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  1. Wow, thank you for responding to each issue! I am reading and digesting everything you said. This forum is awesome! I am re-working on a binder to keep for my credit repair journey. I started one two years ago, but never kept up with it. Thank God I still have in my home office, it’s time to start from scratch. Also, that excel sheet is a great tip! Definitely will add that to the list.
  2. If this is better suited in the BK forum, yes please move. I wasn’t sure which forum to post to, I had two windows open with the same post in both sections trying to debate which one submit lol. Thank you all so much for this advice, I want to cry lol!
  3. Ok I will continue reading the boards, and searching for stories. That does help sort of guide me and also serves as motivation. I know everyone’s journey is different but, at least it’s a start.
  4. Thank you for responding! The lates are all before the bankruptcy. I need to look at the dates and see when they are due to fall. Accounts fall off starting from the first date of delinquency?
  5. Hello all, I filed bankruptcy last year and was discharged 7/20/17. Good news I guess - but my scores still suck, currently my TU and EQ scores are in the low 500s. My EX score was at 600 last time I checked. I have floated in and out of this forum and other websites looking on how to start the rebuilding process and just end up feeling overwhelmed. I aspire to have better credit, just don’t know where to start and feel kind of hopeless. I thought perhaps I should start a thread for advice and to even maybe motivate me. I have done some online disputes here
  6. ch1c


    HoustonLynne your encouraging words are helping me even more - thanks *hugs* I was able to place my ACS loan (now with ECSI) in rehab thanks to the advice over in the student loan forum. I am realizing this may take some time to repair, but I am remaining hopeful.
  7. Thank you for your help. I was able to put the loan in rehab for 9 months - paying $46/mon. The representative told me that after 9 months, the lates would be removed off my report - are ALL the lates removed? I am suppose to receive a copy of the agreement in the mail that I must sign.
  8. The ACS loan has been sent to ECSI (couldn't add/update to my last post)
  9. Thank you for your response and leading me to that website! I have a direct consolidated subsidized loan with Navient. Balance is $31,250 I have a direct consolidated unsubsidized loan with Navient. Balance is $22,340 Both loans are current. I pay $211/month to Navient towards those loans. The ACS loan has defaulted. Should I try rehabing?
  10. My questions are bolded. I want to pay them and clear my report
  11. Hello all, Trying to tackle these student loan baddies on my reports and need some advice on the steps I should take. I have a school loan that was under ACS that is past due: ACS H***** University Student Loan $1013 current due 120 days past due / min payment $42 opened in 2004 LATE 30 DAYS 6 times 5 times (Nov 2012, Sep 2012, Nov 2011, Jul 2011, Jun 2011) LATE 60 DAYS 2 times 2 times (Dec 2012, Dec 2011) LATE 90 PLUS DAYS 30 times (Feb 2015, Jan 2015, Dec 2014, Nov 2014, Oct 2014, Sep 2014, Aug 2014, Jul 2014, Jun 2014, May 2014, Apr 2014, Mar 2014, Feb 2014, Jan 2014, Dec 20
  12. ch1c


    You are absolutely right. I was going in the right direction this time just last year! Life did happen...and I fell off I even successfully removed a medical collection off my report thanks to WhyChat! So now, I'm trying to figure out the next step to take. This is really the hardest part. Since my student debt is a big contribution to my low scores - should that be my first move?
  13. ch1c


    Thanks for the advice Tweak. I definitely plan to get off Myfico because I can't afford the monthly fee right now. Thanks cashnocredit. Current balance on the ACS Loan: $1013 120 days past due / min payment $42 opened in 2004 I have a consolidated and unconsolidated loan with Navient - current combined bal $53,965. The Dept of Ed loan that is on my report with lates shows as paid and closed. The balance was $44,509 - I don't even know which loan that is, I'm guessing it was the consolidated & unconsolidated loan. I went into forbearance around that time after not being
  14. ch1c


    I appreciate your reply, I'm at tears right now. Thanks for the encouragement
  15. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and really would appreciate some guidance. Basically, I want to get the ball rolling on this credit repair but, I feel financially strapped and confused on where to start. I had a miscarriage earlier this year so, I have medical bills coming that I need to pay before I have more dings to my credit report. My plan is to get on payment plans for GYN visits and my surgery balance (I have high deductible with my insurance). I want to pay off my credit cards and lower my utilization, but I have SO many lates on my report...I'm talking 30, 60, 90, 120, AND 150 late
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