a deal but my vehicle of choice got sold in a dealer trade before we could make a deal. The other involved a used 124 where I had a specific number in mind and they didn't want to budge on their web price (a few thousand more). I walked. A few weeks later, right before it was slated to go to auction, they agreed to my price...and this was in the midst of the pandemic pricing looniness.
  8. Legal standing for what? Why do you assert the repossession was errant? Were you, in fact, current on the note? What actual damages can you cite? They paid the difference which you should have received some time back, but given interest rates in that period, you weren't going to earn $300 in interest even if you had the money in savings or other deposit vehicle... I've asked a mod to relocate this thread since this should be in one of the credit-specific forums, not general...
  9. Whatever happened to the BK that you were contemplating in that era? And how does being 'stuck overseas' preclude logging in to make a payment on accounts you knew had payments due? Something does not add up there.
  10. Objection. Assumes facts not in evidence. Things we know: OP claims they paid an account to an OC and that a third-party is now reporting. Things we do NOT know: WHEN the $200 was paid relative to the default event, WHEN the third-party began reporting, WHEN the third-party acquired the account relative to the claimed payment, or, for that matter, whether OP even still lives at the same address originally associated with the VZN account. We ALSO do not even know if they are looking at a paper report. There are FAR too many unknowns to recommend ANYONE seek to commence or even threaten litigation. It is NOT wise to encourage people to enter the arena half-cocked.
  11. You [b]sued[/b] them for a trip? This should be quite the story
  12. A P&L statement for the business, yes...but I'm with hege on tax returns in that being a hard NO!
  13. I don't know that their system is geared towards monitoring WHY a transaction was declined. The reality is you didn't go over your limit. Period. Full stop. Can you add funds to the security so that you don't find yourself hamstrung by a useless limit?
  14. Yep...saw it on Saturday. Their pisspoor management of the offer makes it far more likely I won't promo-chase with them in the future.
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