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  1. The owner of a residential rental company threatening to publish the names and debts of people who they say owe them money if they do not take down their negative comments about the company. This was in response to people complaining about how the company did business, fines, illegal evictions, etc. He said he would post all of that information on facebook. This is in SC. I dont think I can post the link (it is still up!!) since it is a group, but I do have a full copy of the message if needed, but here is a snippet (surely this isnt legal, is it??): As for those on this discussion chain who found it necessary to post inaccurate information; one-sided information and downright lies; I am glad you chimed-in. Upon our extensive research of names of those who posted false information about our company We know who you are. We created the following categories and will be adding names and specific information and documentation related to your relationship and past account with my Company. If the false postings and lies remain on this or any other site, I will personally populate the categories below, with your name. 1. The following individuals who posted, are on our current list for collections and/or judgements: 2. The following individuals who posted, are on our list for signing a lease then skipping-out before their lease expired: 3. The following individuals who posted caused excessive damage to the property from a pet, thus forfeiting deposit: 4. The following individuals who posted caused excessive damage to the property, thus forfeiting partial or full deposit. (Magistrate Court hearings will be listed) 5. The following individuals who posted caused excessive HOA violations and are completely offensive individuals:
  2. Says that applies to debt collectors. What about original creditors?
  3. An original creditor (local company) is threatening to post names and debts on Facebook if people do not remove their negative comments. Thats not legal, right??
  4. My father passed away recently and left my mom is a lot of debt. There is a 2nd mortgage and line of credit on their house, so it is way under water. He also has a lot of credit card debt, although I don't know how much. He always paid the bills, so my mom doesn't have a clue about the amounts. I'm just trying to do some damage control for her. My question: Since there is no estate, can the credit card companies attach liens to her house? The house is in both of their names. They had joint checking accounts, but all credit accounts were separate. This is SC, so community property shouldn't apply to the debt. I've tried reading through SC law, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Please help me help my mother! Is it exempt because it is in both of their names? Homestead exemption? Any websites would be great!
  5. My school requests dry-erase markers, too. They are not for the teacher, at least at my school. The school provides each student with an individual dry-erase board for classwork, games, and to check for understanding.
  6. ConServe called twice requesting payment w/o sending the written notice within five days. They balked when I requested it. I am writing a letter requesting validation now to them. Also, they stated that FI had to give them a checking account number or prepaid card number in order to pay (to rehab it). Can they request that banking info? All accounts are in my name only and I don't think it is legal to require him to get a checking acct or prepaid number to give them. Am I right or wrong here?
  7. Thanks everybody! I'm glad to know that Wells Fargo isn't a deal-killer. Now I just have to decide if I want to spring that much for a mattress or not. Again, thanks!
  8. I need a new mattress and am looking at tempurpedic. I saw this financing option on tempurpedic's website, but I do recall hearing bad things about Wells Fargo. Will they send the bills late or hold payments so that I will be "late" and then have to pay interest charges? Thanks bunches!
  9. At my school, the teachers create the class lists for the next grade. They divide the students by ability, race, gender, behaviors, gifted/talented, resource, ESL, speech, etc. They try to balance them as much as possible. Then the principal changes things based on parent requests and assigns a teacher to each particular group. Sometimes it works well, and sometimes it doesn't.
  10. I disagree. Teachers are paid for 180 days (or whatever it is based on the state/district) and that is it. When they take the pay spread out, it is still for just that number of days, plus they lose the interest it would have generated in a savings account. If teachers were to teach kids in the summer, they would have to be paid for those days at their daily rate. So, no, they are not getting paid to stay home. If we really want to look at it, they are also not compensated for work that must be done outside of school. All of that planning and grading has to be done on their own time. Not too many others jobs require that.
  11. While teachers do get the summers off, it is NOT paid time off. Many, during that unpaid time off, have to get another job, prepare for the following year, take graduate classes on their own dime, and/or attend mandatory unpaid "professional development" courses. And for those few that don't do any of that stuff, so what? They aren't being paid to work anyway. As to the letter...
  12. What subgroups are accountable for AYP? Each school and district is assessed to determine if it has achieved AYP for all students in communication arts and math. In addition, each of the subgroups listed below is required to meet AYP goals, unless there are 30 or fewer students in the subgroup. There must be at least 50 students in the IEP and LEP subgroups for them to be accountable for AYP. Asian & Pacific Islander Free/Reduced lunch Black IEP (Special education) Hispanic LEP (Limited English proficiency) American Indian White http://dese.mo.gov/divimprove/nclb/QandA.html In my state, ESL and special ed students take the exact same test. They may receive accomodations, such as small group testing, frequent breaks, etc. My local school didn't meet AYP *only* because the special ed subgroup didn't pass.

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