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  1. I was keeping you looped in on the progress. Thanks for your help sorry to have bothered you.
  2. @Why Chat 6 days left on the 30 days and URC updated on July 10th. Still haven't heard anything from Ex.
  3. I have 20% to put down. Wanting lower rates.
  4. MEEEEEEEE!!!!! 😊 All that I have left is: Target CO on EQ and EX falls off Nov and Dec. Tried a good will letter but nope. It's stuck until then. Midland EQ only falls off in Aug. Credence Resource settled for less then owed (stubborn a holes) TU and EX drops in 2023 😳☹️ United recovery for an ER bill doing whychats procedure. EX only. My only question is that good enough to apply for a mortgage? All accounts added are paid no lates always PIF UTL 4% Two auto loans 1 paid off 1 2 1/2 yrs no lates.
  5. I thought the same thing but I'm hear to tell ya GOOD LUCK! All my disputes have been done in a timely manner, online, snail mail and on the phone. Everyone is working from home these days. Depends on who the CA is that you are trying to negotiate with who are also working form home.
  6. I hoard everything I can just wish it would amount to something LOL
  7. Sorry, I did read it again too many things going on at once I apologize.
  8. I'm on step one of your HIPAA dispute with the CRA. I haven't done anything else. The next step of your program says if it comes back verified to pay it. I don't have the money to pay it! Since he was not in my network but the ER was could I negotiate it lower with the Dr.'s office?
  9. @whychat United Recovery updated my reports dated 6/19/20 I haven't gotten anything in writing from EX yet but did get an alert that an account was updated. I logged in and the alert said it was URC. Now what?
  10. Ex is clean except for 1 stubborn med collection TU is squeaky clean Ex well it's starts with an F and ends with 5 other letters. So much for a mortgage any time soon. Sigh.....
  11. Ok so after call #14 HUCA didn't work for me. I did end up getting a very nice gentleman that put things in prospective. He said that the accounts I was asking for EE on where in the red from previous reps. Once they are red no one can do anything until they are cleared by the back office and read black again. Is there any truth to that or was he blowing smoke up my you know what?
  12. It's green!! 😆😆 I have read through that post and it gave me a headache. It bounced all over the place. Quotes a mile long.
  13. Yes EE on 3 account to drop in August.
  14. Me too lol. I just tried calling again and idk what nationality the rep was but she just kept repeating herself over and over. She asked me the same question 4 times. She must have said ok about a hundred times. No offense to anyone, but how do you get an American CSR or someone you can understand?

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