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  1. Yeah, Barclays is almost always a hard pull for any CLI and TU seems to be their bureau of choice.
  2. Incorrect. They offered the job to the circus chimps. Chimps turned it down. Seems that poo-flinging paid better...
  3. I worked with someone in the 80s's who lived in the BOQ of a prison facility for the first few months of the job (free housing for employees but very low-end college dorm'ish)...State checks came once a month. He literally survived using a Mobil card through the little store at the entrance to the facility. He wasn't eating well even by mid-80's standards, but it got him through he month until the first check arrived. And yes, gas card limits could often suck in that era, even worse than now...
  4. Something else to consider is that multiple disputes of the same item often cement the item until a statutory obligation to remove actually exists. Calling them idiots or stupid or other derogatory terms WILL be noted in some fashion and all but guarantees that no discretionary relief will exist.
  5. With that group of generally subprime turds of a bank, I would not get hopes up on relief. Spend some time researching executives for each of them before sending ANYTHING out though. DO NOT use a generic address found on your statement for correspondence...
  6. A delinquent account may report for seven years from the charge-off event, NOT the date of initial delinquency. In other words, seven years and six months from the initial 30 that preceded the charge-off event.
  7. It is almost as if the Summer of Junami days are here again
  8. Did they ever send a 1099-C? I know some who have used that as a point of leverage to at least get the bureaus to show a zero balance. If you cannot get it removed, at least a zero balance helps with the utilization component of a score calculation...
  9. I think you should contact one of the outfits like ProPooplica and get them to do an article on your lender who takes almost sixty percent of your monthly payment for interest. The details don't matter...not relevant...they will help to focus on the outrage over such a situation.
  10. Unless there is an annual fee, you have nothing to lose by keeping it open. Just don't revolve a balance on it and don't reward them with use. Using the card, even by paying in full, is no different than people who keep going back to their abusers. You would be better off seeking a limit increase to at least look better while you pursue your other options.
  11. United apparently has some real idiots in their staff as well as ticket-purchasers. Not once, but TWICE, they did the standard pre-flight spiel which includes the 'in event of emergency...oxygen...blah blah blah' nonsense. Only NOW, they actually have to come back with a reminder to take OFF your useless mask before putting on the oxygen mask. This was going to LAS and also leaving LAS...and leaving LAS, the FA did the demo WHILE WEARING A MASK. Idiots, the whole lot of them... Delayed connection through Denver saw me on a 763 and I took quick advantage of the Polar
  12. Looks like a release right at the six month mark...must have just been a low-grade offense
  13. BBT BT checks showed up today...terms are not any better than what the other sucky offers floating around have been. 3% fee with 0% through August of next year.
  14. The point is you USED to be able to get them with a twin-stick. None of the electronic doo-dads.
  15. The disadvantaged often are under-served...and then someone convinces them to bite the hand that fed them when they find the "free stuff" coupon didn't work out as intended... The one thing I must have missed in that press release is a requirement that prospective buyers assume a modicum of responsibility for the contractual obligations they agree to and are presumed to have read prior to signing on the dotted line.
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