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    Chase lease

    Yes this is truly their error It is paid in full. I’ll call again I guess thank you
  2. Hi Everyone in the middle of trying to raise my credit score, Chase really messed me up! I refinanced out of a Chase lease to my credit union, they paid off Chase and Chase has reported me as a charge off for the full amount of the lease. It was properly paid in full, but the have erroneously reported it as a Charge off. They say they will check into it and get back to me, but then no one does. So my score dropped almost 100 points can anyone point me in the right direction, please?
  3. I have also failed to absorb this .... And if this is type of entry is listed; can their be an additional listing too?
  4. hazard

    CRA issues

    It was the same collection account which was reinserted after deletion. No one notified me. And yes it has been almost 50 days from when I sent the letter. I did receive one reply form the CRA and it addresssed only 1 item in my letter: that they would not reinvestigate this item. So will sit down and write another letter as you suggested. Thank you
  5. hazard

    CRA issues

    Wow, I didn't know that computor scanner read the letters at CRAs.!! I send letters to have items removed as they were errors. Their reply only addressed 1 of the 6 items I wrote about.
  6. thank you for your replies
  7. Hi, Does anyone have experiance with taking over someones lease. I have read web site where lease holders are trying to get out of their leases; the offers look good. But one does have to be approved by the current lease holder. So my question is how tough is that? Does the current lease holder make consessions due to the leasees troubles? Thanks
  8. hazard

    CRA issues

    Hi Everyone, I have been writting to have items addressed by the CRA's but several of their reply letters did not address my concerns; the items in question where just ignored. Has this happened to anyone? What did you do? Also, if they remove a CA and it appears again a few months later, is this proper? Thank in advance,
  9. I guess I wasn't clear: the date of last activity is the only date on the trade line?? That is why I am worried. Thoughts? Thanks for the info..
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a few questions which I can't seem to find the answers for, as I continue the repair process. 1. Why does the CRA list date last reported vs. date of last activity? As they CA can report every day to the present??? 2. What does the CRA mean by updated when I was looking for verified? 3. I wrote pay for deletion letters and received no reply; what should my next step be?
  11. A hard lesson to stay off phone, I see. But I send letters requesting offer to seetle and there was no response. Now what does one do? Any advise as to how to really negotiate? Deb
  12. Good luck!!! Do you or anyone have name addresses of the executives at some common comapnies to write PFD letters/offers to? Thanks, Deb
  13. Hi Everyone, This site is great!!!! I have been reading this for about 10 months and in between working 2 jobs and fighting my ex; I have had my credit score improve. Now I am at a road block so here is my first post with questions for all who have have more experience than I. 1. Can a CRA leave a duplicate trade line and a collection for the same account. They won't delete either, they are saying verified. 2. A judgment is listed by Discover ( which was illegally entered as a default judgement I am fighting now for them to vacate as I have the RRR paperwork) and also a Discover collection trade line. 3. My name listed wrong and CRA won't correct unless I supply them with my SS number !!! 4. Inquries by collection agencies, which are affecting my score. Thanks soo much in advance... Deb
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