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  1. Sometimes you have to do things like we do with clients every day...you draft a free-form document and have the individual sign it, attesting under all applicable penalties for perjury that it is true and correct.
  2. You ask a question that I cannot answer...but I know there are some really nice bomber jackets out there that have hefty price tags before the sales kick in. And...it is not about justifying at those price points...it IS all about the WANT element And yes, I concur about heated seats and steering wheels being da bomb LOL! Got those in the F-Type and even the first level of the three settings is quite toasty to the back and butt.
  3. With the reference to California, State law is apt to be a far better option than federal. Has a fraud affidavit been completed? If not, why not. After all, this appears to be something where she denies ever even being a party to the alleged transaction. This calls for a different approach than someone would use who had simply walked a debt...
  4. Engaging in fraud is rarely an endorsed practice. And to do so in joining a credit union places not only the applicant but ALSO the actual member at risk.
  5. You missed the point- they were GIVEN a residential address. It is the ONE address other than my PO Box that appears on the credit report and that only because I have not changed the address for the ONE card that is attached to the address. The other two residential addresses are nowhere to be found on the four major bureau reports. Nor do any of them appear on my TxDL or FAA documents or IRS documents or Bar documents or...and the list goes on. They even agreed to accept the credit card statement for ID purposes and CLAIMED to have grasped that the TxDL would show the PO Box. But apparently their computer belches when given government-issued identification...
  6. 1) Did she write a check to WallyZ? 2) Were sufficient funds in the account to cover the amount of said check? 3) When was this check purportedly written? 4) In what State was this purported check written/passed? Yes, all four questions ARE relevant.
  7. A telephone conversation does not override the original written Loan Agreement and a phone jockey would lack the ability to unwind the original Agreement. Notations about what a customer will be sending is NOT the same as a formal Superseding Agreement Further, what is written above is that the agreement over the phone was ONLY made AFTER insurance paid what they were going to pay...which was likely two months after the accident. Even good insurance does not always pay out right away. Thus there was a deficiency balance likely in existence before the phone call was made. From what has been offered in this thread, I don't see a valid basis upon which a legitimate dispute would exist and succeed.
  8. Datapoint on Regions...one of the few cards where it was not an equivalent of a penny a point when booking. Did one fare yesterday that took ~31K points on a $400+ fare. Points used were essentially free since they were part of the bonus from the first-90 days spend... Flip side will be that I don't believe everyone is eligible for Regions...I think they are one of the banks where you have to be within their footprint to be eligible for lending products.
  9. Tell him to wait a season and then go to Last Call...will likely find something similar (if not the same) for many multiples of hundreds less. One of my favorite long coats came from there more than 15 years ago. Original price was not far off from the $2K price point mentioned here...but even in mid-December, I got a long leather coat with fox fur (not to be confused with faux fur) for less than $300. 'grats on the Austin selection. If he is not living on campus or within walking distance, look for some of the hidden steals in West Lake Hills or Rollingwood. They don't have those stupid plastic bag bans so you can still take groceries home in useful bags. There is also a small pocket of unincorporated Travis County just off of Bee Caves Road that contributes to the lower prices precisely because it is NOT WLH or Rollingwood (and ALSO not City of Austin). Taxes are cheaper and the independent landlords often pass that on to their tenants. This includes the neighborhood behind that Flagship Randalls location that is used for voting...
  10. If your dispute was through the four major bureaus, then a deletion will get you notice in writing from each of the bureaus that have made a change (you would ALSO get notice if the item stays). If you are seeing a change on a paper report based upon a dispute to the data furnisher, then you may get something and you may not. It is generally unwise to kick a hornet's nest...
  11. Car is fine...just that McConaughey gets on my nerves sometimes, even with the connection to Austin and THE University of Texas.
  12. I don't have anything from Chase that has an annual fee. Mom got the United card since she was doing a lot of flying related to some cruises she was taking, and the free bag was worthwhile. Never mind that she generally flies in first, which moots out a lot of the bag fees, but that was another discussion for a different day LOL! Card will be coming up for renewal. The first year had no fee and she does not believe she is getting $95 in value from the card. Is there any recent history of Chase being willing to waive the fee for a second year by calling and threatening to cancel the card? And, if they are not willing to waive the fee, are there any recent data points of other offerings to induce the cardholder not to cancel the United card? She isn't really worried about loss of age or a hit to utilization. She was north of 800 before she got the card and has expressed more than once that she has no real interest in playing the games. And no, the $95 isn't going to break her if she DID have to pay it to keep the card. I just figured I would hit up the collective wealth of Chase knowledge here
  13. If they would be forthright and say they don't want to do business with people who use a PO Box, that would be fine. All of my other lenders have no problem with it, especially since they ARE capable of using common sense to recognize that there are reasons government agencies allow certain citizens to list a PO Box on all forms of ID and on tax returns, vehicle registration and pilot certifications. Further, they don't say "oh yeah, we can accept it" and then invent some nonsensical reason for NOT accepting it once it has been provided. Anyone who tries to decipher a lot of my structuring ultimately lands back at the PO Box. While I do have ONE residential address that appears on a report, it is structured in a manner that does not have my name directly affixed to it. As such, I cannot simply give them a property tax statement to prove that I am me. And they claim they don't want the D/B/A documents that ultimately distill down to the property registrant information being me. The simple reality is that, after HSBC claiming they would accept the credit card statement with the address I had provided to go along with a copy of the driver's license, they pull this "the computer rejected it" nonsense and ADMIT that no human was involved in the decision. So eff them AND the horse they rode in on...
  14. Vacating a judgment is a VERY different thing than a release from the obligation. Vacating means the judge has signed an Order that essentially makes the judgment a nullity. This requires a basis in law and sometimes requires that there have been a successful basis for appellate action since courts can lose jurisdiction after a fixed amount of time following the original disposition. A release, on the other hand, is simply an entry in the County records that shows the judgment has been satisfied. The Court is not typically involved in that process as the release through satisfaction is driven by the judgment-holder advising the County Clerk (or other appropriate agency) that the parties who owed funds have satisfied the judgment. Satisfaction of a judgment is either done through payment in full OR the holder agreeing to accept a lesser amount while concurrently advising the County Clerk that the matter has been resolved.
  15. Yeah, they did two different soft pulls during the early process, with no hard pull. I got the call from the fraud department for who knows WHAT reason since I don't have the heavy-duty fraud alerts in place any more. They wanted something linked to the physical address I had given them, which is NOT where anything gets sent and will never be attached to a license of any sort. I got them to agree to accept the one credit card I had a statement from at the address before that too had been changed to the PO Box (which is the address of record on everything). I suspect that they don't know what to do with people like me who are permitted by the State and federal governments to link everything to a PO Box instead of a residential address...but they DID claim they would accept the documents I offered to them. Clearly, they are FoS.

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