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  1. She is in a position of realization (as many of us have also been - myself included) that credit cards are not the way to pay for say a new roof...however now that she has already made mistakes, I was reaching out here on this board as it was SO helpful to me when I was in trouble. Trouble which I have recovered from I might add. thanks to the broad reach of experts on this forum! So, I am still wondering if anyone has specific knowledge of Agricultural Property loans, as I am seeing that there are not many banks that do, and they simply do not make those loans in their portfolios.!
  2. Sure! As I mentioned there's a lein for $70k but she's paying 0%, She does have almost $40k in credit card debt some of those cards at 25%. The property is valued (granted by Zillow) at $249k, so probably would appraise for less... Are you familiar with Agricultural loans in FL? Is a HELOC even possible?
  3. Anyone have advice on finding a mortgage type loan on an Agricultural property? It is a horse farm in Florida. A manufactured home with a permanent foundation, fee simple. Owner has a personal loan from a friend at 0% for $70K with associated lien against the property. However she has also amassed a lot of credit card debt, and could benefit from a HELOC type loan if that exists for this type of property? She’s not having any luck, I thought maybe someone here would know what she needs to do! TIA
  4. thanks all! I am in MA, and looking to spend less than 300,000. Can someone tell me what the FHA inspection entails? I guess it must be more thorough...
  5. thank you! They did not say if mortgage insurance was the issue and why we need 20%. It would be 2 units, but not for investment as we would each be living in one of them, so they are both owner occupied. Planning to put 10% down (saving some $ for repairs and unexpected things after we move in) we knew there would be mortgage insurance in that scenario. I'm still not sure where to look, I really want to run some realistic scenarios. What should I do?
  6. I'm a little overwhelmed here! I am over 4 years post Chapter 7 discharge. Credit score around 686 (this is just the DCU figure) nothing pulled yet! I am almost divorced and want to buy a two family in MA (for approx $300k) with my brother (also almost divorced credit score 750 though also not pulled yet) we both plan to live in the property. I do not own a house, brother is selling his as part of the divorce and we will have between 30k and 50k for the downpayment.I've started asking questions at DCU but the only mortgage program for multi family purchase requires 20% down (and they stated
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