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  1. Was just looking at EFX and saw that my auto loan that closed in September 2010 apparently fell off a few days ago. I knew the time was coming close and that it was on life support...still shows on the other two reports viewable online, but expect they too will be etching a headstone. Will be interesting to see what the score hit amounts to. Interestingly enough, there are still some accounts where changes in the bank have resulted in 'activity' that keeps some of those long-since closed accounts on the reports more than seventeen years after they ceased to be open. And then there was a store-type card now backed by CrapOne that I tried to dispute off and instead got an update that keeps it in place for another nine-plus years (talk about unintended consequence).
  2. See what I mean...put in the walrus and nobody realizes the change was made.
  3. From Houston... https://www.chron.com/local/article/Houston-entrepreneur-accused-of-spending-1-6M-in-15460818.php
  4. If they use servers that are antiquated like I had with a State agency, it could literally be a field limitation...in other words, eight characters and no more. My old agency STILL has a lot of stuff running on a mainframe they put into place 35 years ago. Y2K was something they wasted A LOT of staff time on, but did very little about in regards to upgrading equipment.
  5. Is there not the place I remind people that they only NEED the certificate if they got ramp-checked? No? My bad
  6. 1) when the asset ceased to be an asset, the bank probably had language in the Agreement authorizing them to call the loan immediately due and payable. 2) nothing has changed in the 16 years of your membership at CB to suggest ANYONE with a brain cell would point you to LexLaw to do ANYTHING unless your goal is to further screw things up. 3) You won't ever get a phone drone to engage in a meaningful conversation- you need to send a tailored letter to someone in an executive office specifically outlining your situation and the willingness to pay in full (to include any late fees that have accumulated while this was pending).
  7. THAT *could* be a trigger...especially if weekly payments are ALSO a new thing for you. Some issuers have viewed such things as a potential indicator of bust-out likelihood.
  8. I looked up Celtic...this is the same braintrust behind the Indigo card and there appears to be a link to Kabbage (https://www.consumerfinancemonitor.com/2019/10/10/small-business-borrowers-bring-lawsuit-alleging-lender-engaged-in-rent-a-charter-scheme-to-make-usurious-loans
  9. Definitely BIZARRE, but is IS Disc. I seem to recall a thread in the kiddie pool about a number of Disc cardholders getting a 4506 notice, including some secured cardholders. That was pre-rona if I remember correctly...
  10. Before contemplating litigation, I would HIGHLY recommend sending written communications that reference both the conversation and 'case number.' This gives you tracked records of the placement on notice. DO NOT send to a generic post office box. Find the address for general counsel...
  11. Side note with Discount...back in the days when they were a GEMB-issued card, it could also be used at Exxon and Mobil stations. Did that benefit carry over with the move to the SUCKrony systems? If so, then that is an extremely easy way to maintain activity on those cards...too late for OP, but something to check for other cardholders wondering how to get activity.
  12. Could have been worse...you could have been one of those fools that bought KODK as it pushed $60 last week. I was pissed that Ameritrade couldn't get enough shares for me to sell short when it was at $37 (and still dropping). Is at $14.xx today.
  13. RE: bolded. YES! They do. As to Discount...they know many people have more than one vehicle AND that Discount keeps sending emails enticing people to buy some crappy wheels. There are also some, like me (although without a Discount card), that go through tires frequently enough that SOMETHING is being replaced at least twice a year. Two of my cars are doing good if I get 12-15K miles out of the back tires...lots of driving combined with an aggressive yet soft compound (and 400 RWHP) will do that. But with five cars...the UPS guy HATES me but the Discount installers LOVE me... As to Mattress Firm...who knows.
  14. Working Capital is something suggestive of this being biz debt, which means the rules are different. If you can pay the OC (PayPal) then do so ASAP! Phone drones rarely know how things function. But contingency paper is rarely reported provided that the issue is taken care of in a timely manner (ie. before it is sold). On the phone bill, if you have access to the online account, then pay it. MOST sites have people going on wild goose chases that have no merit whatsoever and only serve to screw the consumer before things get better. But the person telling one to dispute everything 'just because' doesn't care because it ISN'T THEIR LIFE!

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