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  1. ademas


    I have 7 cards with just over 140k in available credit. Credit history 27 years. FICO provided by Chase is 839. I PIF on all cards each month, and only let one of them report a balance. Utilization is 0%. I don't take this CLD personally at all. It's still a workable limit for my purposes, and the age of the account alone is enough of an incentive to keep it open. I just hope they will leave me alone now.
  2. ademas


    Just got a notice from Chase that my CL will be cut to $8,600 in 30 days. It's currently $17,200. If I remember correctly, it was also cut by 4k or 5k in the 2008 credit crunch. "In reviewing your credit card account, we saw you spent far below your available credit limit in the last 12 months. Because of your limited usage, we're lowering your limit to $8,600...blah blah blah." I've been charging a couple hundred on it per month and always PIF. It's a 25 year-old CL, so I'll just keep using it as I have. I hope they'll leave it alone now.
  3. Glad I found this thread, as I had the same question. Chase bugs me about updating my income every other time I log on to their website, and today they sent me an email. I don't really want to update my information with them, or anyone, for that matter. I've had this Chase card for 23 years now, always PIF, carry no balances anywhere, and my FICO (on the Chase website, even) is 832. My CL with them is 23k. I don't want or need any more credit (I know...blasphemy!) Actually, they are the only ones who bug me about it. Amex, Citi, PenFed, BECU, Discover--none of them have ever asked me to update my income.
  4. Also (I think I read this here, some years ago): If he calls the finance company (it's one of the big guys) to try to work out a solution, would he be in a better position to negotiate if he's already missed a payment?
  5. Thanks for the input. I'll pass on the information to him. I think he's just too upside down on this deal to find a buyer for his lease. He rolled over some negative equity from the vehicle he traded in, so his payments are already substantially higher than anything comparable that I am seeing on swapalease. I realized turning in the vehicle is the option of last resort. It appears that his Social Security income would be safe from a creditor like this (a major player, like GM Financial, Ford Credit, Honda Financial, etc.), but that any additional earnings from part-time employment could be vulnerable.
  6. Hey, people. My brother has some issues (bipolar disorder, which can be extreme), and last weekend he was pulled over for DUI. He has about 18 months left on his lease vehicle, which he won't be able to drive for a full year. Between his lease and insurance, he's paying about $575 per month--which he can no longer afford. He's considering taking early retirement and collecting Social Security (he's 63), and just surrendering the vehicle as a voluntary repossession. It's my understanding that social security income is not garnish-able. Is that correct? He would like to work part time to supplement his Social Security, but it would be a negligible amount of income. Maybe $500 per month. He's really just considering all options at this point. He might try to muscle through it for a few months, but the math is just not in his favor. When someone turns in a lease vehicle, any idea how long or how quickly they come after you? And what happens if you really have nothing, and literally poverty level income? Is there any advantage to turning in the vehicle over just stopping payments and letting them repossess it? If this is inappropriate for this forum, please let me know, and I will move it or delete it. Thank you.
  7. I ordered a $50 Amazon card a couple of months ago, which arrived promptly. Today I received an email stating that the Amazon card was still on backorder, and that they have therefore cancelled it and credited my Rewards account the $50. I log on and see that, indeed, they have put the $50 back in my Rewards. I call them to let them know (which I thought was pretty decent of me), and I talk to an associate, who then transfers me to her supervisor. I think it was a call center in India, actually. They told me to watch it for a few days and call back. I'm not sure they understood. I notice the online chat option on the CC website, so I tried that. They told me to call the customer service number that I had just spoken with... I have done my due diligence, and then some. I am done. The end.
  8. It's my least favorite card--also my lowest limit at 7k. I keep it alive with monthly Netflix and Hulu charges. I might use it if I ever decide to carry a balance for a short time, as it's also my lowest APR at 5.9%.
  9. I let several hundred dollars cut on two statements this time, and then paid them off. Scores went up to 820 and 816 (from 795 and 786). I can live with that. Thanks for the advice!
  10. I paid off my truck loan in April (last payment of 60 installments), and I've otherwise been managing my credit as usual. My AMEX FICO dropped from 850 to 795, and my DISCOVER FICO dropped from 841 to 786. Reasons given were the "lack of recent information on installment account" and "No recent revolving balances". I usually check my accounts and make payments every week or two without any regard to letting a statement cut with a balance, but I guess I need to pay closer attention.
  11. Okay, I get it. Discover is giving me a perfect 850 right now, and Amex has me at 832/850. Both are the best scores I've ever had, so the 846/950 model just struck me as "off" by comparison. Thanks for the input. I just won't compare scores between models in the future. =)
  12. I just saw my score over there...846 of 950...which, frankly, is kind of harsh considering my FICO's elsewhere. Anyone else notice this?
  13. I'm not military, but I've had a USAA checking and savings for a number of years. Aren't their auto insurance services only available to their members with military service or connections? Also, I live in Portland, Oregon, and while out running errands last week, I was surprised to see a vehicle with Oregon plates and a full USAA advertisement "vehicle wrap" drive by. I went home and googled (curious to see if they have any presence in Oregon), and I can't find anything. I just thought it odd.
  14. Discover gets a $9.99 monthly charge from me for credit monitoring, and that's pretty much it--and I'm about ready to cancel that service, too. I did take advantage of the promotionl "$75 cash back if you spend $1,000" offer a few months ago, and I hold on to the card because the 5.24% APR isn't bad, even though I don't carry balances. The paltry 7K limit really is the reason that I never carry it in my wallet.
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