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  1. sent my DV letter one week ago...haven't recieved word yet...
  2. Try this thread for disputing...it helped some... http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=313560
  3. Thanks...I was looking for something like that.
  4. thanks. anyone had any luck DVing mcm or mcr?
  5. Sent dv letters to CA's (mcm and mrs) today...certified mail, signature required... Lets see what happens next...
  6. Same here. Attack that 20% interest rate. Put in a little more monthly on that or just try to refi with a different lender (try a credit union).
  7. OK Thanks...not to fuel the fire but what about in Illinois...Are Credit Cards considered written or open contracts (there's a huge difference in the SOL).
  8. Sooo...If the CA attempting to collect a debt from me isn't listed as an official licensed CA in my state...they're illegally attempting to collect???
  9. Yes!!! Please do!!! I would think that a form like that could be very useful! If you decide to make a form like that would you please post it? Maybe on this thread? PS Congrats on cleaning up the baddies! I'm just starting the process myself...
  10. Thanks for the clarification on form letters
  11. Lots of info. for us Newbies! Very helpful...read it all...
  12. Plus, in my experience its not always a good idea to mix business and family
  13. Did it (work and school full time), finished my BA, and decided it was WELL worth the work in the end!!! I've had SO many more opportunities and chances to get ahead just with this piece of paper... hang in there...as you know...time flies, and when you look back at it, that school experience will be a part of you that you can hold on to forever!!! Hang in there! PS plus, people will respond highly to your experience in the workplace AND schooling. Its like shooting two birds with one stone.
  14. Quick question for a quick answer (hopefully)...Is a credit card contract considered an oral or written contract???
  15. Great source of info. here! I've been using/learning about credit for 10 years and haven't been even close to learning what I've learned on this sight in 1 month!

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