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  1. I'm a Realtor and honestly your agent should have advise you guys not to go so high with the offer... secondly the bank doing the loan will still do their own appraisal. If the house appraise for less they will have to sell it to you for that amount because that is all the bank will give you guys. The homeowners listed it at the price it appraised for and I think that was right.
  2. I got VS yesterday and today got J crew but I had to change to internet explorer to get J crew it wasn't working with the others.
  3. prindia

    Opting In

    Okay just to make sure I understand. ...i have experian frozen so opting in wont change that?
  4. Hubby included jcp and dillards and just got walmart this month. We filed chapter 7 December 2011 and discharged March 2012. Both Jcp and dillards is showing on his report. I on the other hand didn't include any GE in my bk actually never owned one but got denied for BK... smh
  5. I just did it for kingsize and roamans and got to preapproval at check out.
  6. It's very easy to add funds... that's the best thing about this card. When you log onto your account, there is a link that allows you to add to your security deposit. It takes about ten days to appear on your credit line. However, keep in mind that the card does NOT unsecure. You only get your money back if you close the card. So just consider the security deposit the cost of building credit. Eventually, you will have bigger and better cards, and you can cancel and get your money back. But do your best to max out the security deposit, which is $3,000 on this card. Great info! I also had a question.. I was asked for 49 dep for a 250.00.. If I put 100 would that make a 300.00 credit limit?
  7. I have currently 30 hards on equifax and 13 on transunion.. what are my chances of getting b this month? I am pulling USAA, MPM and Equifax. CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS: 12/21/11 (1) CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140: 04/03/12, 04/02/12, 04/01/12, 03/31/12, 03/30/12, 03/29/12, 03/28/12, 03/27/12, 03/26/12, 03/25/12, 03/24/12, 03/23/12, 03/22/12, 03/21/12, 03/20/12, 02/28/12, 01/30/12, 12/30/11 (18) EQUIFAX: 03/14/12, 03/14/12, 03/09/12, 03/09/12, 03/09/12, 12/09/11, 10/04/10, 09/25/10, 08/27/10, 08/26/10, 08/21/10 (11) EQUIFAX: 01/15/12 (1) EQUIFAX: 10/13/11 (1) Equifax Consumer Services: 04/03/12, 04/02/12, 04/01/12, 03/31/12, 03/30/12, 03/29/12, 03/28/12, 03/27/12, 03/26/12, 03/25/12, 03/23/12, 03/22/12, 03/21/12, 03/20/12 (14) Equifax Consumer Services: 03/05/12 (1) FAIR ISAAC: 10/24/11 (1) SHAREBUILDER SECURITIES CORP: 03/22/12, 03/21/12, 03/20/12, 03/19/12, 03/18/12, 03/17/12, 03/16/12, 03/15/12, 03/14/12, 03/06/12 (10) SPRINT: 09/24/11 (1) TRUECREDIT/COVERDELL MY: 03/09/12 (1) TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE: 04/03/12, 04/02/12, 03/31/12, 03/30/12, 03/28/12, 03/27/12, 03/26/12, 03/25/12, 03/23/12, 03/22/12, 03/20/12 (11
  8. They didn't ask for verification till after a week having the car. They wanted my W2 from last year.
  9. prindia

    Cap1 Secured

    No I hadn't made a deposit. They didn't give me that option yet. That would be fine. I'm ready with a deposit. Same thing happened to me but I received a letter in the mail requesting some documents sent them but when I called they said they are still processing.. over three weeks.
  10. I did fill out it out correctly.. I sent them the two W2 for last year.. which one of them I am still employed but PRN (as needed) and just started a new job March 5th, I didn't send them anything on the new job because I just started but do have a paystub today. I sent it over and haven't heard anything back from them yet. But I was completely honest on my application.
  11. Capital one called and asked to send me to send over my W2 for my current job. Here is the story I purchased a car last weekend at a dealer. I was approved through Capital One, At the time of application I told the dealer my situation.. I just started a new job earlier this month and I was still at my old job PRN. I also informed them that my last year salary was with the job that I am currently PRN and another job that I got laid off in August. The job that I started earlier this month I make twice as much as I did last year. I will be getting a paycheck this week. Now what are the chances of the bank asking me to bring the car back? I sent them both my W2's for the jobs I had last year.. and both jobs are in the same field... I make more than enough to carry a 393.00 payment.. I just want to prepare for the worst... Thanks
  12. APPROVING BANK Capital One. BUREAU PULLED ALL CREDIT SCORE 538 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE GA NEW/USED NEW YEAR OF VEHICLE 2012 MILEAGE 100 RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN 20014.30 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED 72 months APR/LEASE RATE 12.34 MONTHLY PAYMENT 396.83 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: I was just discharged two days ago. I wasn't going to get a car loan so quick but my son totaled my car and I needed a good reliable car to get to work I plan to refi in about 6 months with a lower rate. But I was surprised with the rate I got after discharge.
  13. I have something listed for 63 and it's on Transunion...

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