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  1. They jumped me from 4k to 6k and that was without a request on my behalf.
  2. My 73 year old mom was approved for a mortgage on less income with no credit score and no co-signer. It can be done. And her mortgage is under $500 a month. Good luck and leave no stone unturned.
  3. You could try for a recon. They gave me a $400 limit.... then turned around and closed the card after a few years. No letter or anything to inform me.
  4. I unsecured at the end of the year with an excellent payment history. They refunded my money and I upgraded to the rewards card. They gave me $1000 limit that lasted for years (wouldn't give an increase) Recently, I hit the love button and was upped to 6K. I was shocked... but happy. Hang in there.
  5. Just wanted to add that I had this card as a young and dumb college kid that didn't understand anything about credit. I paid religiously at first, then life happened and I got a charge off. That was almost 20 years ago. I applied a year ago and got approved for four times what my limit was before. YAY!! I will say this....I applied online and got a 5G limit. When I gave them the number from the mailing it dropped to 2000 with a longer period of 0% interest rate. I told them that I wanted what I was initially approved for and they obliged.
  6. I have about 3% utilization and 4 INQ on Equifax. It's my lowest score at 728... my heart kinda sank because I had hoped it would be higher. TU follows with 766 and EX with 810. *sigh* I hate Equifax. Seriously.
  7. My credit is very good (YAY Creditboards.com!!!) and I was wondering if it would be a bonehead move to apply with a CCC for a new card when I owed them ten years ago? Should I take a chance or keep it moving?
  8. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys!! She talked to them twice. Once to find out the final payout date and again to request a copy of the mortgage on file. I told her from here on out NOT to call but to CMRR with copies of what she's sending. We're getting together soon to get the ball rolling. Once again, thank you so much.
  9. That's the thing, there's not. It's about $500.00. He's swearing that he didn't do it. The bank states that this is the ONLY mortgage they have on file. They also swear that it's not a refinance... but it is stated as such on the mortgage. The same attorney is on both documents (which is odd... the original is actually signed and the refinance is a stamp) Truthfully the second (refinanced mortgage) looks fraudulent... There's no notary, her signature is on there twice in two different "buyer" places, there are no dates, it's just fishy. She's been paying the mortgage since he left her, prior to that he had been paying everything via automatic bank draft... which is why I think she didn't question it at all.
  10. Neither one is adding up. The bank is saying this is the original.... I am so confused. Going to refer her to an attorney.
  11. She dragged out all of her paperwork and we went through everything she brought but something didn't add up. The original document (for the mortgage didn't add up)... we logged in took a look at her account. Sure enough it lined up with what the CSR told her. I told her to leave the paperwork that she had and what the bank sent so I could go over them. After carefully reading everything and eventually signature comparisons, I could easily see that the signature's didn't match up. His did.... hers didn't. I asked repeatedly,"Are you sure he didn't take out a second mortgage on your house???" She said no. Well today she goes through more paperwork in a folder he left and she finds *drumroll* The original document for the second mortgage... which matched what they sent exactly. My God. He forged her signature, hid it, lied about it, and left her with the bill. I'm so disgusted right now. *sigh* What do I do now? What should I tell her to do?
  12. She didn't. I tried to get her to refinance. Inside of the last seven years but she wouldn't. Granted it was a tough time and she was afraid of "rocking the boat". I didn't get it, but I respected her decision. We handle things in totally different ways.
  13. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your responses.

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