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  1. That is very much a regional thing...here in Texas, I have never waited more than an hour and most of the time, I have a truck on site inside of twenty minutes. They have also been good about following instructions when I have indicated a flatbed was necessary... As much driving as I do, the AAA Plus/RV is absolutely worth the extra few dollars over the regular AAA coverage. I've now had the AAA coverage for more than 30 years. Many years, I have no need to call them but it is worth the ~$80 for peace of mind.
  2. There are assets, minimal as they may be. There should STILL have been actions taken consistent with the Estates Code.
  3. How much is lurking out there in credit-report-land as charged off debt? That would ALSO be factoring into the equations... But that chart by itself clearly makes no sense given the assertion that a five dollar balance on credit limits of $5,550 has an available amount of only $3,295. In other words, your shiny bauble was designed to be shiny so as to distract you from its uselessness...
  4. It starts with the not wanting to work thing LOL! After all, look at how the new presumptions seem to be that kids are going to live on mommy and daddy's fiscal teat into the late 20's. They don't WANT to enter the real world. It gets in the way of being some sort of a social media influencer or similar silly crap.
  5. Who was the executor of the estate? Even if there is 'not much of an estate,' there still should have been someone serving in the capacity of executor or executrix. Did letters testamentary issue? Were notices placed in a publication of the passing and providing contact information for the executor/executrix? Were billings sent in a reasonable manner to the attention OF the executor/executrix? Generally speaking, three to six months is the reasonable window of time in which claims will be entertained. After that, the parties that show up late often get told to pound sand, although the Estates Code speaks to a two-year window for preparing the reports closing the estate. You were correctly advised that a POA does not survive the deceased. I actually had a client some years ago that had continued to act in business interests using a POA following the death of a partner. Even though the business transaction was profitable, it was an illegal act, specifically misapplication of fiduciary property, and she went to prison. Compounding the situation was that she should have known better due to the professional licensures held by the client... As pertains to the current efforts being made to collect, have letters been sent that advise them of the death? If not, why not. Many of these matters, when they arise after this much time, often go away when a well-written letter is sent along with a copy of the death certificate. This is why it is often advisable to get 25-30 copies of a death certificate in the beginning. Better to have them and not need them than it is to have to try and get them a few years down the road...I've had to deal with this for both dad and for a grandparent.
  6. I cannot speak to your jurisdiction since I do not practice there. I know that, here in Texas, notice is sent out to the address of record just as would occur on any other motion or pleading that was filed for the Court's consideration. The respondent then is provided notice of a hearing date and afforded an opportunity to respond. Default judgments occur on a regular basis in these proceedings because many will keep their heads in the sand, just as they had done at the original proceeding. If you have concerns about whether your address is correct in the records, then you can also review the docket history. If your jurisdiction has the records maintained online, you might ALSO have an option to basically register for any updates to the file. Such registration is not something that is sent to the Plaintiff and there are many cases that are tracked by persons who are not a party to a particular case.
  7. I particularly liked this statement from the new Director: I loosely translate that as the agency adopting a very cogent position that consumers need to stand on their own two feet and assume a measure of responsibility. This is a good thing.
  8. Or...you wait and see whether they file to renew the judgment. If they don't and the time lapses, then you don't wind up with the taint of a BK on your record. If they DO file for a hearing to renew, then you have the upper hand vis-a-vis the threat of filing BK.
  9. BofA had MANY products then just as they do now. Occasionally, different products have different terms. This is PRECISELY why the first thing someone should do when they receive their shiny new card is to open up a file folder and place important papers from the account (like an Agreement) into the folder. The folder then gets updated with each successive change to terms, which typically enter into play only with ongoing use of a card after the change has been provided to the customer. The CFPB database is as good a place to start as any since it would appear that you did like most people seem to do and disregarded important documents in favor of going out to use the card...
  10. $10K on multiple judgments, that have been around collecting interest for the past decade for both principle and fees is certainly something that you need to reasonably expect to see a renewal. You can do the math once you determine the post-judgment rate applicable to the Court's judgment. Ditto on the fees. However, on a civil default, it is not uncommon to see fees of between $3-5K awarded to opposing counsel and for post-judgment interest to accumulate at a rate of eight to ten percent per annum. You may reasonably presume that the amounts owing are well over double what existed a decade ago and could even be approaching triple the original amount once you include the fees.
  11. my god, he shows his stupidity with each passing assertion that credit cards are debt and that one cannot make money through the efficient use of credit... He does not acknowledge the point, but he is essentially correct in telling his sheep that it won't matter whether the card is closed first given that they are being instructed that credit is evil and thus credit scores don't matter.
  12. You follow the guidance of the broker with whom you are working.
  13. Another media outlet that does not grasp the difference in card types... From the article, we get the relevant info that this occurred "after his debit card was cancelled" although there are co-mingled references to both credit and debit card. Found this other bit mildly humorous...
  14. centex


    While my stance on the payment method is well known, I also believe that the Western World pretty much dropped JCP some time ago. So...all in all...this seems to be a WIN-WIN.
  15. Is this a matter that actually went delinquent or is it an amount that is simply farmed consistent with what MANY professional offices are now doing. MOST doctors have farmed out their receivables for management. This means that someone with a minuscule amount like is discussed here and that did not pay at the time of the appointment will see the very first billing come from a third-party. When was the first billing invoice received and why was it let go for such a long period of time? A week without $tarbux would have covered most, if not all of this amount...

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