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  1. I'll second Andrew. The 'fringe' benefits on an Amex or better Visa/MC are potentially very valuable and overlooked by most people. Extended warranty is very valuable, purchase protection, extended return protection are good too. One year I saved more on the extended warranty than I made on all my rewards. Almost all Amex consumer cards, even the 'lower' ones, have the same 'fringe' benefits (except the Gold and Platinum). Also, having your phone calls answered by someone in Salt Lake City with good english skills is nice.
  2. Hi Texas: They have a lot of cards, so it can be confusing, but the differences between the Amex cards are 1) Charge( pay in full) vs. Credit and 2) Rewards programs. They all have basically the same fringe-benefits. I'd recommend one of the credit-cards, over the charge-cards (Green, Gold, Platinum) only because many have no annual fee, and you can revolve a balance if you really have to. You'll probably find their most generous rewards are on their hotel and airline cards, IF you frequent Hilton, Starwood or Delta. If you don't frequent those businesses, I think their Blue Cash card is overall the strongest credit-card. The Clear card benefits are probably a notch below but it is reputed here to be their hardest card to get.
  3. If you are a regular customer of Hilton, Starwood hotels, or Delta Airlines, then one of those cards will have the best rewards for you. Otherwise, I think Blue Cash Preferred. That's probably their best general-purpose card. Or, the Blue Cash Everyday if you don't want to pay the annual fee.
  4. If the processing companies have minimum fees that are high enough that it makes it unprofitable for their merchant customers to take those small charges, its very understandable fora merchants setting a minimum charge amount to try and recoup what they have to pay the CC processor. For me its easier pay cash for your small stuff with cash anyway. Personally I wouldn't consider using my card on a$10 charge unless I forgot to go to the ATM that morning.
  5. Robots: Good move. You were rewarded for keeping your head when they CLD'd you. We knew that the CC companies were going to have a change-of-heart about their customers when the economy started recovering. People who kept their CLD'd lines open and kept current would soon be coveted by the same companies that 'dissed' them a year or two ago. I bet this is not the last CLI you'll be seeing
  6. amex was IIB. so I know better than to apply. just strange they would not suppress me from their pre-screened process. Heg: I am firmly of the opinion that sometimes Amex's right hand doesn't know what its left hand is doing. From dealing with them on the corporate side, I have found that their different departments have big walls around them, and they don't talk to each other, and even their computer systems sometimes can't communicate. Not that I'd bet on it in this case.....
  7. That Dubai First Royale Diamond Mastercard would sure look good in anyone's hand......
  8. Hi Jane: Sounds like you are doing good things for your credit. My thoughts would be: 1) Its usually easier to get an increase with an existing creditor, than to get new credit. Have you asked Chase for a CLI? That might be the quickest and easiest thing. They are a very good bank and can give good limits when they want. 2) You are generally going to have more leverage with the bank where you have your checking/savings accounts. If they have an acceptable credit card, that would be my second recommendation. They will be more open to giving you credit than someone who doesn't have your deposit accounts. The only concern I would have is your 70% utilization. You might want to get that lower before applying.
  9. Chiti, Did you have any changes in your spending habits? I've been using my card more lately and they may be 'rewarding' me. LOL Yes, now that you mention it, my useage has gone up over the last 6-12 months. I interpreted this as a good sign that they are happy with me right now, and so I took a gamble and called and asked for a much bigger CLI, which they ended up approving. I too was wondering if this is something a lot of people were seeing-
  10. That same thing has happened to me fairly recently. Several times, actually. Two odd, relatively small CLI's I didn't ask for. No negative actions on account before or after.
  11. chiti

    AMEX Green?

    Hi Robbie: Yes, as you have figured out, the green card (like the gold and platinum and zync) are 'charge' cards which must be paid-in-full every month. In years gone by their would let some charge-card customers float a balance for a short time at high rates, but some here have reported that feature is no more. They do have 'credit' cards which let you carry a balance if you need. The Blue and Clear cards, for example, and an airline and some hotel cards. But, if you carry a balance more than rarely, Amex is the wrong card for you: their interest rates are high and there are countless reports here that Amex considers it a big red-flag for negative account action. IMO (and I'm very open to differing points of view) Amex's credit cards are, if you can get them, better options than their charge-cards, because they have alll the fringe benefits of the charge-cards, but no annual fee, and you can carry a balance if something comes up. And, most people report finding that the rewards on the credit cards (such as cash on the Blue and Clear, hotel points on the Starwood and Hilton) are more generous than the Membership Rewards program the green/gold/platinum cards generally have. If you want an Amex card, and since you are repairing your credit and making good progress, one thing you might consider is giving your credit file and the economy another 6-12 months to improve, and then apply for on of their credit cards.
  12. Dollaramus: I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Others are right: you dont' need to worry about going to jail just for failure to pay taxes. I would suggest your BF do his best to work something out with the city. I've never dealt with the City of NY so someone else could correct me but: You are probably going to be much better payment terms from a government entity than you will if you borrow from a loan-shark finance company. In my experince gov't intrest rates are set by statute and are reasonably - nothing like 25%. And, if you have a tough situation like you do, you may find them more willing to work with you than a finance company. If that absolutely doesn't work, you may have to go the finance company route, but that should only be as a very very very last resort.
  13. chiti

    New Amex Card

    GoldTrad: Congrats and welcome to the club . IMO the Blue cash is one of their best choices, if you use it a lot. They don't seem to advertise it any more, since they are pushing thier charge-cards (which to me are not as attractive as their better credit-cards like the Blue or Clear or Hotel cards). You were approved for a decent limit on what is reputed to be one of their hardest-to-get cards. So, they must like something they see in you. I wouldn't sweat it. Live you life. Your card is meant to serve you, not the other way around. If Amex doesn't like the way you use the card, then they are the wrong card for you. If its any comfort: Amex is my primary card, and I've never ever had a charge rejected (even at places that are supposed to cause problems: casino hotels, tire stores, liquor stores). (knock-on-wood). I've always thought denial is a very small problem, because almost nobody would put up with that if it happened much, and they wouldn't have such a large and growing cardholder base.
  14. Good work- Wish everyone was like you! Sounds like problems at your employer - either an inefficient accounts payable dept., or they are trying to make money off employees carrying their payables for months. Hard to imagine that your vendors would be too happy with 90 -120 day payment terms-

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