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  1. What sort of loan is being discussed? It does not sound like you have a mortgage. On credit cards, don't expect a lot of movement, especially if you want the cards to remain intact. Expect that the moment you discuss financial problems will be the same moment the cards are closed as the institution goes to reduce their risk going forward. Banks are not noted for doing the same sort of forbearance that one might find with a student loan (which WOULD actually permit a suspension of payments but not interest accrual such as you are seeking, provided there had not previously been a forbearance). Depending on the rest of the credit report and the specific amounts at issue, you MIGHT be able to find some sort of a 0% balance transfer offer to help with SOME of the outstanding amounts, but that won't make the debt go away. At the risk of stating the obvious, once gainfully employed, you ALSO need to work on getting more of an emergency fund. $6K simply is not enough even if one was only 25 years of age.
  2. centex

    NEW CARD!!!!! (BOA KLM-Air France WE MC)

    Of course, that ALSO still means you are on Delta...I'd suck it up to fly SWA before willingly getting on Delta in ANY class of service...
  3. centex

    Question About Student Loan Negative Item

    Without rehabbing, the delinquent data stays for as long as the original lender wants to report, or until the statutes expire, whichever event occurs first. The sale/refinance of the note does not mean the original lender has to stop reporting. When one co-signs a student, they get none of the benefit and ALL of the blowback when the irresponsible party shows their irresponsibility. There is a reason the borrower could not get the loan on their own... Goodwill rarely works on a student loan. But that is about the only option that might exist here outside of waiting for the info to age off.
  4. centex

    The Heaviest Credit Cards

    On the bright side...the heavier cards will work great for not only cutting your line of coke, but now work well at gauging whether you got your ounce of meth LOL...still a gram difference, but close enough for the eyeball test.
  5. Requiring same-day boarding pass should be enough to kill their annual membership purchases. Part of the reason some may be willing to purchase is precisely to get away from the Kettles even if on a different airline. The other clubs are apt to fall in line. This is unfortunately going to shuffle more people towards Centurion and the other independents...
  6. centex

    Dispute oldest account with late payments?

    Why do you allege it is 'too old?' After all, a delinquency in 2012 can legally report for an additional year...actually a few months beyond that, but it CAN still report into the end of next year... Without knowing what else is on the report, a couple of 90-day reports from six-plus years ago is a nothing burger in terms of score impact. There are plenty of people with an isolated late of that vintage who are STILL over 750. Better approach is to deal with the bank directly vis-a-vis the goodwill avenue. Hopefully you finally made things right with the institution and they would be willing to work with you. Remember also that you very likely have negative reporting from them on a Chex report that you will need to address as well... Any actions need to be in writing...do not do the online tick-box disputes.
  7. centex

    I debt validated a collection, they responded?

    They don't have to send anything with the full SSN, and in fact, in some jurisdictions, there may be a requirement to redact part of the SSN. If they are reporting Amount A but the documents only support Amount B, then they have not met their burden. However, unless you are an attorney, the entity has no obligation to YOU. Without knowing what was sent, we cannot opine further on whether they sufficiently complied with the request or State law for the jurisdiction in question. Too many people send copy and paste letters that are utterly useless, which results in the materials/response ALSO being utterly useless.
  8. centex

    Interest Rates on CC how it works?

    Be aware that there are ALSO some crappy crap crap cards out there in sub-prime land that begin charging interest on ANY purchase on the day the transaction posts. For the decent account that you are paying in full monthly, however, you won't pay interest on the purchases. If you start the cycle with a balance of zero and charge a few thousand, you won't be paying interest on that $2K unless it lives beyond the next cycle. In other words, typically, start this cycle at $0, charge $2K and cycle closes with a balance of $2K, there is no interest provided you have paid that full amount before the close of the next cycle. However, depending on what other cards you have, allowing that $2K to report could be costing you points. Rare is the instance that a debit card will be a better option than a credit or charge card, not only from a rewards standpoint but also from the protections afforded by charge/credit products that DON'T exist with a debit card.
  9. centex

    Vance & Huffman (CA) - Any Info?

    It is not at all uncommon for a purchaser to place the paper with another office for collection. That sounds to be exactly what has occurred here.
  10. centex

    Is Cerulean Card THAT bad?

    Avoid those high-fee, low-limit cards like the plague. They are TOXIC. Both to you and your credit health... You may need to look at a couple of secured cards, but the good ones are such that they have little to no fee, graduate to real limits and allow you to add to the security while they are still in the secured stage (effectively growing your limit even in that stage of repair).
  11. centex

    Credit Card Offer

    They only have a couple of offerings available nationwide. Most require that you live within their banking footprint. But as noted, legitimate bank...but as I also recall, tighter underwriting (sort of like the low interest APR bank in Arkansas).
  12. The BK filing places all things financial into limbo...obviously Citi knows this and does not want to assume the risk that goes with uncertainty. If they knew it would stay as initially filed, they likely would have little issue with the offer applying to Sears purchases. However, there is no guarantee that the BK does not flip to nothing short of liquidation...
  13. centex

    Collection Agency Fee

    There is, with MOST agencies, language that would appear in the delinquency notice that would have been mailed to the address associated with the registration of the vehicle. However, notice would be considered by the Courts to have existed in the statute or ordinance that authorized the contracting for collection of such matters. The last time I had a parking ticket was roughly fifteen years ago and I actually had to wait a day to pay it so they could get it into the computer. I don't even remember what language might have been on the ticket itself...I was coming out right as they were writing it so that I could move my vehicle (one of those zones that went to 'no parking' right at 7PM...was not going to argue with them since I had already had a few adult beverages- MUCH asier to pay the ten bucks than to deal with a PI (or worse) LOL! There really is no reason for tickets to go delinquent. And it DEFINITELY is not worth the risk of a job over such a nominal amount. Take the extra thirteen points you will get when you pay it by phone with a credit card and move on...
  14. centex

    Collection Agency Fee

    The ability to add a fee on a parking ticket will be driven by the legislation or ordinance that outsourced the collection efforts. It isn't consumer debt. Most municipal debt has fees/surcharges that come into play.
  15. centex

    one day late on cc payment?

    Fees being charged for not paying on time are entirely different from what can be reported to a bureau. Further, MOST banks WILL waive the fee if the customer has otherwise been a GOOD customer and does not have a history of failing to abide by contractual obligations. But it is all a moot point given that the thread which you had bumped last week had no activity in MORE THAT A DECADE (with the OP not having been around in almost NINE years). Maybe they condone this where you came from (guessing MF), but it is generally frowned upon here...

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