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  1. You will need to find a specialty lender. Traditional banks tend to be...traditional. And when it comes to underwriting, things changed after the '08 meltdown when the liar loans, err Stated Income, State Asset underwriters were exposed.
  2. I'm just glad none of my banks qualify for such lists. I abhor the mega-banks and even the super-regionals for my daily banking. Get more than a few branches and I am ready to look elsewhere. I actually enjoy getting to KNOW the staff...
  3. I suspect several around here COULD have some fun with it, but SOMEONE would get offended and then we ALL get in trouble...it's all fun and games until the cops show up.
  4. Concur with CV...I guarantee you I could find something in the Houston area that filled the 'modest 1BR' requirement for less than $1500 a month. Probably even less than a grand if I lower the standards about how much crime I will tolerate...a quick review of apartments dot com even shows some for under $500 a month if you include a studio apartment. And if I just needed a roof over my head, a studio would fit the bill if I HAVE to be cost conscious.
  5. Definitely not off about premium...I looked at a few things using the Las Vegas address I will be at in a few weeks, and I KNOW I can get them for less in a convenience store. Even less if I went to a real grocery store...
  6. If your water heater is gas, and it is unwrapped, I would HIGHLY recommend making sure you have some sort of an insulated wrap for it. They CAN be a tremendous source of use if not fully protected. Other caveats apply like checking thermostats and pilot lights. But yeah...I expect a LOT of people getting sticker shock this winter...some easily avoided, some not so much...
  7. So THAT is what Steve Buscemi has been up to...
  8. They definitely saw him coming... Had an option of a lower rate but declined it due to a shorter term? No idea about his own DTI? I have no idea about current valuations of a Grand Cherokee that is soon to be out of warranty, but stretching it out for seven years is just stupid. As Bugs would have uttered..."What a maroon."
  9. The cult members don't tend to think big picture...
  10. I guess he advertises that he will get you a chunk... Now whether that means money, jury is still out...
  11. I didn't say they were better to 'covet.' For my purposes, Delta is NOT an option I consider viable. Of course, just about anything out of the IAH A-gates isn't what I deem viable, which includes Delta, Spirit and American. Sadly, United has a stranglehold on IAH. And getting a nonstop out of AUS is almost an impossibility...there is a layover in Dallas or Houston on almost all of them. But DL is even worse since so many of the routes had a lay-over in SLC or ATL. That would be great if I were trying to bank miles, but when I fly, I just want to get to my destination. United rolled out the Polaris cabins and has included them in some of the flights to and from LAS, but they pared the schedule so much that I hate United for the flights out there. Pre-pandemic, I loved that red-eye which left the D-gates around 1A and got into IAH around 530-6A, but when United made it almost impossible to get anything out later than 5P, United lost a lot of its functionality for me. Miles in general are only of use if you are going to have enough travel ON the metal to make redemption a viable option. Airline suckitude has only gotten worse through the pandemic...
  12. The problem with SkyPesos is then you are stuck flying Delta and their less than stellar product. I get that some people are sort of stuck with them due to being in a hub sort of like Houston is with United (which destroyed what used to be a good Continental product) or Dallas with the Southwest (Love Field) and American (D/FW) having a near monopoly. But Delta is NOT an airline I would willingly choose to fly...making the SkyPeso even more useless.
  13. The sort of letter that comes in after SOL expiry needs to be kept, BUT it also warrants a placeholder FOAD that places the issue into material dispute. It is the DISPUTE that gets one paid later if litigation becomes necessary precisely because it helps to illustrate that they sold a disputed account.
  14. I would STILL like to know WHICH model of Fair Isaac scoring this ~60 point drop took place upon...without going back through everything, I am pretty sure multiple posts made the general inquiry along with the guidance to disregard ANYTHING from CarmaKredit or other sites that offer useless skores... Sadly, I doubt we will ever get that answer, which ALSO makes it impossible to give guidance that those actually seeking such guidance (as opposed to believing everyone is out to get them) will appreciate.
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