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  1. FWIW, now that my BK has dropped off, I do have a bona-fide 801 FICO per Discover...
  2. Well, the most significant other obligation is THIS house at $1250/mo PITI, the condo fee ($280) which I believe they count, 2 cars, and a few small credit cards, but it still adds up to $3k/mo. So probably closer to $400k.
  3. Good morning. My wife and I are stuck in a condo that has still not recovered in value to 2008 levels. We're about $15k upside down. However, market rents run about $1800, and with our P&I payment of $900, we can rent and come close to break-even. We'd take a small loss due to the condo fee but that's still better than the $25k loss selling once we pay a realtor. Background: Both of us are in our jobs 2+ years (2 for me, 10 for her). Credit: Me - 775 Transunion (per Discover statement) - bankruptcy in Oct .05 that drops off this fall. Her - 800+ no bankruptcy I used to originate mortgages so I have some knowledge of the process, but it's been a few years since I've done it. I'm assuming that even if we get a signed lease on our current property that we can't cound the rent towards our income unless we move out, rent it out, rent a place ourselves, then move AGAIN to buy a home in 1-2 years. Not something we're interested in doing. However our income is pretty good ($14k/mo together) and our current debts including the current mortgage, condo fee, escrows, etc. are about $3k/mo, and part of that includes $10 - $25 minimum payments on about 6 credit cards we actually pay in full monthly, that we could pay off at once to lower DTI a bit. We can put down 10% on a $400k purchase and have about $60k in liquid assets left over after that. What back-end DTI can we realistically qualify for? In my head I think at current rates we could just squeak by a $360k mortgage without the rental income being counted...
  4. To answer the other question, I did not IIB Chase.
  5. I checked the letter they sent, and no, it's not FICO after all. I forget what they called it. Sounds like some weird internal thing. So - I still know my TU is a FICO, since Discover gives that on each statement. Either way, my scores are as good as many people w/o a BK at all.
  6. They denied my CLI due to income. Apparently they gave me the max I qualified for at the start.
  7. Hi CBers. Haven't been here in a while. Well, it seems Chase still auto-denies anything with the word "bankruptcy" on the report...but on recon, will approve. Ch 7 10/05 disch 02/06. FICOs Equifax 797 Transunion (from Discover) 767 Experian ?? Applied for Southwest airlines card w/Chase. I already have 2 Chase accts but they were both approved by other lenders - a Freedom card that was WaMu, and an Airtran card that was Barclays. PERFECT history since BK, no baddies at all. Equifax score they pulled was 797. Yet still, a denial due to the presence of a nearly nine year old bankruptcy. That said, I called the recon line, and without me having to really make any fuss, they approved me for $7k. Not my best CL but will do for now. So my verdict: Chase must have an automated system that boots anything that has the word "bankruptcy" in it, but when a human looks at it, they will approve people with BK on their reports, at least once you're at the point I am, where all the IIB's have dropped and scores are high.
  8. OK - finally reported as of Jan 15 per TU. Not sure about EQ or EX yet. It says "date opened Nov 2007".
  9. Login still says "member since '07" even after adding the new card. Card itself still says 2013 though.
  10. I added the new card to my online login (created for my AU card) & it does say "member since 2007" but the card itself says 2013. The disclosure they sent said my Experian FICO was 754. Highest so far!
  11. I just got approved for a new Amex in my own name. Have been AU w/DW since 2007. I even have a login (to view the AU card) that says "Member Since 2007" - is there a good chance my new TL reports as 2007?
  12. I'm back! Been gone a while, living live, working, letting things age. The 2 scores I can see are both well into the mid 700s at this point, 8 years and 1 month after filing a Chapter 7, which discharged in Feb. 06. Amex wasn't IIB, but I was poison to them for years due to it being on my reports. I've been an AU on my DW's acct since she got her card in '07. So last week for S & G's, I applied for a BCE card. APPROVED - for a limit of $9700!!!!!! Not my highest but better than the $1000 toy card I was expecting. Next question...when will this show up on my reports most likely, in others' experience? I want to see if my open date matches the date on my AU card or not. I have a login already on the amex website (for the AU card) that says Welcome Hairmetal4ever Member Since 2007, so I'm thinking I have a shot...
  13. OK...well...you ARE entitled to a copy of an appraisal, and from what I remember, most closing packets do contain the title report as well. FWIW I've worked in mortgages...the reason the consumer pays for the appraisal is simple - if the loan doesn't close, companies can't just eat thousands and thousands of dollars of appraisals month in, month out. It's just not realistic. Especially once you reach the point where people who are 99.9% sure their home won't appraise for enough apply for a refinance, since the lender will pay for it, KNOWING they won't have to pony up when the value almost certainly comes in too low.
  14. Hmm. Well, my Linkedin doesn't have my current job (started Jan 2013) on it but otherwise they won't find anything disturbing. Facebook - well I have "friends" on facebook ranging from a couple dropouts I went to high school with...to Donald Trump. Wonder how that would look? Hopefully they won't hold against me that I 'liked' Motley Crue, Ratt, Poison, Dokken, etc.

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