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  1. I am also in this position. I have more cards than I can conveniently use, so that does take away some of the desire for new accounts.
  2. I think they have it out for me too. I had an acct with them that was originally a Providian, then WaMu. They cut my limit down to $400, despite my scores being mid-700s. I did recently close that acct, even though it was my oldest. I have others nearing the ten year mark, so I don't think it hurts me much. I also have a Chase Amazon visa, stuck at $900. Never receive an auto-CLI, always want a hard pull. My latest FICO score is 770, only neg is one 30 day late from 5 years ago on a mortgage acct (not with them). I plan to keep that one open since I do use the rewards sometimes but I am reluctant to apply for other Chase products.
  3. I have 2 cards with Chase- one an Amazon Visa(opened 2006) and one plain card (opened 2001) that was originally Providian, then WaMu. The plain card had around an $8000 limit with WaMu, then Chase dropped it to $400. The Amazon visa had an original limit of $400. I called last year about a CLI on the plain card- they only gave me an additional $300. I called a few weeks ago about CLI on Amazon Visa and they gave me an additional $500. My scores are mid-upper 700s on all 3. No public records, no collections. One 30 day late from 2006 on a revolving acct. A couple 30 and 60 day lates from mortgage acct in 2007, now paid off and closed. Neither negative account was related to Chase. These two accounts are my lowest limits. I have $20,000 with US Bank, $10,000 with Discover, $8,500 with Citi, and $8,500 with BofA. The plain Chase card is my oldest card by a couple years, so I really want to keep it open as long as possible. Are they this stingy with credit lines with everyone or do they just dislike me?
  4. We recently got a Citi 0% for a year BT offer. Us Bank sent us BT checks for 2.9% for the life of the balance.
  5. PFICO seems really sensitive to new accounts. I was at 720 (PFICO), then added a new account(not even an ING, that was on EQ) and it brought it down to 643!!! But within a few months it was back to 711.....and today 733! My TU FICO is 697(has been forever...well...months).......so PFICO definitely uses a different scoring model. Thanks for the explanation; that's a relief it's just from the new account.
  6. Mine is reporting 655 for some odd reason. Last month it was 713! I have one new account and inquiry, but that is the only change. I have no collections or public records. Myfico gives me a TU score of 693, so I have no idea why PFICO is reporting so low.
  7. Where I worked, we gave the option to have the amount of the budget billing evaluated every 3, 6 or 12 months. Is doing it on a quarterly basis an option for you? If you are not getting actual reads on the meter, see if you can do it yourself and call it in to make sure the usage billed is accurate. Also, the utility co I worked at- if the budget billing amount was say, $100, the customer could request it be set at $110 to avoid running a deficit in the budget billing amount.
  8. I like my Discover card. It has a big shamrock on it. I don't like using my WaMu card often. Besides being ugly, i get no rewards and it has my lowest limit.
  9. I'm about halfway through this and it's very discouraging. Basically, if I am Sally Smith and my files are mixed up with Sandy Smith, I could send 100% proof of this mix-up signed by the Supreme Court and the credit bureaus would do absolutely nothing with my proof- just enter in the 2 digit code "not mine". I think this shows that we should be attacking the data furnishers more. Once you hit a brick wall with the credit bureaus, start going after the data furnishers. The entire system needs a massive overhaul. There is absolutely NO investigation taking place whatsoever!
  10. I figured this was an absolute scam from the first time I saw the commercial. When I worked at a jewelry store, we offered a similar service. We would weigh the scrap gold in front of the customer and tell them the amount it would fetch based on the current price of gold. If they okayed the amount, we sent it to the refiner who issued a check. We took no commission or fee; it was simply a free service for our customers. I imagine many independently owned shops would offer this same service without scamming their customers. One piece of advice though: if you have gold teeth, please do not have them pulled to reap some quick $$ from the scrap value. We had one customer do this. We quoted him a scrap value of $60 after he just paid $300 to have them pulled!
  11. I used to work in the credit dept for a gas and electric company. They should be much easier to work with than a CA. If you've caught up on payments and have a couple months on time payment, then call them up and ask for some goodwill. Make sure you ask for the credit dept or similar or you will just get the inbound call center which is unlikely to have the power to help you. You could write a letter, but it's difficult to know if it would reach the right people. And some of the people I worked with were far nicer than others, so go ahead and try a couple times if you don't get the answer you want the first time.
  12. I would advise against this plan of hiding from your problems. It could end up worse for you than you might imagine. I had a friend that did this. She got a default judgement against her for an outstanding debt. Then a while later, she was ordered into court to show why she had not paid. She didn't appear at that hearing and the judge issued an arrest warrant for her! She ended up having to pay the original judgement amount plus the humiliation of spending a day in jail. It's worth spending a bit of time to research and write letters. Hiding from your problems is very tempting, but usually solves nothing.
  13. They should go away with a DV. They dunned me for a Verizon acct from 1999 that wasn't even mine. I called Verizon and they confirmed I have never had an acct with them. Sent the DV and I've never heard from them again.

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