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  1. Send them a 623 letter.. that's how I got 4 of them (all midland) off. Check my history for the 623 letter I made. Short on time right now or I'd find it. SCFM
  2. stop feeding the trolls. Dude is as good at trolling as Midland is at collecting.
  3. I like the free FICO score. Assuming they'd pull EX on the app?
  4. I have a friend I'm helping plan for his BK. He plans on filing in September. He also just started his loan mod through an attorney last month (loan with BofA). Attorney says they take about 8 months on average to finalize. My question: if he files BK prior to the loan mod being approved, and includes his house IIB, can the mod still go through? As it stands right now, he's about $30,000 in late fees/arrears. Does filing BK help or hinder his loan mod? Any any help would be appreciated! SCFM
  5. Do you mind giving some cliff notes on your rebuild post BK? I'm helping a friend plan his BK soon, and it looks like your rebuild is going well. SCFM
  6. I'm subscribed to this topic. I really didn't want to make a post, but I feel the need I finally have to. Jared, just come clean and state why you do what you do. You need to make a living, as everyone else does. Leave it at that. Your "12" years of experience means nothing as it has become clearly evident your knowledge in credit and credit repair (laws, state codes, sanctions etc) is extremely lacking. You're a salesman Jared. You call these low life collection agencies and try to sell them with a settlement. If they don't get paid, guess what!! You don't either! You are not doing what's best for your clients. You're doing what's best for you. You need to get paid. I get it. But to try and act like you're an advocate to the common citizen is down right criminal. You're what is wrong with America today. Someone actually thinks they're being helped by your service after paying bucket loads of cash to you and their alleged debts. The sad part about it though is you can get away with it because they don't know any better. It truly breaks my heart to hear of my friends and families getting scammed by debt settlement companies because they didn't know any better. I believe currently the common consumer is getting smarter by the minute. Businesses like yours will no longer be needed and will vanish off the internet once these people start researching and learning that they can do it all on their own, for free, and with better success. SCFM
  7. Your true FICO scores would be nice to have before apping..
  8. I haven bothered looking at my soft pulls, but for two and a half months of pulling just smart credit and using the last pass monitoring, I've b* 4 INQs.
  9. Midland Credit Management 8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92123 Hello: This is a Notice of Direct Dispute with you, under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)(8)(D) and CAL. CIV. CODE § 1785.25(A) of the accuracy of information you have reported to my credit file. In compliance with FCRA §623(a)(8)(D), and enacting regulations published at 16 CFR § 660.4, this Notice of Direct dispute includes: Information being disputed: all ( up to four) separate MCM/Midland Credit Management accounts on my credit reports (Equifax, Transunion, Experian), as they all are inaccurate, misleading, and incorrect. A total of (4) accounts Account # Account# Account# Account# I am disputing for the following reasons : 1. Midland is not a creditor and I have never entered an installment account or agreement with the company. (Listing these accounts as an installment) 2. The account status is shown as “Past Due”. Please delete this incorrect information. Midland is not a creditor, you cannot report an account as past due or current. 3. '120 days past due'. Please remove this incorrect information. There is no payment history to report as Midland is not a creditor. 4. Terms are listed as 1 month. Please remove this incorrect information. I have no terms or installment agreement with Midland as Midland is not a creditor. 5. The Payment status is listed incorrectly as “past due date as of April 2012 Please remove this incorrect information. I have no terms or installment agreement with Midland as Midland is not a creditor. 6.'Date of first delinquency.' I never had a contract with you. Date of first delinquencies from all Midland accounts are entirely incorrect from the original creditors. Please remove this incorrect information. This is a small portion of inaccuracies I found on each and every MCM trade line/account (up to 4 accounts on each credit bureaus credit report listed under my name). FDCPA 803(4) states: A party who purchases a debt that is in default for the sole purpose of collecting the debt is not a creditor. Midland Funding is not my creditor, hence these inaccuracies are being disputed because they are reporting as such. Under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)(8)(E) and 16 CFR §660.4,, you have the duty to review all of the information I have provided to you, to complete your investigation of this Direct Dispute within 30-days of my Notice of Direct Dispute, and report directly back to me the results of your investigation. Please respond to the address provided on this letter. Being a California resident, I'd also like to add under the provision of CAL. CIV. CODE § 1785.25(A): “[a] person shall not furnish information on a specific transaction or experience to any consumer credit reporting agency if the person knows or should know the information is incomplete or inaccurate.” The information you're providing on my credit reports are inaccurate. Please remove it. Should you find the disputed information to be inaccurate or incomplete, or if you cannot verify the accuracy or completeness of the disputed information, under FCRA 623((1)(E), you're required to immediately notify the credit reporting agencies of deletion of this information from my credit file from all credit bureaus.
  10. Yes, for every discrepancy. As far as other CRA's reporting different info, they don't communicate with each other. They won't go and ask each other what they have as a DOFD on a specific TL. State something like: "The date account was opened is incorrect according to my records. Please investigate this matter and report the correct date." And then include something like "You very well know that it is illegal to report information that is incorrect as per 623...xxx, If in fact you cannot determine the accuracy of this account/tradeline, you are required to delete it." SCFM EDIT: look at the post below. This is a custom type 623 letter with California code added as well. I had numerous accounts deleted with this one letter. I just sent this letter out a few weeks ago for a friend of mine for (4) accounts he had with Midland (yes, I 623'd all 4 of his accounts on one letter!) And low and behold, ALL 4 of them were deleted last week.
  11. I'm hard to offend sir... but here in California, the limit of cars we can flip is 0 ZERO ZILCH NADA without a license. Some states allow up to 5 cars a year.. however that would be considered a hobby, not a business as it wouldn't be very lucrative flipping just 5 cars a year. I may just be a fireman, and we're not known to be the sharpest tools in the shed. But fireman tend to know a little about everything, and are experts in nothing. With that being said, take EVERYTHING you read on the internet with a grain of salt. SCFM
  12. I learned the hard way on "flipping" cars. At the very least, I hope you have the proper licensing when you begin flipping cars, as it is illegal in every state to flip cars without a dealer license or not reporting to the dmv.
  13. Your last paragraph doesn't make to much sense.. You're asking them to investigate and then REMOVE. That isn't how the 623 law is written. If they can't confirm your information within the timeframe, that is when you can request removal. They don't have to remove the TL just because you're asking for them to. A 623 type letter should state certain discrepancies on how it reports, and should be outlined in your letter. You need to be more specific with the discrepancies. State the actual dates on each credit report that has conflicting info. By doing this, it makes it tougher for the creditor to investigate/verify.
  14. I would recommend using it once, PIF, then call for a recon. Tell them you want to charge more on the card, but your CL is too low, and will affect your overall score if you use it. SCFM
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