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  1. I used to have a travelocity masterdard but was upgraded to the travelocity Amex. The updated my account but screwed up my points. I get 4 points for every dollar spent as i signed up for the travelocity plan and paid 69 dollars. but now i spent 1229 dollars and get 2458 points. I call the customer service number and they say call travelocity. then travelocity reservation says to call the travelocity card services. THEY HAVE THE DUMBEST people ever. It took 45 minutes to explain to teh rep that I was not given the correct ammount of point for my trancsation. I must have asked for a manager 10
  2. I'd like to do this, but I'm almost afraid of AA so early on. Does Barclay's ever check any other CRA besides TU? After getting a denial, then approval on recon, would I possibly be pushing my luck? I'm tempted to just wait six months, then call the magic number to request a CLI. called them this morning. Talked to the first lady who said since I have only used 700 most on my cards, she can at max CLI me to 750 from 500. TOld her to cancle the card, she sent me to card de-activations. I told him why this was being done, he was" more than happy to cancle my card" LOL ...I said hold
  3. I had a old card on 2000 that I defaulted on in college in 2001. Last month I applied for a discover card and this morning I got a call from Jennifer from 18888200960 wanting to settel for 50cents on the dollar. and asking what my intentions are with new card. I lived in Kansas back then, now I live in Texas. I told her the account is out of SOL and she said no it's not. I told her to send me the paper work and "we'll see". She asked to confirmed my address and I said "well...that is my address on CR" I think I pissed her off good and she said "OK I will just mark this as refusal to
  4. wow i applied lask for travelocity points card and got denied for the below issues . High overall credit card utilization Presence of collection inquiries High number of recent inquiries Called just now and talked to the rep. I told her that these balances have been paid in full. and I bought a call last year so the dealer put a lot of INQs. no collection as teh collection was wrong and not on my report anymore. she asked me a lot of quests and approved me for $500. What is the best way to get CLI for Barcly?
  5. So far I have no gotten the pre-approval. I have cleaned up my TU except for one 1874 discover CO. 2 new accounts. 2 inq. I have been thinking about appliing again in-store this time. What do you guys think will I get it? Is it even a good I dea to try.
  6. Applied for the walamrt and lowes cards after checking EQ (637). Called both after appling online got the 7-10 day message. Both times csr said I was denied and will get a letter in the mail. Well Lowes send me one in e-mail. but did not get one for Walmart. Called CSr again , she said I will get a response in 30 day. I applied for the walmart discover , but I have a discover CO on my CR, but I am thinking I might get the walmart store card. Just to get my foot in GEMB I dug around and found that walmart gives LOW store cards even with collections and baddies. What do the experts thinks
  7. The number for walmart discover services pphone number 8666111148. I applied today with a EQ score of 637( fico) and got the 7-10 day message. dig up a number called and was told that I was denied for Discover and the walmart store card. WOW.
  8. How many is "enough" transactions?
  9. OP there is also palnetfeedback.com that allows you to submit you issues for companies head directly. I was just looking for a high end bank to get into as a part of my re-building efforts, I have BofA checking ( opened for for 100 bucks ) , US bank checking , and HSBC saving + CC account. I guess I will stay Fa.......................r way from WF, and Pick my poison from the bank I know. Sound like are are not a personal bank but rather a business ( A** kissing) bank.
  10. One of my friends asked me about his legacy visa from first national bank. He has had the card for 3-4 years and only gotten automatic CLI of 100 per year , he is up to 600. he is high util and only sometimes pif. I was wondering if there are other poeple that have his card. I have nevr heard of it and could not find anything on the net as far as the company or something. he pays 50 for annual fee. but the card is unsecured. Any input ???
  11. I had great luck with credit one bank. I got the card in the mail and I was is was 200 dollar limit, steam started coming out of my ears as the enrollment fee was 69 plus 5.75 per month and a fee to pay online. Given I knwo everything before hand thanks to CB, but I still wanted to try as a 200 limit card is truly worthless from a utilization pint of view. BUt anyway, I called the number to activate the card and Told DAVE the CSR ( American guy) that this was a bunch of Bull and I could walk down to any CU or bank and get a 200 dollar secured card instead of pay 140 dollars a year for thei
  12. What was the reson for your denial? Address issues maybe
  13. Long story short. I have been a multiple time a week shopper at Target for years. close to 20 years. Been using a CC there for as long as I've been 18 (over 10 years ago). I didn't get my first pre-approval until last summer. No rhyme or reason IMO to how they choose who gets one and who doesn't. And FWIW, the card that got me the pre-approval was one I had used for years at Target. Juniper Frontier MC with a 15K CL. Aprpoved for the Tier 1 APR Visa, 12.5K I know this plan has been recently implemented I think last year, so they must have started collection this data somet
  14. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...t&p=1867789 From some time back. My address is difftrent from my CR bucasue I have just moved.
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