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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! This is awesome advice and mostly what I expected. The only thing I question is whether I can keep the accounts. Frankly I don’t mind losing quite a few as they were store or crappy lender accounts. Spending has stopped so no worries about running higher balances. I’ve started using YNAB to get back on track and it’s working wonderfully for me. EVERYTHING is budgeted for and tracked now. I will start making phone calls and will update with the results as it might help others in si,liar situations.
  2. Well, I wish I could say I was here bragging how everything was amazing and I was owning the FICO world but that just isn’t the case. Here is the story... CH 7 discharged five years next month (12/18). Strong recovery, lots of cards, two auto loans since Went from working for the company I was with to owning it Cancer diagnoses/some time off/treatment/return to full time work 80 hours a week for 18 months Walked away from the business for personal reasons (mostly mental health) 6/1/18, Once I left the business I was working a 20 hour deal (where I am now full time). I only expected to be on a reduced income for about a month. Best layed plans/Murphy etc and it turns into five months. Nearing the end I had to start making some decisions and letting some things go to fund the more important things. Like an idiot I was carrying huge balances (lifestyle creep is real, people!) and couldn’t cover the payments. Now that my income is back to normal I’m starting to get things in order but it’s a slow process. As it stands these accounts won’t get anything for another 4 to 6 weeks. They are all nearing their 90-120 day marks. I know I’m going to lose them and I’m fine with that. What I need to know is what is my best course for negotiating payback while minimizing the damage? I did manage to prioritize my credit union card and I never let my auto loan with them become late so I at least have a couple of positive tradelines although I suspect the 15 that are sitting negative is going to be harder to fix. TLDR; I’m an idiot. Please help me fix my idiotic screwups!
  3. I don't know if I HAD to speak with a live person but I was already on with them when my membership was approved. They got me set up online and asked me if I wanted to fund using a debit card. I used my PNC debit with no issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. $5,000???Your credit must be really crap. That's the lowest approval I have ever seen. I'm not generally one to acknowledge comments like this but unless this was intended as sarcasm, it's awfully rude.There are many people who use NFCU as a rebuilding platform due to generous limits and easy of approval. I myself had a BK7 3 1/2 years ago so I would still say I am rebuilding. I'm just not sure how your comment is helpful or relevant. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It's because you don't know WTF you are talking about. Blake10 has been polluting numerous threads with crap along the lines of "my credit is great & where can I get million dollar lines of credit". Let me guess, you are a MFer, right? Now you are making ridiculous assumptions about someone. He/She may very well be doing those things. There is still no justification for the snarky responses. If you feel that persons posts are "polluting" the threads use the Ignore button and you will never see them. Also, no I am not a MF member. I have been here since roughly 2008 and have greatly enjoyed the wealth of knowledge and helpfulness that comes from the folks who have been in the trenches. All said, I practice what I preach and will happily use the ignore button to help keep my CB experience a positive, helpful one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. $5,000??? Your credit must be really crap. That's the lowest approval I have ever seen. I'm not generally one to acknowledge comments like this but unless this was intended as sarcasm, it's awfully rude. There are many people who use NFCU as a rebuilding platform due to generous limits and easy of approval. I myself had a BK7 3 1/2 years ago so I would still say I am rebuilding. I'm just not sure how your comment is helpful or relevant. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I applied via email early in the morning of 7/14. I haven't received any communication other than the auto-reply email. I called yesterday (7/19) and a rep told me due to a "promotion in the southwest region we are around 500 applications in the hole and have an expected wait of 7 business days." I'm just going to give it until Tuesday of next week before calling again. I'm in no real rush since I'm waiting to apply for credit products and am only looking to lock in membership at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. They were both more than 30. It was the last two payments on the installment. She apparently just flat out missed the 2nd to last one in the budget and then thought it was the final so missed the last one too. Nothing else was late and there certainly weren't a lack of funds so I'm inclined to believe her. I can't help worry about the near term effects of two 30 day lates with a BK showing. All other payments have been perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. **Update** At this point I look and feel like a complete (and VERY angry) a**h****. I filed the CFPB complaint and went through the entire process only to have the late pays verified. It got all the way to the point of sitting down to research an ITS letter before DW came clean. The payments were in fact late. She missed paying the account on time somehow for two months running and "didn't know how to tell me." Needless to say I'm angry and frustrated especially knowing there's nothing I can do to remove these at the moment. Thanks for the advice anyway! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I figured these were my basic options. I filed the CFPB complaint this morning. Hopefully TU will see the light and take care of this. Thanks for the response!
  10. It's been a long time since I have posted but I have an issue that I hope you all can assist me with. I had a personal trainer contract that has been fulfilled. The company that provides billing (Affiliated Acceptance) reports only to TU and is reporting TWO 30 day late payments. These are NOT accurate and as I am just over three years post BK with nothing else on my reports I'm pretty livid about the situation. When I contacted them directly the person I spoke with told me there was "nothing she could do" but dropped every hint that I should dispute with TU and that the only info sent is a copy of the contract. I did the dispute but the results came back as verified. I can log onto AA's website and login to see all documents sent and sure enough they ONLY sent a copy of the contract with no payment information included. I almost requested a reinvestigation but wanted to ask the good folks here what they think. What should my next step be? Thanks! **Edit** I should point out when I disputed I used TU's dispute request form and specifically checked the option for "I have never paid late" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I am curious about what is considered closing. Is it the day the paperwork is signed after approval takes place or is it the actual day of distribution by the bank? For example; I purchased my truck on 4/24/15. The CU approved everything and all papers were signed that day but they didn't actually distribute the funds to the dealer until 5/15. Which is the closing date? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Schmo

    Equifax Complete

    AR-CAPITAL ONE 09/17/13 ND-CAPITAL ONE 09/24/13 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 01/26/14, 01/25/14, 01/23/14, 12/30/13, 11/30/13, 10/30/13, 09/30/13 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 07/02/13, 04/05/13, 03/14/13 EQUIFAX 01/16/13, 10/12/12, 08/29/12 EQUIFAX 09/12/13, 09/07/13 EQUIFAX 03/03/13, 03/03/13 ND-EQUIFAX 09/07/13, 07/15/12, 07/08/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 09/12/13, 04/05/13, 01/23/13, 10/25/12, 09/26/12 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/26/14 Equifax Consumer Services 01/19/14, 12/30/13, 11/30/13, 10/31/13, 09/30/13 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/25/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 09/07/13 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 09/07/13 EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS 09/25/13 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 07/02/13, 04/03/13 ND-EQUIFAX 12/16/13 ND-FAIR ISAAC 10/05/12 GEMB/WALMART - DEBIT CARD 09/23/13 GENESIS FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS 01/12/14 PRM-MDA CAPITAL, INC. 12/18/13 PRM-MONTGOMERY WARDS C/O DMS 01/14/14 PRM-ORION ACCEPTANCE CORP 10/16/13 PRM-THE TRAVELERS INDEMITY COMPANY 10/16/13 TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE 01/26/14, 01/25/14, 01/23/14, 12/03/13, 11/30/13, 10/29/13, 09/30/13 AR-VECTREN 09/05/13 This is unfortunate news but hopefully it comes with a stoppage of choppage (ha!).
  13. How many hards do you have? Remember it is good softs + hards = total inq Example, I currently have 3 hards on EQ. I only need 82 good softs to reach the magic 85. Also, per the counter I only see 65 confirmed with a possible 70. Of course with that number your question becomes even more relevant. Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to B* so I may be off base with my logic. Hope this helps!
  14. Big chop in Ohio last night. 82 to 6 before today's pulls.
  15. No, ou can still pull. It just means that is the date your state expects C* to occur.

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