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  1. I'm still around...staying busy, still haven't gotten back to Vegas yet...bloodwork is in good shape. Still waiting to get the colon reattachment surgery, but some of that is my delay as I try to build time on the books- I get credit for all of my previous years, but I want to make sure I have a full month JUST IN CASE its the worst case scenario. Going off books screws with money for a good six weeks while they sort things out. The neuropathy is still a pain in hands and feet, but low-dose oxy helps with that during the day.
  2. Been snowed under with new employment...back with a government agency but they pay the insurance, which is like putting ~$850/mo back in my pocket. Treatment TEAM overruled the doc's recommendation of no radiation, but I am still wary. Need to also get the colonoscopy and then surgery to reconnect the colon. Neuropathy hit the hands about a month after I rang the bell. Neither gabapentin or Lyrica helped so I am on low dose oxy to help with some of the side effects.
  3. At least they didn't get the sheets we bought...mom and I combined for four sets and, even with the other crapola we bought, we still got out for under $200. The sheets were originally in the $85-100/set range. I've got a few things I may go back for once they get to the 50-70% off range...
  4. No reason for that to have been dragged out for six years. With the claimed income, that should be paid in full inside of three years...
  5. This would be a good thing if it holds up...hidden lines are ALWAYS worth having...
  6. What is sad is how many people miss the reality that even small amounts like $50-100 additional per payment can shorten the time they are underwater.
  7. Recently? No. Unless you deem more than a decade or more to be recent... And, unless you are looking at paper reports, you cannot say positively that reaging has occurred. Date opened is NOT the DOFD! Many people get the two confused and go off half-cocked.
  8. Not the ideal resolution but the most expeditious and, quite possibly cheaper than a co-pay with an idiot for a company that doesn't understand continuity of care...
  9. Its all about creating a victim class. That drives the clicks which is where the sites generate their income, facts be damned.
  10. Infusion 12 of 12 was today. Pump disconnect on Thursday ends the chemo. Insurance company was being PITA about the CT scan my oncologist wants and that they can do in house...AetnaCVS is trying to force me to Kelsey for the imaging. I decided not to go that route and will pay the $450 out of pocket on Tuesday of next week. Screw Kelsey Seybold AND Aetna. After the CT scan, a decision will be made on radiation, which would be daily for two weeks. Fun times I tells ya!
  11. Despite the fact that the OP does not want to discuss the merits of disputing online, there are very few items that merit an online dispute given that online disputes are rarely viewed by a human. Aside from an obsolete account, do your dispute PROPERLY...in writing!!!
  12. I've not looked in a few weeks, but I also only had one statement so far...
  13. If you are in Texas, then use the Texas plan...there is a master thread started by WalterG that incorporated some of my work. I have not looked to see if there are relevant changes to the Finance Code or the Business and Commerce Codes... You HAVE to know the applicable law before sending a letter and ALWAYS remember that, if you land in court, your letters WILL be seen by a judge. They tend to have little tolerance for jack wagon letters. Further, what worked years ago does not mean it works today. The third-party entities caught on to all the nonsense that was being sent to them.
  14. While you got lucky, the reality is that an actual written dispute is the recommended manner, with use of a third-party online system being the worst option for a dispute.
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