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  1. I'm trying to buy a house, I don't ANYTHING to pop up past SOL for collection or reporting period.
  2. they pull a soft inquiry every month on the last day of the month and have for the last 2 years. Any account I had with them is past the reporting SOL, so why do they keep pulling my reports?
  3. If you can't get a CLI then I would do my best to pay them off.
  4. I know this feeling!! Congrats. Drop your utl and you will probably be in the 700 club!
  5. As you all know, I have been trying to get squeaky clean reports so I can apply for a mortgage and how EQ was being a bear about EE. Well, when all else fails send them a LETTER asking for EE. Short and simple and to the point, nothing long drawn out or a play for sympathy. Dear EQ, RE: Early exclusion request I am so and so, Please note I am not disputing the validity of these accounts nor any information reported in their regard I am humbly asking EQ to grant EE on the above accounts (target and world finance) for the following reason: These accounts are too old to be reported. Thank you in advance for your time and attention in this matter. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of them are GONE!!!!!!! 0 Balances on all credit cards too. All 3 reports CLEAN! TU 742 Fico EX 731 EX EQ 747 Fico Can we say "Home for the Holidays"? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks. Makes sense. I guess holding in to your oldest trade line isn't such a good idea unless it is spotless.
  7. I had a vehicle that was paid off back in Dec 2015 with my credit union It was my oldest account 10 yrs and 5 months. It was deleted from Transunion and my score went up 20 pts! It did have some lates from 2013 to 2015. Was it the lates that were holding my score down? They are also on my EQ could that be holding that score down too? Now, I did talk to the manager at the CU (been a member for 35 years) and asked since I am trying to buy a house if they could remove the lates and he told me to dispute the account as never late and he just wouldn't respond and they would be removed. ( I have done disputed it yet).
  8. No nooooooo app spree except for a mortgage. Unpaid COs. I would rather clean reports that way no questions arise from underwriting and I can get the lowest rate possible.
  9. As of today Experian removed the last CO and is clean as a whistle. If only I could get EQ to follow suit and take off the last 2 early. I have had 0 luck with EQ last 2 due to drop in Nov and Dec. I'm sooooooo close to being able to apply for a mortgage. I WANT A HOME!!!!
  10. It had better not! I have never had a CO go by the CO date. Wouldn't that be re-aging because it makes the reporting longer then statute of limitations for reporting?
  11. Yeah I'm trying to decide which one to send. Follow the DV process and waste their time until Sept 13th or FOAD.
  12. This is so old it's 4 yrs past my SOL. It's one month away from being SOL to report.
  13. It's says they were notified by me that a payment had been made on the account. I never talked to anyone from FBCS!! They want a letter stating that it was paid/ settled in full from Midland. Is this a new trick that CA's are resorting to?
  14. Midland must have sold it off to FBCS. I got a letter today from them. It's off ALL of my credit reports as of May and June. DOFD is 9/13 so technically drop off is 9/20. I have dispute results of the original account as well as Midland being deleted. I'm about to pull the trigger on a mortgage and do not want this coming back. What are the odds of FBCS reporting this until 9/20?

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