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  1. If you guys are interested in flying private check out Jet Smarter!!! Disclaimer: I don't work for them but I did sign up as a member and I receive a referral IF you become a Paid member. I genuinely hope you guys give it a go and enjoy the service as much as my family and I have. We have used it several times in the last 3 months since I signed up. ENJOY Here is my Invite Friends Link for you to activate your 3 month Free Trial https://gift.jetsmarter.com/friends/E4UQ15 TAKE TO THE SKIES, AND TRY JETSMARTER FOR YOURSELF.For three luxurious months, purchase à la carte seats and private jet flights effortlessly through our app. Then skip the airport lines, climb aboard, and experience air travel like never before. ABOUT JETSMARTER & YOUR GIFT.JetSmarter is reinventing private air travel. How? By giving members the power to book idle private jets and empty seats around the world – right through our app. As the recipient of a three-month JetSmarter trial membership, you’ll enjoy 24/7 support from our Aviation Specialists, plus access to: JETSHUTTLE & JETDEALS seats SHAREDCHARTER & PRIVATECHARTER flights HELITRANSFERS On-demand concierge Exclusive events & dinners
  2. Affected credit cards: Chase Slate Chase Freedom Chase Freedom Unlimited Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Sapphire Reserve Chase Ink Cash (Business) Chase Ink Plus (Business) Chase Ink Preferred (Business) Chase United Explorer Chase United Club Chase United Explorer Business Chase Marriott Chase Southwest Plus Chase Southwest Premier Chase Southwest Premier Business Not affected: Chase IHG Chase Hyatt Chase Fairmont Chase Ritz-Carlton Chase Marriott Business Chase British Airways Chase Disney Rewards Chase Disney Premier Chase Amazon Chase AARP
  3. I applied with om and got declined.... but..... have been approved for od and stpl, shell, lowes, amazon,verizon no pg, and the starter net 30's so go figure. You could spend forever trying to figure out how these companies work and what they look for. I guess I'll just keep paying these and maybe in time we'll see
  4. Have you tried ccr.com website you can get your dnb# in abt a day or 2?
  5. I'm in Greensboro..... Insurance Broker....and have been having lots of success so far in regards to the business credit....I've been able to successfully get 8 tradelines thus far. It is interesting reading everyones experiences with DnB...as I used to work for them..I used to write the credit reports...so it is an eye opening experience to be on the other side and to network with other business owners on the other side
  6. Hello everyone I am fairly new on cb.....I hope everyone is learning as much as they can from this board, because normally this kinda info cost thousands, and a lot of mistakes....nowwwww that that is out of the way.... I used to work at DnB back in 2001-2003 was laid off as they outsourced our department...since then I have gotten my licenses and am an Insurance Broker......but anyway..when i worked at dnb I was the one that actually wrote the credit reports and did the investigations, and of course we had to sale!!!! Just for general info what normally redflags a file is when someone lies to you about business info....I don't know everyones personal situation and therefore cannot debate or will not debate with anyone, but when I investigated a client it was 9 times outta 10 because the creditor requested the info on the company, I have never personally redflagged anyones profile because they didin't buy from me, and truth be told, I would never purchase anything that dnb sales because it is not necessary(unless you are in a hurry to add trade...but even then tread lightly)because once you purchase you go into another database of exsisting clients and your report goes to another dept. called renewals and their job is to renew your product and upsale to you every single years...and each rep is required or was back in 03' about 1.2mil a yr, now you can take this and do what you will with it, but remember be nice to your rep, because they will sometime bend over backwards for you, number two...do not get caught in a lie...this will ALWAYS redflag your report...A lot of the time clients hurt themselves by giving false info...DnB verifies almost everything on your report through all kinds of 3rd party sources....business owner that are beside you....online info...sos......they verify business licenses...on and on....also to remember that these reps are stressed because their bosses are applying a lot of pressure to sale or else They ARE GONE...so they try really hard to sale because if the don't they are terminated. I Hope this helps somebody also admin i can't figure out how to get back to a thread that i've posted in to see the response. When i post it is always pending approval is that standard?
  7. I am a biz ownr in NC wht do you have in mind, it would be great to start some sort of cb local network thing.....if it's allowed, I don't know I am still trying to figure out how to post
  8. Hello to all......I am of course a newbie here reading and studying all that i can as to avoid as many pitfalls as possible.....any way i have a few accts and wanted to get a biz cc...applied for the BOA cc denied but....they offered me the secure card.....any suggestions on the best way to leverage this.....or should i just past....approved for shell, staples,ofd,amazon,quill,uline,lowes,fedex,ups,sams but no paydex yet as these accts are not a month old. thanks in advance for any suggestions

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