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  1. No no, never better off, just that there are many ways to travel, and while we all can agree on the destination, the getting there is a little different for some, and that's ok, what works for you will not always work for others and by "work" I don't mean the science which may be sound, but it's not tolerable for all of us. Happy trails, and good eating!!
  2. I'll agree to disagree, glad it worked for you!
  3. I think I'm ready to buy then, chocolate chips and crisco (table spoon of each to get to 1500) might work for your tailor but your cardiologist would have a different opinion. And that's not even talking about the gross factor cause... YUK
  4. If I was good at math I never would have opened a single credit card account... So it's a "NO" on the KETO or Carb craze?
  5. Anyone done the KETO or low-carb diets out there with any long term success? Or are they all quick fixes and a setup for gaining all the weight back?????
  6. Fixed Ms. Pam! Missed you too LOL How'u are Breezy?
  7. Downtown Boston has a sandwich shop called Sam Lagrassa's... This is their chipotle hot pastrami with swiss and coleslaw on a sesame bun grilled Panini style!!
  8. Hey Breeze-y!! how you all are?
  9. What's your mortgage situation? Car loans etc.. personal loans aren't going to help you IMHO
  10. I'm not saying for one second that programmers without formal degrees can't do the work, they certainly can and do, but extrapolating that to be an argument against education does not work, not for me anyway. I work with well rounded "crack programmers" everyday, off shore resources not withstanding. This could be a semantics issue, the use of the word "indicator" is an odd one, degrees rarely are indicators of anything other than general accomplishments, no industry hands the keys over to a new graduate? Now that I think about it, I've never run across a crack programmer that was well rounded. There are areas where education, and it is almost certain the person has a degree, is critical. Someone that is going to design Kalman based control systems, for instance. OTOH, 99% of degreed engineers wouldn't be suitable for that job either. There has been grade inflation and degree inflation over the years that has eaten into the value degrees once had while overall engineering fields have become increasingly complex. It's not so much that education has become less important. The opposite is in fact the case, What has happened is that technical degrees just aren't as useful an indicator as they once were. IMO, any HR department that screens out people without degrees should be replaced. Unless required by regulatory agencies, people should be hired based on their ability and demonstrated knowledge first and foremost.
  11. I think Michelle's body was trying to tell her something... That is one uterus that has earned retirement!
  12. A degree in many cases is a union card, it gets your foot in the door, it shows peers and employers that you have committed to a field of study, it doesn't prove skill level, it doesn't show ability other than to achieve goals and doing the work. Education never stops, and no one can ever take away what you put between your ears. Having programming expertise and staying up to date on technology might help in a programming role, but it doesn't mean the programmer has a rounded background or a varied exposure to other things that lend perspective. I would always choose a developer with a formal education over coding-fiend who only had a high-school education and took a few test to become certified in something. JMHO Formal education is not only about ROI, it's about the struggle, it's about challenging yourself it's about the tests, the homework and the teachers you hate as much as it's about pursuing your dreams and leaning. You can't take people who question the cost of education seriously who haven't considered the world without educated people and what that world would be like. Yes college is crazy eff'ing expensive and colleges are raking it in, but a student can shop around and should seek to offset costs by combining work-study and academic grants. They shouldn't blow it off, cause some MBA from Duke writes an article in U.S. News & World Report saying we should all reconsider getting a college education cause it cost too much... The alternative costs MORE!!!
  13. is it wrong that I wanted to start drinking at 9 this morning?

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