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  1. Gotta go with a hard NO on that...it falsely presumes that EVERY mortgage out there is keyed to a bank that got a bailout of some sort.
  2. The child support issue is an apples to oranges comparison. One is a court-ordered payment stemming from a relationship between two parties. The other is associated with helicoptering of money through legislation that was designed to address those who don't HAVE an income at present due to the over-reactions. Beyond that, I am obligated to bite my tongue lest it veer too far into political weeds...
  3. Looks more like FB or some other site, but I am curious what comments were received...if it had actually been on Twitter, I would like a link so I can go have fun with it
  4. "Coastal Credit acquires and services subprime automobile loans. Those accounts will be serviced by Los Angeles-based Westlake Portfolio Management LLC starting Thursday, the company said on its web site." Those consumers are going from the frying pan into the fire...as I recall, Westlake is one of the ones so horrific that Marv wanted nothing to do with them.
  5. Have you looked at options contracts? I've mentioned in a few places that I have been using the dips to snag call contracts for as far out as I can get them (many have been January 2022). You don't derive the benefit of the dividends in the interim, but if you have a price point in mind, then key in a low-ball bid on the contract...I've all but stolen some contracts because of the automated processes. I've even found some money in selling contracts...amazing how many are willing to pony up on XOM contracts even with a strike price north of $70. If the roughly hundred contracts I have out there, I anticipate I might lose half of them (5K shares overall). But...a year down the road, I could wind up covering up some of those prospective sales through adding some call contracts that would essentially replace what got sold at the strike prices...
  6. Sadly, it does not appear that you actually read and re-read the master thread on the Texas plan. You asked for items that they are not obligated to provide, even in Texas. You did not invoke the Business and Commerce Code provisions (which is where treble damages come into play) and it does not appear that you requested a modification of the reporting. Texas has OUTSTANDING consumer protection laws, but they HAVE to be properly utilized. You cannot take generic tripe that some sites put forth for federal claims and throw it against a wall with an extra paragraph related to Texas law. In using the Texas plan, you should ALREADY have known who the underwriter was on a bond AND you should have cc'ed the underwriter of the bond. The problem you NOW have is that you basically shot your wad and have essentially forfeited the opportunity to have properly used Texas law to your advantage. Further, nowhere in what you claim to have sent does it appear that you actually DISPUTED the underlying claim...
  7. A single transaction to Stars or WSOP would not have likely raised an alarm...multiple transfers DO raise those red flags, as well as raising the responsible gaming flags. As soft as that regional pool is, there is no reason to EVER have to reload! Same would hold true on a pattern of transfers to MGM or Xpressbets...
  8. The important thing to remember is that, just like in 2008, limits that are whacked will eventually be restored for those consumers who have a profile that continues to support higher limits. So far, with AXP, the only thing I have seen reduced has been what they were willing to lend on their personal loans. I look at that periodically just to see what they were doing with APR's as the fed continued the march to zero...but 5.98% isn't worth paying and that was as low as I have seen them going on those loan offerings. I do have charges that I have processing through the two credit products on a recurring basis. Most of the activity remains on the Plat, although admittedly, that is substantially lessened this month with the reduced, ok non-existent, travel.
  9. Most entities do send out a notice. Some do not. The notice will typically go out to the address THEY have from the OC, so if you have moved since the time of the account default, notice likely went to the former address. The key from here is to have done a WELL-WRITTEN and THOROUGH and SPECIFIC dispute IN WRITING! Generic tripe will NOT carry the day. If you have State laws that have teeth, use those to your advantage as well (such as what we have here in Texas). They have all seen the generic crapola. When something is specific and detailed, it greatly increases the likelihood of at least a temporary removal...but often gets the permanent removal. More critically, however, is that it lays the groundwork for a check if they elect to move it to another party without resolving the dispute because, at that juncture, they have sold a matter they KNEW to have a material dispute and did so without disclosing to the new purchaser...
  10. The date opened reflects ONLY when an entity opened the trade line within their office. The thing to look at ON PAPER REPORTS from the four major bureaus is what date gets shown for the date of first major delinquency. Plans of attack are very much an individual thing...even where the OC and the third-party are the same, the defaulted creditor's circumstances will be different from case to case.
  11. I've been surprised we have had no calls yet from people wanting us to keep working for no money...we did have one newish client who almost backed out and then decided that they would put the fee on the credit card and deal with the bank if the bottom fell out for them. I do have concerns about release practices in the coming weeks...there is a valid argument to be made that the public is better served by NOT releasing people who 1) have a huge potential of relapse, 2) are not apt to be employable when layoffs and furloughs are going on all over the place, 3) oilfield work ceases to exist at the current price points, and 4) who are not apt to be eligible for the stimulus checks. Everything combines to create a very real potential of an increase in criminality.
  12. Occam nailed it already. The reason you want to limit the number of cards with a balance is not just to see pretty reports with all zeroes but rather because utilization looks at more than just how much of the available credit is in use. It ALSO looks at the ratio of cards with a balance to the overall number of cards. Getting the number of cards with a balance cut down will have the potential to increase scores substantially...provided, of course, that the cards are reporting to begin with (some biz cards do not report and can occasionally be a good place to stash balances provided the APR is not horrific).
  13. The ONLY score that will likely matter is the Auto-Enhanced model. There can be HUGE differences between the Bankcard-Enhanced scores offered for free by a number of lenders and what the FICO AE models will come in at.,, Beyond that, absolutely concur with the guidance of CT as they channel Marv about letting the F&I guy work their magic if the situation is THAT horrific.
  14. On the one hand, this tends to suggest that they are still GETTING PAID through all of this. As such, they are NOT people in need of free money. To me, there would be a MUCH LARGER concern if there were intentions of cutting the staff... Given the comment about I am left wondering if this is AMD or Samsung. It does not sound like something Dell would do given Michael's local donations through the course of any given year... National Instruments is ALSO a large entity headquartered in Austin and Whole Foods got their start in Austin before exploding all over the place and becoming known as Whole Paycheck. When one looks at the largest employers in Travis County, there are some other suspects, but my guess is that it will be one of those four entities...

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