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  1. gdtobefree

    6 Yr old CO last updated 4yrs ago

    It just sits on my reports. It's past my SOL, DOFD 12/2013 last updated 2/1/2015 Transferred/Sold JH Portfolio is the CA. I haven't heard a peep out of them either but they do update monthly. The sorry Ba****ds! They can't even report the right DOFD (which works out to my advantage anyway)
  2. gdtobefree

    Portfolio Recovery field trip

    Curious to see how this turns out lol
  3. gdtobefree

    Did Merrick sell my account?

    It does say due the the age of the account blah blah we wont sue you...... As usual it updatrs every month and holds a balance pushing my utl over 146% 🤨☹ Curious as to who to talk to, OC or FBCS about how the account would reflect on my reports, because we all know Merrick wont do a PFD.
  4. gdtobefree

    Did Merrick sell my account?

    I got a dunning letter from FBCS offering a settlement offer, a very nice offer I might add. $300 for a $1200 charge off. Their letter starts off with, " Merrick Bank has authorized us to accept a reduced amount to resolve your account". Since when does Merrick sell paper? They NEVER sell, so I'm kind of puzzled. BTW it is past SOL and scheduled to fall off aug 2019.
  5. gdtobefree

    Direct TV woes

    Lol right
  6. gdtobefree

    Direct TV woes

    So I went to add a line to my ATT account and was told I needed to take care of a 4 yr old direct TV account I had. I contacted direct TV and their records show something different then what I remember. I never closed my account with them the CS rep took it upon herself to close it when I complained for the 22nd time for constantly losing signals. Her exact words were "Direct TV service is not for you" and she closed my account. I sent the equipment back paid for them for the last month of service. 3 months later I get a bill for 3 months of service on top of contract cancellation fees. I didnt cancel my services. The rep did! Any ideas on how to deal with this?
  7. gdtobefree

    Wow, totally struck out on all my disputes!

    Lesson learned the hard way, what worked way back when doesnt work today. We have been busted!!! Lol
  8. gdtobefree

    Nationwide Bank -----> Merrick Bank

    They did away with it and issued a generic Merrick card.
  9. gdtobefree


    There is no "quick" way. Building or rebuilding takes time. It's like a garden, you plow it, plant your seeds, weed it, water it and let it bloom.
  10. gdtobefree

    Nationwide Bank -----> Merrick Bank

    I miss my Hooters card, it sure did get a lot of funny looks and chuckles. LOL!
  11. gdtobefree

    How to keep closed aged accounts

    I'm about to lose 2 of my oldest accounts that have been paid and closed since 2012. If only there were a way to keep them
  12. gdtobefree

    Any truth to PRA rumor?

    Proof is in the pudding. Check out their website under FAQ. Says it in black and white, upon payment they will remove the account or accounts. I'm in shock. Maybe you can teach and old dog new tricks.
  13. gdtobefree

    Any truth to PRA rumor?

    I heard that they will follow in the shoes of another CA and delete once an account is paid. Has anyone else heard this or know where it is writing?
  14. gdtobefree

    Don't Catch Sexually Transmitted Debt!

    I almost spit my coffee out when I read your headline lol
  15. gdtobefree

    I graduated!!

    Wasnt much I was testing the waters at 500.

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