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    Billiards, country music, shopping...I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of it right now...
  1. Wells Fargo is attempting to foreclose on a manufactured home & land I financed. They are missing 3 documents from my mortgage paperwork. They are the: Real Property and Manufactured Home Limited Power of Attorney Manufactured Home Affidavit of Affixation Manufactured Home Rider to Security Instrument From what I've gathered, this means that the manufactured home is not tied to the land, which means we could squabble over whether they can foreclose on the home or have to repossess it and foreclose on the land - because it could be considered personal property rather than real property. I sent a letter offering to sign the missing documents if they would do a Deed In Lieu. They replied acknowledging my offer to sign the three documents (and listed them) but told me that they couldn't do a DIL right now, that I'd have to attempt a short sale first, then they "might" be able to do a DIL. I did not respond to that letter and they've filed a Lis Pendens. The current legal description lists the name of the home & serial number, then on a separate line the entire description of the land. In the Lis Pendens they are attempting to update the legal description to include the words "together with" and have now included the VIN numbers of the two parts of the home. I am guessing if they can get that updated by the court through this process then the documents they need me to sign are less important - therefore allowing them to foreclose rather than possibly be forced to repossess. I need to write up my response to the filings and am guessing I should attempt to deny their request to change this legal description. Any thoughts? Ideas? Is this something I should attempt on my own or should I go ahead & contact an attorney for this mess? I beat Capital One years ago after I got a case moved from court to arbitration, but I know much less about this topic than I did about credit cards.
  2. I know COs hurt. Some COs and some good accounts are showing "no balance". Just wondering if it would affect scores at all if it said $0 for the balance instead - good or bad accounts. Thanks!
  3. On EX, several accounts are showing "not reported" for the balances instead of $0. Could this be affecting the scores at all? The accounts statuses on the ones that show "not reported" under Balance are listed as: Account legally paid in full for less than the full balance Paid account/was a charge-off Paid account/was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default Paid account/was delinquent 150 days past due date Account paid satisfactorily Account paid satisfactorily Account paid satisfactorily
  4. Just wanted to follow up to this thread. The lender had already pulled the scores before I posted, but they use that Kroll Data, which is different than FICOs, obviously - so we're still trying to get his scores up before we have them re-pull the Kroll. He's got some old paid charge-offs, but I don't want to mess with too much at once in case things go the wrong way. We ended up doing a settled in full so that it would go to a zero balance instead of showing as past due almost $2K. We added an AU account and the Merrick got updated as well. Pulled FICOs today. EX went up 10, TU went up 1 and EQ went down 2. Probably took a big hit (as expected) due to the recent update on the payment, but at least it won't show as part of his DTI now. RJM says they're deleting, but we're still waiting on them to update.
  5. From everything I've read, Merrick won't do PFD. Not sure if settling for less than full amount would hurt or help, too.
  6. Hey everyone! It's been quite a while since I've been around, so I know I need some refresher courses. I've done some searching, but would appreciate some input. My husband applied for a mortgage and was denied due mainly to this Merrick account and a RMJ Acquisitions Columbia House DVD acct that I should be able to get rid of pretty easy. But, I'm not sure how to handle this Merrick account. On TU it shows as DOLA: Mar 2009 Date Closed: August 2009 Limit: 1500 Largest Past Balance: 1986 Current Balance: 1986 Status: Charged off as bad debt Past Due Amount: 1986 If it's charged off, shouldn't it show a 0 balance? On EX it shows as DOLA: Not available Limit 1500 Current Balance 1986 Status: Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit grantor Past Due Amount 1986 In the payment history it shows as a CO in June, July & August of 2010, then goes to OK, then shows as a charge off again in May of 2012. Any help on the quickest way to get this resolved without tanking the score even further would me much appreciated. I think the fact that it's still showing a past due balance is a major problem. We're in FL, so the SOL should be up based on the TU DOLA.
  7. Yep - ceiling fan & standing fan both on high - all year!
  8. Not sure if you've already got stainless steel (or even want it), but I found this site the other day and was amazed. http://www.applianceart.com/category_s/39.htm Also, if you have a habitat for humanity check them out, people often donate all sorts of remodeling stuff that might work for you and you can get it at a good price.
  9. I just wanted to say hello to my old friends for a minute! It's been a while, but you all have been on my mind as I'm dealing with credit issues again - this WILL be the last time I have multiple cards, as I have learned my lesson and know I just can't quit spending if I know it's there! I've been so busy between working my regular job - got a recent promotion which was the result of combining two jobs into one, being a rep for a direct sales company that I absolutely LOVE and am so impressed with and grateful for, captain of a billiards team in our local league, taking care of my two precious english bulldog babies who are spoiled rotten, Mom's latest health issues (her COPD is finally so bad that she's on 24 hour oxygen), Dad's continued issues since his stroke - and the fact that he wants to go back to college and I just don't think he's capable and concerned about what failing at it might due to him, gearing up for hunting season with hubby, rooting on my Cowboys who aren't doing so hot, and anything else that comes my way! I miss all of you and I see lots of new faces too! One day when things slow down I really want to try to catch up and spend more time here! I hope you're all doing wonderful! I would love to hear what's new with you all and how you and your families are doing!
  10. Thank you, though he just annoyed the heck out of me so Im here trying to calm down before I strangle him wow Cagle... her pics are 3 years old... the boy's prom was tonight ( I just bumped this thread to add pics) ... LMAO yeah we have a LOT of catching up to do... LMAO oops...didn't look at the date. Well geez...it's been at least 4-5 years since I've seen pictures, I'm sure!
  11. Tee, she's BEAUTIFUL and I love her dress too! Dang it's been a while...she wasn't that grown last I remember!
  12. Ok I must not have said that well! I had to instruct my mom on how to log in as me, and then use my character to go hire someone to harvest the crops. I couldn't tell who was on and figured it was just easier to instruct her on hiring at the market place. mushbrains - I mean I'm a little embarassed that I actually am so addicted that I had my mom do it so my crops wouldn't ruin!
  13. Mom hired someone to harvest my crops! I'm kinda embarassed!
  14. Jen! I know! I called her. I was just going to go over there at lunch and check them myself, but she said I shouldn't waste the gas. I think she secretly wants to play the game too. I showed it to her and my sister the other day when I was there. Seabee: No, I learned my lesson on grapes the first day! It's tomatoes and rice - they were in the high 80's (87/88) this morning.

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