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  1. Concur that I wouldn't call it a game, but I have had some non-essential purchases I have placed on hold if I was within a day or two of the statement closing. Knowing when each closes and how long it tends to take to post is one of the things I have tracked.
  2. Something that also needs to be kept in mind is that the non-payment COULD impact the ability to rent again through Hertz (or whoever the rental was through). For some, this is not a big deal. For others, however, this would be a very significant consideration.
  3. If he was too stupid to avoid paying interest, then AXP knows they have an ongoing source of revenue. Hence no incentive to give much of a reduction.
  4. For there to have been an alert, it would appear that you had allowed a balance to report. Easiest way to resolve this issue in the future is to not permit a balance to report. Being close to (or over) the limit is never good for scoring. And, if it was simply that a statement cut and the high balance during the cycle was over the limit but the statement balance itself did not report in an overlimit situation, then this is a nothing-burger. But maxed out cards can EASILY cost you the 30 points discussed...
  5. The BEST way to try and preclude reporting is a very thorough and specific letter disputing the matter. Generic cut-and-paste tripe tends to ensure the matter reports. Specificity may not ALWAYS carry the day but it more often than not WILL accomplish the end goal...
  6. Look, ultimately it will be what the Court says it is. However, I ALWAYS question why in the hell a legitimate victim of identity theft does not take the time to ensure a police report is filed as that is the best way to ensure a potential prosecution event might take place. You may simply have a case that is destined to see a jury. It happens. Nothing obligates a Defendant/Respondent to agree to settle a case outside of a trial by judge or jury. And not every case rests on an issue that has previously been the subject of settled case law.
  7. Except that, if you actually take the time to read the Exhibit, you would have seen it reads NOTHING like a phishing email...it actually contains more than enough information to allow someone to easily identify the card that they walked and the amount that they walked...Tomas simply wants to be a deadbeat.
  8. Going to go out on a limb and opine that the same sort of idiots that took out payday loans and then decried their status as illegal will be buying pot and then defaulting, with the assertion being that marijuana remains illegal under federal law and thus they have no continuing obligation to the financier.
  9. I'm not sure what part of the AR process you don't grasp. VERY FEW medical professionals keep billings in-house after the appointment has occurred and the submission to insurance took place. After that, it gets farmed out. The fact that this is common-place does NOT mean the patient who owes a medical bill is dealing with a third-party in the same vein as the ones that collect from defaulted debt. I believe in efficient handling and resolution of matters, especially when it comes to the practitioner that I will still have to have an ongoing relationship with for future medical needs. I cannot fathom engaging in intentional delays in resolving the matter. But then again, I don't try and avoid paying what I owe to a medical professional and I understand billing practices in the current era necessarily involve farming the receivables out for collection of said amount...
  10. No, what you were told is that they have accelerated the amounts due. Should you choose not to comply, you will soon find yourself without a vehicle AND very likely embroiled in litigation regarding the remainder of the amounts that have been accelerated. You should promptly pursue a refinance through a different institution that addresses the entirety of the amounts remaining on the vehicle and card(s).
  11. After you went to your file cabinet and pulled out the loan agreements on ALL accounts you have with them, how does it sound NOW? This will all very likely have been spelled out in the contracts that you agreed to by signature or electronic signature. CU's represent their membership base. When one walks a financial responsibility to the CU, they are directly harming other members. It isn't some nameless, faceless building. There are very distinct reasons that CU's historically represented small demographics and had the ability to make loans based upon character.
  12. Going out on a limb here, but really SUX and should STORF this frivolous action... Further, if the 'unsophisticated consumer' understands about debt including interest and fees, then they would ALSO know to ASK about such things in the effort to resolve the matter. Sounds more like Tom the Numnut just doesn't want to pay the amount he walked...
  13. Sat through one for what is now the Elara (was the PH Westgate) in Vegas some years back solely to get the $200-300 in match play chips being offered. They kept trying to go down the track of "so how often do you come to Las Vegas?" After I said several times a year, they tried to point out how much that must be costing me. The notion of multiple comped nights (which were plentiful in that pre-2008 era even for poker players) just baffled them...
  14. My flights go on the Plat for the 5x points. I admittedly put the past two weeks at an MGM property on the MLife card for the sake of triple points which I needed to keep my MGM status for another year. Even my overpriced bottles of soda went on the MLife card since, hey, 15 points is fifteen points LOL! WSOP entry fees went on a different card to hit certain spend bonuses...and I really did not want to risk tripping the AXP fraud algorithms even though they were only a couple of $1500 events. What was interesting was that, even though the Goliath and WSOP were both Caesars properties on FasTrak, the properties did not communicate with each other on card registrations and they also appeared differently on the respective credit card sites (PHo Goliath showed as Bravo Poker while WSOP just showed as a purchase at The Rio). Aside from bonus-specific spending, however, almost everything for me goes on AXP of some flavor.
  15. This is why one should ALWAYS review their STATE laws to see what may be applicable. Better yet is having STATE laws with teeth and skipping the federal questions since it helps in keeping the matter from being successfully removed to federal court...

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