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  1. OR...they will say "oh, I think I've got the same card"
  2. What sort of notice did you give creditors when she passed? Having been the executrix on my grandmother's estate, such as it was, I have found that a copy of a death certificate along with a well-written letter (ie. not generic copy and paste tripe) usually makes the matter go away, especially after more than five months have elapsed.
  3. Surprised to hear they didn't keep the Shell flag...an XOM station near mom's house flipped from TimeWise to Circle K but is still an Exxon pump.
  4. And of course they claim it has NOTHING to do with the Silicon Valley Bank collapse...it was JUST a coincidence...
  5. A mom and pop outfit might just empower their employees to take steps to deter such actions...
  6. Sorry to hear that Marv...that being said, I have seen some who actually came OUT of hospice- friend in Dallas has seen her dad in hospice twice in the past year. So there could be a modicum of hope yet...
  7. That $5 per box is a killer...at least for those like me who want a case to stick in the freezer. The one that came to my door this year had momma in tow with the card reader...wish I had known they were coding as grocery. I would have used the Blue Cash...
  8. Generally, at least in my State, the lender does not notify the insurance carrier that the loan has been paid and that no lien exists. My insurance carrier took my word for it when I called on the F-Type and said I had title in hand. My premium also went down by some nominal amount.
  9. Had the deductible been satisfied at the time of the billing? I'm currently dealing with the small stuff from the pre-chemo session blood work where I see bills for between $80-$100 every two weeks. Deductible hasn't been satisfied yet plus the plan I have turns out to be a real PITA...
  10. Round five next week...plus an addition that is supposed to help with the white blood cell count. They wanted to add it at the time of the pump disconnect last week but I had not had a chance to discuss the medication with the oncologist or know if I was being set up for a lifetime of injections. I also wanted to check the pharma company for the fiscal assistance so many offer...after doing so, they will supposedly cover up to $10K per year. My out of pocket was going to have been ~$3K since deductibles are far from having been satisfied...
  11. Just saw this one...it isn't one of their 'special' cards...this began life as the old bowling card (USBC). The other one started life with another bank (whoever held the ESPN card). The one that was increased was the one I put my toll tag renewal on, so less than $100 every quarter... I have a small handful all north of $20K in addition to a small colony of Amices...one of the BofA cards has had about $10K that posted from the recent medical fandango. Its at zero percent, so I wasn't worried about moving funds around to zero it out before the statement cut.
  12. I just saw this and realized it has been a year and a few days since CV last graced us with an appearance... That said, the bump reminds me that I need to pop over to the Saks site.
  13. Much depends on where the service was...I'm one of those weirdos that likes to round to an even dollar amount (or a fifty cent mark). Not concerned about whether they get upset at the end of the shift for dealing with some oddball amount...I like keeping my statements neat One thing I tend to exclude is things like wine by the bottle...they aren't getting an extra twenty or more just for uncorking a bottle and pouring the glass or two at the table.
  14. What is on the PAPER report though? Loans can continue to report the status monthly...delinquent last month is delinquent this month and next month unless you bring them current. Have you pursued a rehab program? If not, why not. When you say 10-14 years age, do you mean delinquent that amount of time or that is the age of the loans themselves? Yes, it matters.
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