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  1. It was a cashiers check that was cashed. Not a balance transfer.
  2. Since we were "supposedly" late on our payment of around $42, they jacked our interest rate from 15.74% to 29.9%. So if this isn't resolved by next month the minimum payment will be over $150--
  3. Ok, I made a minimum payment to them before it went 30 days late. I don't want to state the name of our Credit Union because it would give away the town I live in. Thank you for the advice. I hope this gets resolved soon. It is frustrating.
  4. Citi has assured us that they are working on the matter. We've given them all the information they have requested. They continue to call every day. I refuse to answer because the person on the phone doesn't believe the story until 10 minutes into the call when they speak with their higher up. In the meantime, nothing is being done. It's been over a month. Yes, all information was correctly provided when the payment was sent. Someone there just isn't doing their job. Probably because someone is going to get in trouble! I think you're right -- it was applied to the wrong account!
  5. Why would we make a payment? The account was paid in full with a cashier's check over $2,000. We consolidated our debts through our credit union, that is how our credit union does it. They print out checks to mail to the credit card companies.
  6. We consolidated our credit card debts. Cashiers checks were mailed Priority with delivery confirmation. We are having a problem with Citibank. They received the cashier's check on January 11th. They cashed the check. They sent us and our lender a letter stating they could not find our account. Mind you, the cashier's check was sent with the latest credit card statement! Our lender sent them a copy of the canceled check showing it was cashed. Citi continues to call us daily asking for payment! Tomorrow is 30 days late! We are just getting the runaround! Has this happened to anyone else here? If so, how did you handle it?
  7. I just signed up for EIDT so I can see if this debt is reporting or not. I printed out my receipt, but how do I access my info now? I have not received an email from them. Thanks so much Why Chat! I really appreciate the help.
  8. I have a medical bill with DMC that I made payment arrangements for. I had set up payments with DMC for $25 a month. I documented the phone call and make a note of that dates the payments would come out. It was 6 payments of $25 every two weeks. Three months later I realized that they never took out the payments. I immediatly over the phone paid the lump sum of $150.00 and wanted to continue with more payments. They refused saying that they've already sent it to collections (but they had no problem accepting the $150.00!!!!) So now I have a letter from a lawyer trying to collect the balance. On the 17th of January I will have enough money to just pay the balance. The collection letter from the layer is dated December 10th. I would like to send them a full cease and desist to get them to send the debt back to the original creditor. Then on the 17th I would like to send cashiers check for the full amount to the original creditor. Any advice on wording for the collection agency to prevent this from appearing on my credit report? thanks!!
  9. Thank you! I am very rusty as I have taken several years off. lol This is an old debt, went to collection in 2005... and is out of SOL. But, looks like they are going to rack up some violations on a debt they can't collect.
  10. One of mine was with U of M, the rest with Dept. of Ed. The consolidation loan is with Dept. of Ed. Five of the loans are erroneously showing a balance, open account, derogatory... making it look like I am three times more in debt than I really am! All that are reporting incorrectly are with the Dept. of Ed. Interesting what is going on!!
  11. I received validation from Asset Acceptance... in the form of a letter on their own letterhead that pretty much looks like bill, stating that the information was from the original creditor. Does this really count as debt validation???
  12. I have 8 entries for student loans on my credit report. Six of them are showing open with a balance. I started out with 4 student loans and defaulted on them. I consolidated them all and wound up with a monthly payment I can afford (and have been paying it on time). That consolidation appears to be reporting correctly. How in the heck did I end up with 8 entries on my credit report? Do I dispute them with the credit bureaus? Thanks.
  13. Well, my husband and signed up with Privacy Guard at the beginning at the month only to find out that we can only pull a new report every 90 days. So, is there anyplace that will allow us to pull more often? Thanks, Tinks
  14. Hi all, My husband and I need some advice. We had a truck that was repossessed a year and a half ago. We have a deficiency balance of over $16,000. VWA (Vengroff, Williams & Associates, Inc.) is now handling the debt. We would like to set up payment arrangements to pay off this debt. My husband called VWA and spoke with the representative regarding our situation. He was told that they would accept $250.00 a month and then at any time they would accept 50% of the balance to pay off the loan. The representative was firm with my husband in that they would only accept automatic payments. When my husband said that he wanted an agreement in writing, he was told that we would receive a statement after we agreed to their terms. We are wondering how to handle this because the representative was unwilling to bend on these two issues. How should we proceed? Should we retain an attorney to deal with the collection agency? Thank you, Tinker Bell
  15. I have one from them too, but it's due to fall off in April (7 years).

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