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  1. If you have the funds to deal with paying the rehab, I would highly encourage skipping the forbearance. Sooner you get the six or however many payments, the sooner it is 'rehabbed' and the negative reporting gets removed. Eye on the prize...
  2. I was pleasantly surprised with the market today...even a few absolute flyers in oil may yield dividends in a few weeks. I've also learned to put in some unrealistically low prices for the Good Til Cancel orders...some of them hit when people don't pay attention to their sell order and instead allow it to go to the low bid LOL! I picked up roughly 100 CZR contracts yesterday for forty cents and less that allow me to purchase under ten bucks in January 2022.
  3. The terms of a lease where there are multiple tenants generally permit them to go after each named person, irrespective of who may actually have 'caused' damage. If you mean 'other tenants' as being a completely different unit, then that changes the landscape somewhat. However, there was nothing improper about them flipping the paper after a month... Don't be afraid of your telephone and work on your negotiation skills.
  4. With respect to the defaulted student loan, I would HIGHLY recommend getting with the Ombudsman to put it into rehab...this allows you to pay it down and see a removal of the negatives in something like six months. The loan can then be consolidated elsewhere if a better rate existed. No idea who Net Credit is, so my first guess is this was business related...if that is the case, standard suggestions may be irrelevant since FDCPA protections generally won't exist. The BBVA chargeoff is one that you should address while it is still relatively fresh. I could see them getting twitchy with the litigation trigger, which then sticks you with another $5K or so in court costs that get tacked on to the balance.
  5. Looks like several do not...https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/One-fifth-of-securitized-hotel-mortgages-were-15319602.php
  6. It USED to be that they validated and THEN published. The current generation has abandoned sound practice. Medical professionals HAVE to be able to rely upon publications related to studies. The Lancet just managed to make themselves irrelevant. And the 'scientists' who signed off on that crap prior to publishing have successfully tarnished their career all in the name of satisfying a non-science narrative.
  7. I disagree at first blush with the claim of needing to sue EQ. They are not the ones who supplied the erroneous information. Have you reviewed to see if you have any State laws with teeth? If so, sticking with State statutes can preclude a removal to federal...they could try, but it should get bounced back pretty quick.
  8. under-rated movie...all three endings were great.
  9. We opened up over a month ago. As of yesterday afternoon, we had 1,734 deaths. Contrast that with 884 one month prior. On May 4th, we had 32,332 cases from 407,398 tests. Yesterday, we were up to 68,271 out of 1,150,868 tests. And that number, as near as I can tell, incorporates the nearly 75K tests of inmates within TDCJ. People afraid of their shadow were fear-mongering about daily case totals without paying attention to the decrease in rate. Florida ALSO has not had issues. A common denominator is that both States had governors that didn't mandate nursing homes to admit sick people. Cuomo's decision killed more OLD people than have died in Texas and Florida...combined. And let me ALSO tell you that very few were masking up despite Dora the Explorer's 'mandate.' She STILL wants people staying home even as we move to 50% occupancy in restaurants (75% very soon).
  10. meh. Cutting off A/C is not a removal of utility. Few jurisdictions have a requirement for the provision of a comfort. Cable or satellite should also go out...it happens. And if they aren't bothering to pay the bills, it is probably going to be a good bet that many things in that room will be in need of permanent tossing and replacing. I know that MOST guests won't want to be flocking to a hotel that is occupied with a bunch of squatters...
  11. Peculiar...now I will look at it on a daily basis to see when mine flips to EXP. Getting tired of bouncing in the 810 to 820 range with the same lame excuses. Not that I expect much change flipping to EXP...but the scenery would be different for a day or two LOL!
  12. Was actually a few days ago, but Alliant sent an offer of 2500 points for a $500 spend between June 1 and June 30. Twenty five bucks is twenty five bucks...
  13. Do they have two different credit 'score' offerings for customers? My Chase page calls it Credit Journey...still using TU to power the FAKO.
  14. FICO 8 is not the score you need to be looking at. What is the auto-enhanced score? An automobile lender does not care about the bankcard score. Ditto the mortgage underwriters. There are something like 30+ flavors of FICO modeling out there right now, and even THOSE are tweaked by furnishers in the consideration of applicants for THEIR product. As to the mortgage being impacted, you really would do well to discuss this with your likely underwriter. The age will take a hit, which depresses score, as will the inquiry for the lender that handles the refinance. Also, you will owe a greater percentage of the note than presently exists. You ALSO need to ensure that your effort to modify DTI does not concurrently place you further underwater. Unless the length of loan remains the same (meaning if you have four years remaining, the new loan is no more than four years), you actually harm yourself financially in many of these scenarios...
  15. If this was true, then it seems that EIDL may be the government's case study for their stated desire to move towards something other than Fair Isaac for the government-backed mortgages...a move that will backfire on them given how badly Vantage sKores are at actually scoring real risk elements.

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