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  1. My wife has a 738 EQ, and a 745 TU. Her report is clean, no lates or other baddies. She is 24, so she doen't have many years of account history. I ran the FICO score simulator, and it said 795 EQ, 808 TU if the utilization goes under 10%. I am trying to keep up with her! My scores are starting to climb over 700. We both get really good CC offers in the mail. I always tease her because her offers are always better, but I am the one who actually earns most of the money. She is still in graduate school! :thumbsup:
  2. What Saab did you have, and when did you have it? Every car manufacturer has some lemons. There were some problems with the 1994-1995 900, but most Saabs are rock solid. It is not uncommon to have people drive them 200,000 - 300,000 miles. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but most people love their Saabs. A very enthusiastic and loyal bunch. www.saabnet.com :8)
  3. SaabTroll - Saab, because I love their cars. Troll, because Saabs are made in Trollhattan, Sweden, and of course, Scandanavia is the home to trolls. :8)
  4. Did you call MBNA Retention Department? I called regular customer service to voice my displeasure of my high APR, didn't get anywhere, and asked to be transfered to Retention. I politely stated my case, long time good customer, I'm not going to use your card with high APR, yadda, yadda.... she quickly cut my APR from 17.9% to 9.99% FIXED. And tossed in a 0% balance transfer until March 2005. Don't mess around with regular CS, call Retention directly. 866-866-7267
  5. Hey George, $0 CLI in 9 years?? :shock: Do you use the card at all? I started out with $500 in 1995, and the CL is $12,300 now. There were long streches while being a poor student when I didn't charge any significant $$. They usually come through with a token CLI of a few hundred. I would call Retention and let them know you are unhappy and they are not being competitive.
  6. MBNA - $12300 AMEX Blue - $5200 Citi Diamond - $3300 :8)
  7. Hello CB, I just got off the phone with MBNA Retention (866-866-7267) and got them to cut my crappy 17.99% APR to 9.99%. :shock: This was the first card I got in college in the mid 1990's. I had a few lates in college and they jacked the rate 5 points. Since I have an AMEX Blue, and a Citi Diamond, I no longer use it. I told the CSR, "can I also get a 0% balance transfer?" She said, "sure, until March 2005." :8) Not bad for a days work. My next goal is 7.99% for AMEX, and for a few baddies to be deleted from my CR. Be assertive, be persistent, be polite!! It pays. Thanks CB for your wealth of knowledge!! 07/2004 TU - 693 FICO EQ - 692 FICO EX - 719 FICO
  8. OK, thanks for the insight! What if MBNA tells me that my oldest account does indeed turn into my newest one. What should I say? How bad will my FICO score be hurt? Anyone? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I am new here and have a question to ask the great minds at credit boards. I have a MBNA card with a crappy 17.9% fixed APR, but a good CL at $12,000. This is my first card from my college days, so it is my oldest trade line. My wife and I have other cards with much better terms, but I would like to call MBNA Retention to get a better card at a much better rate. So, my question is, if I get Retention to do this, will the new and improved card be a brand new account and I lose my oldest positive account? How will this affect my FICO score? I would appreciate any insight you all have. Thanks CB!!

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