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  1. Bank of America CashBack - $100,500 k Penfed Platinum Cash Rewards- $50k Navy flagship Visa- $ 75k
  2. Hello, Does anyone have the citi number to the EO so I can call to combined my limits thanks.
  3. MEC No pain here as I hardly use the card . I do have a 95k visa with US bank buss. I like them as they send me bal. transfer checks all the time for 18 months 0% On the personal side I have a nothing over 100k yet , Or anything under 25k . Here is a FEW cards that I have listed . 75k BBVA 50k penfed 50k usaa 30K PSECU
  4. BOA BUSINESS VISA PLAT. Went from $65k to $100,500
  5. I hardly use this card and pay off at end of the month, I noticed my APR was 20.74 last month , And this month its a whopping 33.8% Has evenyone eles see this rate hike? Iam never late so don't know why its up 13 more % glad I never have a big balance. So check your statements this month thanks.
  6. No it doesn't hurt your personal credit , As long as the card wasnt reporting to your personal credit .
  7. Had both amazons about 9 months and just combined them this week ,I also tried to have them combined my newegg to my amazon but no go .
  8. Asked for my to lowes cards to be combined my net 30 and revolving cards are both at 25k, so I called asked to move the 25k from net 30 card and close it and now 50k on the revolver. I also did this with my amazon cards so both amazon and lowes revolvers are at 50k a piece. pnc visa now at 35K FROM 16K I did get a CLI from BOA visa from 56k now 80k. Now I need to get my nfcu combined, I have visa and master card at 25k a piece and want one 50k card. Anyone know if they will combine?
  9. Yep penfed is awesome! They gave me a 5k credit card and six months later asked for cli and they moved me up to 50k and then I apped for the loc since they pulled a hard and they gave me 25k . Both with the lowest rate.
  10. BTW, When you ask for the reduction its not a hard pull, I asked navy when I did mine last year.
  11. Despair808, You have to wait a year from your opening date to ask for a rate reduction, And the better your score the better chance for the lowest APR. which is 13.9% I think a score over 720 should get you a 13.9% rate
  12. After a year you can call them to have the rate lowered.
  13. What I did is applied online to get a bj's business membership, then applied for the business mastercard once approved I called and cancelled my store membership and got my $50 back. You don't need the store membership to keep the master card open.
  14. I just faxed for a cli to 50k from 25k which my limit is now. I only had the card 1 month ,its a long shot but i do have limits in the 75k range Heck this was a non pg card so I have nothing to lose.
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