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  1. centex

    Rejecting a modification. 130% LTV

    Sixth foreclosure says it is beyond time to move and find something you can afford. Sounds harsh, but that IS the reality of the situation...
  2. centex

    Last 3 CAs Giving Me Grief

    That you are in Texas and still asking what to do suggests you have not read the Texas master thread. There are unique provisions under the Texas Finance Code that will work in your favor. DO NOT send generic tripe. Specific letters, with a cc to the bond underwriter, will generally accomplish what you are hoping to see occur...
  3. centex

    Prescreened Consumer Offers To Those In Default

    There are PLENTY of issuers that provide new accounts to those who previously walked an account. There is no 'taunting' and no illegality. Your only real recourse is to opt out on all of the bureaus. That will stop the prescreened offers after a period of time. Data currently held will result in offers for a good six to eight months though...
  4. centex

    collection dispute, need advices!

    More information is needed with regard to the roommate...if you did not close the account out, then you have serious issues. If you DID take constructive steps to close out the account and terminate service, then you have a basis upon which to raise claims with the PUC that MAY resolve the credit-related issue. Additionally, if you DID terminate service and roomie continued to have service in your name, then be aware that you may be in a position of having to file a claim for identity theft and pursue criminal charges.
  5. centex

    Did Merrick sell my account?

    The first line of the letter tells you it WAS NOT sold. If they had purchased the account, then it would not matter what Merrick did or did not 'authorize.' They would have been out of the equation with no control over disposition of the account. The language tells you Merrick still owns the account. If this was the first letter from the third-party, then you need to follow through with the standard placeholder dispute to ensure that no further reporting took place from them (it shouldn't unless Merrick zeroes out their own reporting). The letter can either be a standard dispute or an FOAD letter, but you are looking to create a basis upon which claims could be had if other irregularities were to take place...
  6. centex

    credit dispute collections/charged offs

    Specificity is crucial in ANY sort of dispute. However, going through the four major bureaus is RARELY going to get you any manner of relief by itself. You NEED to be disputing in a specific manner with the data furnishers...and by specific, I DO NOT mean that copy and paste list of crap found on the web in too many locations that 'demands' information not required by law. The other thing beyond getting paper copies of reports, however, is to KNOW your State laws related to credit reporting. Some provide the consumer with an array of tools that is better than you get under federal law.
  7. Does not even need to be a repo auction...lots of decent vehicles at storage sales. Just make sure to have a police dog do a walk and sniff before leaving the storage lot... My favorite was the listing that included the 'defect' in the front windshield. That defect was the bullet holes from when they were shot at by police as they attempted to ram the cruisers that had blocked the parking lot entrance...
  8. But they CAN'T be subprime...didn't you see the brand spanking new vehicle in their driveway? It's shiny...just like the turd in their wallet.
  9. centex

    Auto insurance claimoid

    That you were contacted says the other party has already placed them on notice about the incident. Thus your carrier is aware, even if they don't pay a dime when all is said and done. You will ALSO have the entry on your CLUE report. Factor in that the gecko is not noted for being kind to persons with a claims history of ANY type and you should be aware of the reality of either substantial rate hikes or a non-renewal. You WILL be found to be at fault. You were the one that hit the other party. There is no hearing process and the lack of ticket is a non-starter in this equation. You asked about experiences and this is something seen time and again.
  10. centex

    Proposal To Make Student Loan Payments Auto-Garnished

    Translated...we need to allow deadbeats to deadbeat.
  11. Therein lies the rub...very few people really know what to make of a skore or even realize that there are SCORES and then there are skores.
  12. centex

    Auto insurance claimoid

    Next move...find another carrier since, from what I have heard, the gecko will soon be notifying you that they no longer desire to receive funds from your account to be applied towards a policy in your name. Better to do so on your own so that you can drop THEM before they drop YOU.
  13. While there is no question some of the conditions are deplorable, the images of things like that vent make clear that the occupants don't clean worth a damn...vents don't get that bad overnight or even in the span of a few months.
  14. Just keep giving my discounts at the pump...simple request.

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