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  1. So i've had the car a month now, i just found out last week that it was a spot deal (pending bank approval/funding). The bank has been trying to verify my employment and income, i am 1099. So i've been back and forth with the dealer, bank, employer all this week. The cap one approval will expire on Sunday, i will have to return the car which is totally fine. They have already paid off my trade in.I really just want to return the new car, shake hands and be done. Do you think that's how it will go? Should i worry about the trade, is there any legal stuff i need to be concerned about? My credit is also not the best so Cap One was one of few banks to approve, so the dealer has no other options. This is the first time this has ever happened to me, thanks in advance!
  2. So i'm back. been a good year overall. When i changed jobs to try my hand in Car Sales, i began to fall behind in payment on my CFNA card. That coupled with high revolving debt, my scores are currently struggling. I am making more now, and my primary goal is to reduce my debt, which is around $7800. I was able to lease a new Honda Accord Sport in August, making the payment, building some good history with Honda Financial. FICO 8 Scores as of 4/27/17 : Eq-573, Ex-595, Tu-582 Util - 58% So listed below are the baddies: Installment Badcock- Open - Late (5) 30, (1) 90, (3) 60 Revolving Capital One - Closed - Charge-off - $0 Capital One- Closed - Charge-off - $0 Capital One - Closed - Charge-off - $0 Chase - Closed - Charge-off - $1054 Kay Jewelers - Closed - Late - (2) 30- $0 Macy's - Closed - Charge-off - $766 Local CU- Closed - Late (12) 30, (2) 60, (1) 90- (1) CFNA - 120 day lates New Baddie Auto Acct #1-Local CU - Closed - Late - (12) 30 (Auto)- $0 Acct #2-Local CU - Closed - Late - (2) 30 (Auto)- $0 Collections AFNI- $265 (all three) Insterstate Credit Collect - $224 (equifax)
  3. For the life of me i can not get capital one to delete these charge off's i read that they were great about goodwill deletions; well not for me so far. i currently have disputes going on with Eq and Tu, i tried the jack attack approach, so far nothing has been deleted. I'm hoping that some of the CA's/OC's just don't respond to the dispute.
  4. That's quite an accomplishment. I'm trying to figure out how you were the victim, though. haha right...i feel like a victim...Cap One please let me back in. I miss you! But yeah!
  5. i was mistaken, verizon has not been deleted it was just moved to the "other" section instead of "negative accounts" where i'm use to seeing it. Still under investigation.
  6. Yes, they blacklist...i'm one of their victims. "too many delinquent past or present credit obligations with capital one" this is the reason for my denials. A year will not be until october!
  7. hahaha passenger pigeon I sent it via snail mail...i called today they had no record of a recent dispute. According USPS it has been delivered. Experian says it could take up to 3-5 days to process dispute. Tracking verifies it was delivered on May 19.
  8. I only disputed two accounts with Experian, Verizon and AFNI. Disputed Verizon was "reporting as an open account, which is false and should be deleted" AFNI was "Not a factoring company, please remove" These are my basis for disputes, sound good?
  9. i used whychats dispute form, but i did not use his verbiage, i used "jack attack" method, some of the lines he proposed. In a bit of good news, Equifax has deleted Verizon.
  10. I have not received any official mail from EX stating they will not re-investigate.
  11. I last disputed these items on my EX report back in Feb, i sent new disputes last week. So far EQ and TU have started investigations. I just checked EX and they have not marked any as dispute. How soon should i send another dispute in, i don't want my dispute to be considered frivolous. If this does happen what should i do next. I will use whychat's dispute method the next time as i was unaware this time. Ugh!
  12. yeah, i figured id have to wait 3 months...i will update you once my other disputes are complete. Thanks!
  13. Yes, I sent it to Equifax! Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  14. I used that form, but not the suggested text... I tried the jack attack. Ugh, I guess I've messed up! My apologies! I wasn't aware of that dispute text. Thanks! Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  15. Hi Whychat, I'm sorry, but i just remembered that i sent in another dispute for non medical items last week. I'm sure I'll have to wait at least 3 months now for those disputes to clear? I was thinking at the time i'd have to pay for those med collections, which i haven't saved the money for. So i was thinking i'd give myself a few months to save up. That's the only reason i went ahead with the disputes.

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