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  1. I had to go to the ER for a dislocated shoulder in 2017 The hospital was in network but the Dr that I never saw wasn't. I don't have and can't get that EOB and I'm no longer with that insurance company. Any ideas on what to do?
  2. I didn't mean for tempers to flare and names be called with this post. I was just saying if we could be so lucky to use the virus as an excuse to get clean reports not just for me but for everyone.
  3. I don't have insurance I can't afford it But I was really just throwing it out there hoping we could use the excuse to get clear credit reports. It was just a thought
  4. Since the cornovirus will require some sort of stay in a hospital for treatment for some, such as myself with a compromised immune system. You would think they would clear people's credit reports so they can finance medical care if they need to. What do you think? I vote Yes everyone's baddies should be deleted because of the virus! Why not? They are closing everything including my son's school for a month. HE'S HOMESCHOOLED!! (Confuses me because you can't catch it through a computer!)
  5. Anyone have any tricks for EQ? I'm striking out with them. So far TU 5, EX 3 won't budge on 2, and EQ 0
  6. Dag nabbit!!! Ex will only go 2 months out for me. At least 3 are gone for today.
  7. 5 down 2 to go. Now if we're only that easy with Ex and Eq
  8. They called and addressed themselves as a third party hired by the OC. They haven't sent me anything in the mail yet. I told them to send me everything via mail. I know stay off the phone I thought it was my son's school calling. Being this close to having a clear report I don't want them to slap a col on my report that I have to fight to get off.
  9. Cen, wasn't sold. Never disputed it. I just left it alone in fear of it updating.
  10. I have an account due to drop in July haven't heard a word from them in almost 7 years, they haven't updated since 2015. I got a call from a CA today. My questions is why did they wait until now? I was about to try and get EE on this one since it hadn't updated in so long.
  11. Could it have had something to do with being in a disaster affected area?
  12. I think there should be a law against companies that are hired to collect debts for companies. They shouldn't be allowed to report unless they purchased the debt. With the OC already reporting someone they hire should not be able to report the same debt. That to me is double jeopardy.
  13. PRA only paid pennies on the dollar when they purchased your debt from the OC. I personally would cut them off at the pass and offer PRA the $200 to settle the account and not report it. If they don't agree then I would used the arb legaleagle suggested. While yes, filing for arb does have a bigger bite your going to spend the 200 anyway why not nip them in the butt to begin with. I have PRA on my reports for 2 accounts and are about to drop off in June of 2020. They wouldn't accept my offer so I'm about to offer them pennies on the dollar ( 60 & 42.00) they don't take it then they can rot off my reports.

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