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  1. The cfpb is a joke, they are just mediators in my case. They basically provided responses from the opposing parties. Equifax verified my last letters, they asked for social and id which I provided then they asked me to go in further detail about my dispute. As if they have no clue what is going on. I mean I can dispute again with equifax, but I don’t know what recourse I have. Since I have already sent them the letters you suggested.
  2. Looks like I’ll be stuck with this til it falls off. I have already disputed, filed cfpb complaints, I doubt equifax will investigate it again. This is my only JDB on my reports. Which it’s only reporting to equifax. Ill be glad to contribute to a charity.
  3. Debt company responded, they said they are not required to respond to my dispute because I originally disputed with them in dec 2015 and they responded Jan 7 2016. They attached the the letter and documents supporting their claim. So so do I try and pay OC or what?
  4. Update! So after sending my driver license and social security card in to Equifax, i received a results letter. The letter date July 26 stated that i need to, "Please be specific with your concerns by listing the account names, numbers and the nature of the dispute" I did not respond to the JULY 26 letter. So on Aug 9, i received my results from the CFPB, it basically said that, Equifax verified that the debt belongs to me, yada yada yada. So what do you suggest my next steps be? Thanks!
  5. Equifax sent me a letter asking for identification, they want a copy of my license and SSN. Should i provide them with this? They say they can't locate the information, i am referring to without it.
  6. Ok, i will continue to wait until the disputes/complaints are closed. Thanks WhyChat
  7. Update! Equifax sent me a letter stating the account was verified and modified, but remains. The CFPB complaint is still open, and they said that Equifax is still working to resolve my issues, and that it could take up to 60 days. Is this normal?
  8. How does this sound? I sent Equifax a dispute on or about April 17, 2019, regarding an unknown medical collection account being reported by CBHBC, LLC Account# *******. According to my records they received that dispute on April 18, 2019. In this dispute I requested name(s), address(es) of the medical provider(s), the date(s), and type(s) of service, and to whom the service(s) were provided. Equifax failed to do this as requested. They stated the investigation could take up to 30 days; I received those results of that investigation on May 2, but dated April 25. . Those results revealed that the item in question was VERIFIED. I then sent a follow up letter to Equifax on May 24, in which they received it on May 25 according to my records. My follow up letter stated that i had disputed an unknown medical account with collection agency, as per their instructions and had received no valid response. I asked them to advise me to the name and address of the health care provider, the name of the patient, and the reported date of service, as any account i might have had at one would be obsolete. I asked them to provide the name of the person providing this data and the manner in which was provided, in case i pursued additional legal remedies. Equifax failed to do the following, and verified the unknown medical debt twice. They are continuing to report and refuse to delete the account in question.
  9. Ok so i opted again. I checked reports via backdoor and the collection in question is STILL reporting. So what are the next steps? Should i opt out of online delivery of investigation results?
  10. Ok, will do! Sorry if i somehow missed a step. I did send all correspondence through priority mail. Thanks again, and for your patience!
  11. They actually received on it, 5/25, according to USPS. They did not mention an investigation was started, i only received an email (June 1st) saying the results of my investigation was complete. Then i had a heck of time trying to view those results, finally after speaking to three reps, i was told that the collection was verified.
  12. The medical collection in question is only reporting to Equifax. I sent the Medical DV on May 9th, and the CRA follow up letter on May 23rd.
  13. Sorry! I was a little confused. I went ahead and sent the follow up about ten days after the CA received the medical dv. Equifax, just completed the investigation for the follow up letter. They verified the collection again. I never heard from the CA to this day. What are my next steps?
  14. I've opted out Sent prehipaa dispute to CRA Received verified results from CRA Sent Medical DV to CA Now this is where i'm confused, do i send the CRA follow up letter, now? Or wait the full 30 days in which the letter states the CA has to provide info? The CA received the medical dv on Friday, May 10. This is for an unpaid account, out of SOL. Set to Fall off Feb 2020. Thanks!
  15. So i've had the car a month now, i just found out last week that it was a spot deal (pending bank approval/funding). The bank has been trying to verify my employment and income, i am 1099. So i've been back and forth with the dealer, bank, employer all this week. The cap one approval will expire on Sunday, i will have to return the car which is totally fine. They have already paid off my trade in.I really just want to return the new car, shake hands and be done. Do you think that's how it will go? Should i worry about the trade, is there any legal stuff i need to be concerned about? My credit is also not the best so Cap One was one of few banks to approve, so the dealer has no other options. This is the first time this has ever happened to me, thanks in advance!
  16. So i'm back. been a good year overall. When i changed jobs to try my hand in Car Sales, i began to fall behind in payment on my CFNA card. That coupled with high revolving debt, my scores are currently struggling. I am making more now, and my primary goal is to reduce my debt, which is around $7800. I was able to lease a new Honda Accord Sport in August, making the payment, building some good history with Honda Financial. FICO 8 Scores as of 4/27/17 : Eq-573, Ex-595, Tu-582 Util - 58% So listed below are the baddies: Installment Badcock- Open - Late (5) 30, (1) 90, (3) 60 Revolving Capital One - Closed - Charge-off - $0 Capital One- Closed - Charge-off - $0 Capital One - Closed - Charge-off - $0 Chase - Closed - Charge-off - $1054 Kay Jewelers - Closed - Late - (2) 30- $0 Macy's - Closed - Charge-off - $766 Local CU- Closed - Late (12) 30, (2) 60, (1) 90- (1) CFNA - 120 day lates New Baddie Auto Acct #1-Local CU - Closed - Late - (12) 30 (Auto)- $0 Acct #2-Local CU - Closed - Late - (2) 30 (Auto)- $0 Collections AFNI- $265 (all three) Insterstate Credit Collect - $224 (equifax)
  17. For the life of me i can not get capital one to delete these charge off's i read that they were great about goodwill deletions; well not for me so far. i currently have disputes going on with Eq and Tu, i tried the jack attack approach, so far nothing has been deleted. I'm hoping that some of the CA's/OC's just don't respond to the dispute.
  18. That's quite an accomplishment. I'm trying to figure out how you were the victim, though. haha right...i feel like a victim...Cap One please let me back in. I miss you! But yeah!

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