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  1. I also got approved for the Venture for 10k and it arrived yesterday. Since I had already taken a beating for inquires, I decided to apply for the Quicksilver because that is the one I wanted anyway. Got the 10 day message. Today in the mail I received a letter that said I had been approved for 10k for that one too! I have two other Cap1 cards that have been stuck at 1500 since I got them right out of BK. I couldn't get CLI for anything. I guess they like me again:)
  2. I jumped on the bandwagon. I applied for membership on 4/8 and was approved for checking and savings. My TU score is about 685 and I have a chap 7 discharged in 2011. I applied for a Visa card yesterday asked for 10k, figured what have I got to loose except an inquiry to bump. The countered with a refinance of my auto at 1.99% and a 8k credit card. woohoo..I'm thrilled it's largest limit yet by 5k.
  3. I was discharged CH7 8/2011. GECRB was being pretty good to me this month. Approved for Walmart, Amazon, JCP in the last couple of months, so I decided to push my luck and try for Dillards. I IIB them and a host of other GECRB accounts. I got the AMEX card with $700 limit. I really was totally shocked.
  4. She just found out about it today. She's been on vacation. The account is still negative. She's talked with customer service via the 800 number and they tell her to bad. I told her to go into the bank and speak with the branch manager, but she can't do that until tomorrow.
  5. She is already going to close it and go to her credit union. But there are about $250 of late fees on her account. At midnight another $37 fee posts.
  6. My daughter in law has a checking at 53. They are charging her overdraft fees because of a couple of debit card transactions that were authorized on 3/17, but didn't clear until 3/19. Apparently she didn't have the money in the account on 3/17, but her direct deposit went in on the 3/19. Ever since then it has snowballed and everything after that has been paid but they charged her an overdraft fee. It doesn't seem right to me that they can charge her fees for amounts that haven't cleared yet. Often there is an authorization for a charge that never gets turned into a sale. Anyone know a contact higher up that she could send a letter to and plead her case?
  7. Loan 98,188 FHA 5.5% 801 Loan Originatin Fee Paid to Broker 965.00 803 Appraisal Fee Paid to Appraiser 350.00 804 Credit Report 30.00 809 Tax Related Service Fee Paid to Lender -73.00 810 Processing Fee Paid to Broker 595.00 812 Wire Transfer Fee Paid to Lender 22.50 813 Administration Fee Paid to Lender 525.00 819 Broker Fee Paid to Broker 500.00 815 Yield Spread Premium estimate 2% 1930.00
  8. BREAKING NEWS: Experian to Pull Out of myFICO Agreement With Fair Isaac, Ending Six-Year Partnership* Credit.com’s John Ulzheimer has learned that on Jan. 15, Experian sent a termination letter to Fair Isaac that effectively ends their myFICO.com partnership. As of Feb. 14, consumers will no longer be able to get their FICO scores based on Experian data from myFICO.com or any other source. At the same time, Experian extended its agreement with Fair Isaac to sell FICO scores to lenders and other businesses that use them to make underwriting decisions. This ends an agreement between the two companies that dates back to June 2003. This story is still developing and will be amended throughout the day.
  9. For $10 you can write them and get a new one. I thought I had lost mine and I found the info on their website. You have to dig, but you will find the address.
  10. I am looking for a credit union for my son that pull only EQ. He needs someone that I am not affliated with so that knocks out Alliant and Navy. He's looking primarily for an auto and I think a CU would be his best bet. His best credit report is EQ at around 600. I should mention that he lives in North Carolina or Ohio. Thanks
  11. I bought the Explorer in 2006. I owe about $20,000 on it. Paid $42k. It's a Limited. Private Party sales is around $15k. My Explorer is just fine. I had no intention of getting rid of it until all this happened with my son. I don't care that it is upside down. I planned to keep it for several years when I bought it. My son can't pay for it right now, it's not an option. I can certainly keep up with the payments on the Fusion too, but don't really want to as I have no use for another car. They are both financed at 0%. Starsky is right in that if I bought another new car I'd be upside down even more. Didn't even think of that. I guess I'll just try and sell it. I've also thought about selling it to my son (if he can get a loan). His credit isn't so great. Then they can repo later.
  12. My son is about to 'give' me back a car I cosigned with him for(2007 Fusion). He's about $5000 upside down on it. If I could sell it I could cover the difference, but I started thinking. I have an 2006 Explorer that I am also upside down on. I'm about $10,000 upside down give or take. ugh! Gotta love american vehicles. I was thinking since there are some pretty good deals on cars these days if I had a snowballs chance to roll that negative equity into one new car? My credit is is good shape so no issues there. I know everyones advice here will be not to do it, but I'm just thinking for now. Thanks
  13. I just bought my house in August. The interest rate is currently 6.5%. Since rates seem to be falling, I'm weighing my options on refinancing and I have some questions. Is there a seasoning requirement for my current mortgage? Someone mentioned to me that FHA requires a 12 month mortgage history. Since I've only owned this house for 3 months then I would have to show 9 months history somewhere else. In all the research I've done I haven't seen this anywhere.

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