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  1. What is the best way to buy a house that I have been renting for 6 years? My credit scores are fair, but not quite at 620 (because I can probably qualify for USDA). There are few things like late payments and old negative accounts will come off in a few months.
  2. Does settlement offers work for medical CA's? If so, is there an effective one I may use? The insurance paid a large portion, but I am still stuck with $2600... Please help, thanks!
  3. Please help. I need more information about how to handle a repo. I need a repo taken off of my credit report, but this creditor is a hard baller. It will not take the repo off. Ugghhhh! Is there a "winning Appraoch?"
  4. Has anyone had experience getting a mortgage deleted off their credit? Could you claim that it is not yours or ask for forgiveness of debt in a letter? The company is being sold and now has a reputation for unethically selling loans to people who could not afford them. I am just find a way out.
  5. Ok. Thank you. From reading, I understood that we were not supposed to contact the CA during this period, only the OC. But, I guess since the CRA wont verify the OC, then we have no choice but to contact the CA. Is this correct? Because I could not get full contact information from the CRA in order to send DV's to the OC.
  6. Some questions I can't directly answer for him are: "Is it safe to assume that his consolidation interest rate will stay at 3.160? Great Lakes no longer 'provides a consolidation lender'. How can we find a lender (I've seen DL recommended) and what do we need to look for? Are there any real benefits to consolidating right now? " I had the same questions. I consolidated a few student loansthrough Great Lakes, and need to consolidate more federal loans. I spoke with the servicing company for Great Lakes and they said Great Lakes no longer consolidate and the only ones that consolidate now are credit unions. There are no incentives offer through lenders as there were before. All are the same rate. So, I will take the advice and check with Direct Loans because I read here that it was easy to apply.
  7. I believe my original question was misunderstood. My problem lies with the CRA not responding to the 1st DV letter that asks them to verify the debt by giving me name of the OC, date of service, amount of debt and so forth. TransUnion hardly ever verifies the debt and EQX verifies it partial. In other words, when I sent the 1st dispute letter to the CRA, I did not get a response from Transunion and Equifax stated that the debt belongs to me, but did not give me contact information about the OC. So I was asking what to do in this case?
  8. yes that is the letter I sent: the 1st hipaa letter. these are old accounts in 2005 & 2006. some are hospitals, others are non hospitals.
  9. I did try to delete my old addresses months ago, but I noticed that not all of my old addresses were deleted. The accounts are about two years old. Also, some are on multiple cra's: mainly eqx and transunion. Transunion almost never send a response back for verification. Equifax will send a response back, but they only verify the address of the ca and not the original medical provider. Equifax will not even send a copy of the bill nor everything listed in the dispute letter. What to do?
  10. I have read that it is not smart to get on the phone with ca's, but if it is a fairly new account, do you think I can negotiate payment arrangements for deletion. Should I answer the phone? The CA reported it about 2 months ago, and it is from a car rental placing claiming that I caused damage to the car. However, I never saw a repair bill only an estimate of repair. Not that I am trying to get out of anything that I owe, but anyone can say that you made this small damage and try to charge an outrageous repair fee to it. What should I do? Answer the phone to try and make payment arrangements for the exchange of the deletion? (I don't know how likely this is for American Recovery System). Or should I fight the repair cost?
  11. I sent the 1st Hippa letter to the cra. I needed the contact information for the original medical provider, however, eqx sent me the contact info for the ca. what to do? resend the letter or try to get this info from the ca?
  12. What are the best student loan consolidation lenders? I have mostly federal loans. My total debt is around 100k. I am also a teacher looking for assistance. I know my subject area is not a critical needs area in my state, therefore, my state doesn't offer reimbursent/assistance. I would appreciate suggestions. Thank you.
  13. I know that student loans has a negative impact on your debt to income ratio for mortgage apps. Of course students loans are factored in the ratio causing your affordability low. So is it wise to consolidate these loans? Will it help to consolidate student loans making it more manageable? Will consolidation impact credit scores? Is there a way to put the sl's on your business credit?
  14. I actually had Academic Loan Group to consilidate. I thought they were supposed to consilidate all loans, but they only consilidated about three or four. So before calling them back to consilidate all my loans, I wanted to ask if this is the right thing to do. Does consilidation hurt or help your credit scores because I have several student loans equally to over 50k. Also, I have read twice that once the borrower starts paying, their credit scores drop across the board. Is this true? If so, why? jdpeach
  15. The CA was CCP & MCB Collection Systems. The 1st letter I sent was this: I have recently obtained a credit report from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. It shows the above account with your company was charged-off. To the best of my knowledge, I have always paid this account promptly and satisfactorily. This incorrect information is seriously hurting my credit rating, and I would appreciate it if you would verify this information and correct it with all three credit bureaus. If the information cannot be verified, please delete the account from my credit report. Please inform me with the results of your verification as soon as possible. Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2nd letter I sent was this and after this letter they only sent partial validation, so the third letter is printed below this letter: Be advised that this is not a refusal to pay, but a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 ( that your claim is disputed and validation is requested. This is NOT a request for “verification†or proof of my mailing address, but a request for VALIDATION made pursuant to the above named Title and Section. I respectfully request that your offices provide me with competent evidence that I have any legal obligation to pay you. Please provide me with the following: What the money you say I owe is for; Explain and show me how you calculated what you say I owe; Provide me with copies of any papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe; Provide a verification or copy of any judgment if applicable; Identify the original creditor; Prove the Statute of Limitations has not expired on this account Show me that you are licensed to collect in my state Provide me with your license numbers and Registered Agent At this time I will also inform you that if your offices have reported invalidated information to any of the 3 major Credit Bureau’s (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion) this action might constitute fraud under both Federal and State Laws. Due to this fact, if any negative mark is found on any of my credit reports by your company or the company that you represent I will not hesitate in bringing legal action against you for the following: Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Defamation of Character If your offices are able to provide the proper documentation as requested in the following Declaration, I will require at least 30 days to investigate this information and during such time all collection activity must cease and desist. Also during this validation period, if any action is taken which could be considered detrimental to any of my credit reports, I will consult with my legal counsel for suit. This includes any listing any information to a credit reporting repository that could be inaccurate or invalidated or verifying an account as accurate when in fact there is no provided proof that it is. If your offices fail to respond to this validation request within 30 days from the date of your receipt, all references to this account must be deleted and completely removed from my credit file and a copy of such deletion request shall be sent to me immediately. I would also like to request, in writing, that no telephone contact be made by your offices to my home or to my place of employment. If your offices attempt telephone communication with me, including but not limited to computer generated calls and calls or correspondence sent to or with any third parties, it will be considered harassment and I will have no choice but to file suit. All future communications with me MUST be done in writing and sent to the address noted in this letter by USPS. It would be advisable that you assure that your records are in order before I am forced to take legal action. This is an attempt to correct your records; any information obtained shall be used for that purpose. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the 3rd letter sent to them requesting full validation and not partial validation. After this letter, the CA said any further communication from me would be "frivulous and harrassment": I am in possession of the signed certified mail receipt that tells me that you have received my request for your company to properly validate the claimed debt postmarked February 28, 2008. Please be advised that your blatant disregard and violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and my rights as a consumer have caused harm to me by seriously affecting my credit rating, causing the denial of credit, as well as causing me to be charged higher interest rates and unfavorable loan terms. Your offices have not provided me with any validation; your offices have not yet provided sufficient evidence that this alleged debt is mine. Please provide me with the following: What the money you say I owe is for; Explain and show me how you calculated what you say I owe; Provide me with copies of any papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe; Provide a verification or copy of any judgment if applicable; Identify the original creditor; Prove the Statute of Limitations has not expired on this account Show me that you are licensed to collect in my state Provide me with your license numbers and Registered Agent. I am sure you are aware of the consequences in violating the FCRA and FDCPA as well as the multiple violations your company is now responsible for, but not limited to: As per the FDCPA: * 809. Validation of debts [15 USC 1692g] (If the consumer notifies the debt collector in writing within the thirty-day period described in subsection (a) that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, or that the consumer requests the name and address of the original creditor, the debt collector shall cease collection of the debt, or any disputed portion thereof, until the debt collector obtains verification of the debt or any copy of a judgment, or the name and address of the original creditor, and a copy of such verification or judgment, or name and address of the original creditor, is mailed to the consumer by the debt collector. * 813. Civil liability [15 U.S.C. 1692k] (a) Except as otherwise provided by this section, any debt collector who fails to comply with any provision of this title with respect to any person is liable to such person in an amount equal to the sum of -- (1) any actual damage sustained by such person as a result of such failure; (2) (A) in the case of any action by an individual, such additional damages as the court may allow As per the FCRA: * 616. Civil liability for willful noncompliance [15 U.S.C. 1681n] (a) In general. Any person who willfully fails to comply with any requirement imposed under this title with respect to any consumer is liable to that consumer in an amount equal to the sum of (1) (A) any actual damages sustained by the consumer as a result of the failure or damages of not less than $100 and not more than $1,000 * 617. Civil liability for negligent noncompliance [15 U.S.C. 1681o] (a) In general. Any person who is negligent in failing to comply with any requirement imposed under this title with respect to any consumer is liable to that consumer in an amount equal to the sum of (1) any actual damages sustained by the consumer as a result of the failure; (2) in the case of any successful action to enforce any liability under this section, the costs of the action together with reasonable attorney's fees as determined by the court. Your company has failed to send the legally required validation of this debt. You have been notified that your actions are detrimental to me and that your company has violated (including but not limited to) the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your company knew or should have known that the actions taken against me and the information collected about me were inappropriate and damaging to me. Failed to use reasonable care in the course of business and failed to use even minimal procedures to ensure that I was not harmed. As a result of these blatantly reckless, wanton, and intentional acts, I have suffered and continue to suffer general and specific damages. I am also very upset at your company's intentional infliction of emotional distress, other diminishments of the quality of my life and refusal to follow the law. Please understand that I am extremely concerned regarding the harmful resultant consequences of the actions your company has taken. Please be advised that, if this matter is not resolved expeditiously, I will take any and all necessary steps to protect my rights. If you wish to resolve this matter, this will be your last opportunity to do so. You have 10 days of this tracked notice to provide me with complete validation of this alleged debt. If you are unable to do so I demand deletion of this item from my credit file. Forward a letter to me via facsimile and via regular U.S. mail stating it has been removed and will not reappear on my credit reports again. I will accept nothing less. Please be aware if this account is not completely validated or deleted I will file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, the state’s Banking and Finance Bureau, and the Better Business Bureau. Also, note that section 1681s-2(of the Fair Credit Reporting Act creates a cause of action for a consumer against a furnisher of erroneous credit information (Nelson v. Chase Manhattan). If your offices remove the collection from my credit report, I will not pursue any further action to re-collect money that was paid on my behalf. For the purposes of 15 U.S.C. 1692 et seq., this Notice has the same effect as a dispute to the validity of the alleged debt and a dispute to the validity of your claims. This Notice is an attempt to correct your records, and any information received from you will be collected as evidence should any further action be necessary. All future communications with me must be done in writing and sent to the address noted in this letter. Thank you and I look forward to your resolving this most expeditiously. I think you all for those suggestions to file suit and so forth. I will take this into consideration.

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