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  1. Wow, some really great information and advice from everyone here. Cashnocredit, good thought and point. That's my dilemma. So now I'm back to thinking I should pay off the zero balance C1 first. I only want my score up so I can get another BT card to transfer any balances that aren't paid off by their expiration and the 16K NFCU at 11 % (if I can get a limit to cover all that). I also understand zero interest BT cards will only charge interest on the remaining balance, so I'm ok with understanding there. I'm not adding any charges to the zero interest one. Although I admit I have charged some, but then paid over the minimum and enough to pay off the amount I charged. No interest was charged that way. The 5K is coming out of my 401k, and it's getting very depleted. I retired early (lost job) and have medical family issues so it's a situation. Probably too much information here, but here goes. I want to get a zero balance BT card to transfer as much as I can so I have time to pay it off. I have that 5K coming in and I don't know where to apply it best. My cards are: ----- C1 $6,900, limit $14,000. $2,616 promo expires 10/28 $4,284 promo expires 11/28 interest rate after promo 24.15% 1% min pay. ----- NFCU $3,650, limit $16,000 $3,650 promo expires 10/23 interest rate after promo 10.24% 2% min pay ----- NFCU $16,000, limit $16,100 (yes I have 2 NFCU) no promo Interest 12.65% 2% min pay ----- Consumers CU $1,000, limit $1,000 Interest 25.99% 2% min pay ----- Sam's Club MC $1775, limit $2,400 Interest 23.90% 2.6% min pay ----- Paypal $260 (I can pay this off) 1.65% min pay ----- Home Depot $200 (I can pay this off) 2% min pay ----- Greensky Installment Loan for house repair $1,250, limit 7,500 Interest 9.99% Must make $43.04 payment every month. This means my payment is around 3.5%, goes up as balance goes down. ----- Toyota Auto loan $410/month, balance $24,425, limit $27,760 Interest 1.9% ----- Investment Property Townhome Rental - Mortgage $710/month, balance $53,400 Interest 3.75%, 30 years, ends 6/2036 (18 years to go!) Rented for $1200/month, lease ends 12/2018, good tenant. ----- Association for mortgage $42/month ----- My only other bills are food and phone for myself and daughter. No rent as we both live with a relative. I am on SS, widows pay. My income is from that and the rental. Situation is almost critical. I do not have enough in the 401 to pay off the mortgage, or I would do so, since it is the largest outlay. I can't go bankrupt again (Chpt 7 -2014 bankruptcy) and even if I could, the equity is high, they would make me sell it to pay off the cards. Or, they would say I don't make enough to pay it if I lived there.
  2. Hi cv91915 and thanks. I will dump the $5k into the maxed out $16k NFCU card. But it is hard for my brain to wrap around that I'm paying down the lower interest rate card to get my credit score up! As to the scores, I used myfico (TU) and trustedid (EQ). I didn't pull EX.
  3. Hi, I have a 665 (EQ) and 646 score (TU). I have credit utilization of about 46%. Some of my cards have 0 balance offer which ends soon (Sept & Nov). I have been trying to pay them off but it probably won't happen completely by the time the offer ends. The one I want to pay the most has a high interest rates of about 25%. It's at $6900, limit is $14k (Crap1). I also have a card at it's limit ($16k), with interest rate of about 11%. (NFCU) I will be getting about $5k in a few weeks. Does it matter which card I pay down to best increase my credit score (by lowering my amount due)? I would prefer to pay down the zero interest card first as it has the highest interest rate, so that when the offer ends, I won't be paying a lot of interest based on a high amount, back dated from a year ago. Once either is done, and hopefully my score goes up, I would like to apply to another creditor for a zero balance transfer. Maybe Discover It? Also I have a Chapter 7 in 2013. Thanks for any insight here!
  4. shadekitty, Thanks. For Medicaid/Food Stamps we have an online system called ABE. However that didn't go very well for me when I used it. My application (along with 2 grandchildren) got "stuck" in the system and after 4 months I finally got someone to "push it through" since it wasn't approved timely. It was finally approved after 5 months wait, took another 2-3 weeks to get the cards to actually start using it. Of course my experience with the DHS directly in the office or phone isn't much better so I don't know which would be better, online application or physically going in. For SS, I still want to have my daughter be able to get online for her SS. Apparently that depends on EX. I will have to wait 90 days since she added a new address now. I don't want to write the letter and send the proof of new residency. Too much work for me already going on. legaleagle2012, Thanks so much for the links! I am in compliance so I love that stuff. The one link pointed to residency which didn't help, but I was able to see all the different regulations and found the one for Social Security Requirements at Application, which said SS could use a SS card OR a driver's license. So she can just use the DL and doesn't need that physical SS card. That's great! http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=14448 ------ Just to put a few more things on my plate for anyone who's willing to listen: Now I need an operation myself, and I am dealing with a 90 year old mother who has much indication of dementia. Fun time over here, anyone want to visit? LOL
  5. AS EXPLANATION: (I'll try to be as clear as possible) I need to: Get her Birth Certificate (done) Get proof of residency in order to get State issued ID (done) Get her IL State issued ID (done) Get her social security card (Not sure if I need that right away, but may as well) - go to SS Office to do that Apply for Medicaid - go to DHS for that Pick a Medicaid plan and wait for the card to get the Medicaid & plan number to be able to go to the doctor Get her to doctor and most likely specialists and get them to sign medical diagnosis Go back to SS and apply for disability Get lawyer as she will probably be denied My daughter has been diagnosed with Equilibrium Disorder. Not a well known disease. She falls down a lot but doesn't want to be in a wheel chair (she's 28 and says it's pride). She was also diagnosed as clinically depressed. I think if I had that disease I would be too. She gets very tired after only a few hours. She can't stand for longer than about 10 minutes or so. So I was really just trying to get out of dragging her over there. She lived in WA with her boyfriend on a hobby farm way away from any major metropolitan area for 6 years. When she came back to IL to visit family this Christmas, he broke up with her and won't send her anything. So she needed all her documents again. She doesn't work and has no bank accounts or credit cards. She doesn't have medical insurance in IL (she had it in WA). Once she gets Medicaid in IL, she can see a doctor, who will probably send her to a specialist because everyone will need/want fresh information. Once she gets that, she can apply for disability. She was diagnosed in IL so the specialists will have her records. This is because she came to IL about a year and a half ago because she couldn't find a good doctor within reasonable distance in WA. The closest one she found was in Seattle and he had numerous malpractice suits so she thought he wasn't the best fit. It was lucky for her that her Dad was able to help at the time and paid for her flight out and for the doc visits and for rehab out of his own pocket. But that is not the case now. Can she get MEDICAID without her physical SS card? The SS office and the DHS medical office are two separate buildings/cities. Can you just go to DHS and sign up for medical without your social security card? I am thinking I can drive her to the SS office to request a new card (and wait the 2 weeks to get it) and maybe in the meantime go to the local DHS office to apply for Medicaid. But I think DHS will want a copy of her SS card. I will have to call them to confirm as I don't want to drive there for no reason. For the process of applying for disability, yes, I understand. Unfortunately I have been through it now several times. I am getting tired of it! 1st time with a girlfriend who had to get a lawyer. She has Bipolar and they tend to automatically deny claims even if all the papers and documents are there. Just my friend but she told me a lot at the time. 2nd with my 2nd husband who had to get a lawyer, although we were able to fire that one because I was able to get him on the fast track due to his health. He died 2 months later. He got his disability 2 days prior. The one SS agent who was helping me said it was ok that he wasn't on fast track and couldn't come in because he was bed ridden in the nursing home. He said "That's OK, you can just apply after he's dead". Real sensitive there. I was able to get in contact with a very nice woman in the fast track area who finally helped me. 3rd time with my other daughter which is still ongoing after 2 years. She also has bipolar. She's been in the hospital 4 times with in 8 months so she qualifies and all her papers were in order and I got her a lawyer before the 1st apply. The SS told me when we were there that instead I should go ahead and apply first, then get denied as most people do. Then get the lawyer. That way, the lawyer has to fix whatever was wrong on the papers. I am not sure why they are denying her claim because she has all the papers and documents in order. My friend who I just mentioned said she was denied 3 times because the doctor didn't say a particular word or phrase exactly as they wanted it. We are awaiting outcome on this one. 4th was my Mom who didn't qualify because they said she makes too much money. 5th one is my daughter which I am asking for your help with here! I don't think I like this merry go round!
  6. That's not the issue, but thank you. Her walking is difficult to get to and from the car, walk on the sidewalk... walking. Just because something is wheel-chair accessible doesn't mean she can use it. In addition, she's not in a wheel chair. And her health is not deteriorating rapidly, but thanks for your concern on both these parts. I'm just trying to get her on medicaid so she can see a doctor and get disability.
  7. Hi Kim, Thanks for the great info! Since she lost her SS card, I wanted to get her a replacement. I was trying to do it online the easy way instead of going into the office. I will have to do that instead now. The problem is she can barely walk due to her disability. For the online MySSA account, I did understand it had to match up in order to create an online SS account. That's the problem -- it's not matching up. I called SS who told me either there was a block on it by her (there is no block), there's a fraud alert on it (nope, not that either), or there was a recent address added. So that's what I thought it would be since it has a bad address shown on her report. So I wanted to fix that bad address, But EX won't let her dispute on line, So she called. They said they will remove the bad address and send her the update soon. FYI, this bad address was not new, so I am not sure why SS won't let her create an account. I need to get her a SS card to apply for disability. As far as I understand, a lawyer will require it. I think I can apply for medicaid using just her SS number, not the card itself.
  8. Whoo Hoo! When she went to dispute online the incorrect address, I didn't think it would update her record to the new address. But it did! I think it was because I had to pay for a rental insurance policy in order to verify residency for IL State. Wow something finally went well. But now EX won't let her dispute online "due to security reasons". I don't know what those would be. But she can call and get more info, which I will have her do. Thanks!
  9. Ivy, I feel your pain and exasperation. I had a CU deny me a refinance mortgage application once because they found an old lawsuit brought by against me by my property association where I lived at the time. The lawsuit showed "dismissed with prejudice" and they thought that meant prejudice against ME, not THEM. So they denied me. I explained what "dismissed with prejudice" means. But they said they didn't need to ask an attorney because the person who handled my file knew all about these issues and he KNEW he was right. I also moved on and another company refi'd me. Just shows the people behind these companies aren't always that smart....
  10. Hi and Help, Please! I am trying to get my adult daughter on disability. There are several steps I need to do this. Unfortunately, everything I needed to do and need to do now becomes a big, difficult situation. Right now I need to fix her Credit Report. She moved from one state to another (WA to IL) and lost all her documents except her WA Driver’s License. She moved in with me so there was no rent and she doesn’t work. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to prove residency to the State of IL. But, I was finally able to do it, and I also got her Birth Certificate. Now I need her Social Security Card. I tried to have her create an online Social Security account but she can’t because there is some incorrect address showing on EX. And of course her new address is not there. So, how do I get an erroneous address off EX CR, and at the same time, add the new, missing correct address? Without having her apply for new credit? (her score is around 500) Can I just write EX a letter to state 2 things, Update her new address (include copy of her new Driver’s License) and Dispute the incorrect address as invalid as she never lived there. Or do I need to ask them what company reported that address and then contact them? Is that correct? Is there any other way or faster way to do it?? And I heard that you can't just write to Credit Bureaus (EX in particular) and send them proof of the correct address. The only way to do it is to apply for credit. How ridiculous! Isn't there another way? I need to correct EX in particular because SS uses them. There must be a lot of people that change their address and want it updated on the CB's without applying for new credit. How is it done? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  11. I thought I read somewhere here a long time ago that if I apply for a car loan with several creditors, it will only register as 1 inquiry on my CR. I have 8 pulls now, 5 from one day and 3 from another day. They are within 3 days of each other. Shouldn't they all be combined and only listed as 1 inquirty against me? If so, how do I fix it? It's showing on TU, I don't know about the others yet. Thanks!
  12. Andrew, thanks for the detailed explanation. The creditor is Navy Federal CU. The BT was $4300.00. Does it sound right? It's interesting that I could possibly make a payment each time I make a purchase and it posts. I could certainly consider doing that. I just thought since I BT's $4300, and purchased $700, a payment of $2,000 was extreme. But perhaps not? So this is the way they get out of posting the payments to the higher interest?
  13. Is it legal for creditor to charge interest on higher balance when there is also promo amount? I thought that was illegal now. Basically I have two balances, a promo for balance transfer of 2.99% and a purchase balance APR of 14.65%. My goal is that I don't want to pay interest on any purchases. I want to pay those off each month, and only have the promo interest be posted to my account. But my creditor says that is not possible. Any payment over the minimum is automatically split between the higher and lower interest rates. Isn't that illegal now? Can't I ask them to reallocate the funds after they've recieved payment over the minimum amount? They say no. I transferred a balance and then also made purchases, prior to the 1st statement cut. I also made payments almost completely paying the purchases amount, prior to 1st statement cut. Upon receiving the 1st statement, I was charged some small interest on the 1st statement, so that is not a big deal. Since I've prepaid, they say I am in "Paid Forward" status, so no minimum payment is due. But I don't want that. I want to pay them the minimum, plus the total amount I've purchased so I don't have to pay the higher interest. I was thinking it was a posting issue as I prepaid before the statement cut, but they say that has nothing to do with it. So I asked them if now (since the statement's now cut) I make the total purchases payment amount (about $700), plus the minimum amount (about $75, already paid in advance, but I'll pay it once again if that fixes this), Could they re-adjust my payments so the over minimum amount only goes to the purchase balance? They say no, it must be split between the two balances, so they get more interest. So if I want to pay off the purchases amount of about $700 now, I have to pay them about $2,000.00, per their split figures. Then make no more purchases, or it will happen again. Am I wrong? Are they right, they can do this? I hope I've explained this all properly. Thanks for any help.
  14. Ok, sounds great. So how do I get an old address from over 30 years ago reinserted? To get my money back from when I lived there, need it as proof per government rules! Ok, sounds great. So how do I get an old address from over 30 years ago reinserted? To get my money back from when I lived there, need it as proof per government rules! And yes they are asking me for the birth month of my ex's sister (divorced over 25 years ago). I don't remember her nor do I care! I guessed a few times which locked me out once. What a bummer.
  15. Ok, more news. But first, Thanks to all of you! DH called SS again and explained situation. Of course as you told me, it doesn't affect his applying for SS. He doesn't have to go in (maybe later though). He has a phone appointment in Jan., apparently they like phone appointments now. So he is all set. It is only the online account he can't access. Just to clarify, on the answers he was asked online, he got everything right, and according to SS they are right, too. So there "shouldn't have been" a problem. But this SS person looked it more. She said she pulled it up and told him it appears to be an issue with a bank account he had 20 years ago. 20 years ago! There were no questions about a bank 20 years ago, or anything 20 years ago. So as long as he's set, these are two different issues. He doesn't care about his credit but I am going to try to get him to get a report from Experian. Another odd thing, when we went BK earlier this year, the Judge said BOA sent a letter saying he had a house in California somewhere. We were flabbergasted and said no way. He ripped up the letter and said, Oh, well, banks make mistakes. So we didn't get a copy, and we can't recall the city he said the house was in. I checked with BOA and his SS doesn't come up in their system so it's no identity theft issue. Still, I would like to see his CR on all 3 CB's. Again, thanks for all of your help. I was panicking!
  16. Has anyone ever heard of this? Experian and your My Social Security account is linked. I was told that Social Security uses Experian to identify us when applying for retirement. This is how I found out about this, My husband is trying to go on line with Social Security. They locked him out. He called SS to reset it but they can't. The person there said even though all his information verbally given matches what SS has on him, that same information doesn't match what SS online has. Now my dear husband hasn't pulled his credit report in, probably, 30 years or so. So I can understand why the CR's would want him to send in his info physically (state id, social security card, etc) in order to obtain his report. But the Social Security lady said he cannot access his online social security account because something that Experian has on his file doesn't match his answers with Social Security. He confirmed everything with the lady at SS, and she agreed everything is OK and matches fine. So, she said since Experian has something in his file we don't know about, he has to contact Experian and straighten it out with them. I asked him if this will affect him applying for SS physically at the SS office, and he said he forgot to ask. Well, that's him, and hopefully he will call again today. I told him to start from scratch like he was trying to sign up for online access. Maybe a different person will get him a different response. It's happened to me before with banks and IT people. So what should I do? Just write a letter to Experian with picture state id, ss card, birth certificate, and request copy of credit report? In meantime, we could be losing out on SS money. I may have to take a day off work just to drive him down there (he doesn't drive) and find out if he can even apply. All due to Experian. So one would think, what the heck does Experian have to do with SS? But apparently the data that SS uses to identify a person is completely linked to Experian. Any one ever had this issue, and how to fix it quickly?
  17. BK7 discharged 4/23/2014. Got the original card for $3000k in May 2014. For some reason, going BK actually helped my score go UP on TU, anyway. I'm certainly not going to complain about it!
  18. After my BK7, I applied and got approved Cap1 QuicksilverOne with $39 AF. CL of $3,000.00, I was awaiting my auto CLI of $500.00 Instead today I see CL $5,000 ! Whoo Hoo! Now just to get rid of that dang AF. I am hoping if I wait until I have it for a full year if I can request to go to Quicksilver without the fee? I hope so. Edit: I didn't burn them.
  19. Brian B, thanks so much. That's what I thought, it would be based on $93,500. Or possibly, if the value of the home declined under that, I could see them balking at the value. But assuming it doesn't decline under that, Is there any rule I can point them to so they understand that? Because they are stating absolutely not, it is based on loan value $75,515 only. I think it is just a way for them to not do the work they need to do in order to cancel it. I'm not sure how much work that would be, or why they would really care... perhaps it is a better insurance for them, and if they drag it out longer, they are covering themselves longer. That's just not good for my side, though. There has to be a government rule on this, if you don't know or can't find it, can you point me to the regulations on it if you know that? Thanks so much.
  20. Ok, thank you. But can you define "last known value"? You also said, "Whatever the value was when you did the streamline" The value of the loan was $75,515.00, but the value of the home was $93,500.00 at that time. The $93,500 is clearly marked as value on the documents. Which does FHA consider last known value?
  21. I have a question on MIP and when I can cancel it. I think it is one way, but my Mortgage Company (Citi) disagrees. I did a FHA streamline refinance in 4/2013 for $75,515.00 from a 2009 FHA. So I fell into a very nice low MIP and it can cancel after minimum of 5 years, and as long as I reach this 78 or 80 percent mark. I will use 80% in this as I am not really sure which it is. Is this percentage based on the (appraised) value of the home at that time, or is it based on the original amount of the loan? And is it 80% or 78%? My mortgage company says it is based on the value of the loan at time of refinance, not the actual value of the home, and it is 80%. So I have to reach $60,412.00. I think it should be based on either the value of the home at time of refinance ($93,500.00, which is noted on the documents) or the value of the home at the 5 year mark (probably the latter). Assuming the value does not go down, of course. As example, if my home is worth $125K in 5 years (conservatively possible, neighbors smaller home just sold for $120K), I will have more than enough equity to reach this requirement at the 5 year mark. But if they are right, until I am under $60,412.00, I can't cancel MIP. It will be very hard for me to reach this amount in 5 years. But I am already almost at 80% right now using today's value, so all I would need to really do is wait the 5 years. Any help is appreciated.
  22. A few weeks before I went BK7, one of my creditors who I was not paying pulled my credit as a hard inquiry. Now it's going to sit there for 2 years. Is a hard pull allowed by a creditor without my permission? My other creditors pulled softs. FYI it's Iberia.
  23. Thanks. But I already have a mortgage at 3.75% fixed for 30 years. So I'm good with that. But thanks for reminding me they may waive the fee. I've tried that before with other cards, so I will again with that one when it's time.
  24. Ok, I guess I will leave the positive account alone, unless it starts getting to the point that it appears like I have too much credit available. That's gonna be a while, I'm sure. Then, I can always tell the CB it should be IIB. I don't really want a lot of credit cards. I just want the score to be enough to be able to get a car later, or maybe a better type of credit card than my Cap1 which charges $39 a year. I'm cancelling that one right before the year is up. Hopefully I will qualify for a better card before then.

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