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  1. i know this is different but hoping for guidance, suggestions, ideas, etc... from those that have experience with this defective product and MasterCard warranty. I'm in Florida, can't afford an attorney and have no idea what to do or where to turn. i was reading mastercards faulty product insurance and if i remember correctly claim is to be made within 120 days thus i'm thinking about the manufacture warranty but they are dragging their feet and i promise they won't do anything so i was thinking about MasterCard warranty but it says if product is covered by 2 year warranty or less and these *cough have a 10 year warranty I'm in hope that someone has exp. with something like this panels were paid with my mastercard debit card at over 5k builder was giving 2.2k Oct. 2017 - paid to have plans made to build a carport roof/patio cover - received plans and ordered product for roof (aluminum insulated roof panels that are supposed to just push into each other and snap n lock into each other) - realized the plans were incorrect as the wind load was incorrect, i contacted the company that did plans and they argued with me and i had to prove to them what the county wind load was they then revised plans requiring heaver posts and deeper into cement. Oct/November 2017 - Contacted company that supplied material and exchanged metal posts Dec/Jan/Feb - Builder finally applied for a permit not sure exactly when April/May 2018 - Permit finally issued July 2018 - The builder had crew cement posts into the ground Aug 2018 - crew finally showed upped to put panels on top of beams and snap them together but they would not go together *Notes - When the panels 4'x20' were delivered they were stacked on top of styrofoam blocks 3 of them 1 towards each end and one in middle on top of cement pad so that would not bend, etc... and they stayed. about a month or 2 after they were delivered the middle foam block blew out and i thought it was a little strange and thought well maybe it was just a little smaller in height than the others. when crew was trying to put these together i did notice one of the panels had a bow to it, don't think others do or if they do they are not as bad. contacted manufacture as they were purchased directly from them and they say they never heard of that and these have been sitting here since oct. - realized the plans were incorrect as the wind load was incorrect, i contacted the company that did plans and they argued with me and i had to prove to them what the county wind load was they then revised plans requiring heaver posts and deeper into cement.
  2. what abaout them addinding there address on all my reports as me living there as my address is their corp. office
  3. I hope someone can help me maybe through PM or on here filled ch. 7 credit union shows bal. due does not show iib on 1 report bk filed dec. 30th 2017 closed april2017 - 1). this one cuon all three reports they have their address as one of me address's and will not remove them. - 2). on EQ. they show a balance of $15000.00 last updated Jan 31 2018, secheduledpayment amount of $244.00, charge off amount of 8,568, i already disputed with cra'sa while ago and asked them to tell me info of person that provided information and they did not. i did not keep that info so i think .i must dispute it again with cra's please i need lots of help as i'm going for a vehicle soon and want this off/corrected
  4. is it possible to do a secure loan first then use that money for the secured credit card and get a 2 for 1 out of it?
  5. i bought a house, cash deal, just closed and i need to do 15k in repairs this is a investment (rental) appraised on taxes at 54k i need 45k asap
  6. crtt

    HELC Help/Advice

    If you borrow money against the homes, you'll need to prove that you have the ability to repay it. They won't be paid for in full once you start borrowing money on them. i have the $$$ or they wouldnt be mine in the first place i can do every thing in cash, i just don't want to be almost 100% w/out cash
  7. crtt

    HELC Help/Advice

    thanks, thats what i was thinking going to be the issue the income although it shouldnt be as these homes will be paid for in full thanks Brian
  8. crtt

    HELC Help/Advice

    ok, how hard would it for me to get a HELC then?
  9. humm a manger in the mortage dept. at NFCU said they only do 70% of purchased price
  10. crtt

    HELC Help/Advice

    are there any no income HELC? I just purchased 2 homes accidently but thats another story i only wanted 1 but anyway i am now buying 2 both banks accepted my offer - both were forclousures - cash sale i need a quick HELC as soon as i close - whats the fastest? i will need to do it on both homes so i can repair them my credit scores 700-740 recent new credit cards i have almost zero debt but income is the thing as i'm on social security disabilty and can show 1235 a month income from that and aprox another 4k a year income from another venture i would like 25k from each home but if i can get it just from 1 home that should do me both homes were purchased way under apprasied value. house1 built in 2006 sold for 200k - my price including closing 47k house 2 bulit in 1980 mu price including closing 40.5k what are my options? how fast, etc.... thanks
  11. Send NFCU a mail through the website, then you will have the answer in writting. I started with NFCU a while ago they provided me great credit lines for my credit at the time but they were also charging me the highest int. rate allowed by law even today after like 5 years with a perfect record with NFCU they are charging me 16 percent int. on my cards i asked 2 weeks ago for them to lowerer it and they wont. NFCU has not been friendly to me thus they are now in the sock drawer. So just a warning if you start off with NFCU they may not be your forever card!
  12. i'm now in the 700 club after a long Journy theres still 2 baddies that are reporting and will remain on unless I can find a Lawyer to Sue or someone to help me prepare papers for federal court. as the accounts orig. went Del. in 1995 then later transfered to another company and they reaged the accounts. Anyway! Thank you CB and all the Members of CB - It's been a long road (lost my other half due to being poor, no health insur. refused to go to hospital cause afraid of dinging credit report; if your sick-get to dr. or hospital and don't worry bout credit!)! plus after 5 years with a BOA credit card 3 1/2 of my trying to get an increase, i finnaly got one today from 2k to 5k BOA SUCKS LOL ohh my waist size in that time did decrease slightly also thank you for banking info umm PSECU, Peoples Trust, navy did give me credit early but they are tough still today high int. rates, etc... there in the back burnner
  13. or https://www.braintreepayments.com/faq what i now need to be concerned with is fraud it may be better over all to just use a regular merchant account as they usually verify the credit card owners name and zipcode i don't know now that i think fraud, perhapes a paypal buy now button i dunno what to do now then theres wepay and 2checkout

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