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  1. My husband went to Temple 30yrs ago. He said there were homeless all over the place back then. Fwiw, he said most appeared to be mentally ill.
  2. Password June 24, 1963 First episode taped after Betty & Allen's Honeymoon
  3. You owe Centex an apology, Centex devotes so much time on here to help people by giving FREE legal advice based on her many years of education and many years of experience in the law profession. She doesn't drive anyone away, you just don't like answers she gave you... And fwiw, I had no idea Mr Cooper was subprime. My husband and i have never been late, we're actually paying off our mortgage 5yrs early, but our mortgage was still sold to Mr Cooper several years ago, and they have never bothered us at all.
  4. Good morning. I applied for the Home Depot card last night, I was approved with a $1250 credit limit. Will Home Depot report that credit limit? Thanks in advance for answering my question..
  5. I just had the opposite experience.. Chase denied me this wknd. I included them in my Chapter 7, 14yrs ago.. Amex forgave me, and offered me a card several years ago, but i guess Chase has permanently blacklisted me. They used my Transunion report, and said my FICO was 765. Fwiw, Citi and Capital One also forgave me and have been very good to me..
  6. There's a part of me that believes they know exactly where he is.. I mean if they really believed their son was missing, why aren't they out there looking for him? They don't act like they're worried he might be dead, it looks they filed the missing persons report just to keep the heat off of them..
  7. I can't believe they haven't found him yet.. I know it's a large area...but they've searched the same place iirc 5 days,and still haven't found him. They searched 4 days and said they were done but then they went back again and searched. I wonder if someone is helping him..or i guess he could have offed himself and he's being eaten by the gators.. I'm glad there's an investigation going on with the cops that initially pulled them over...
  8. He rescinded his notice of interest in the job, he's not even doing the interview.. The job would've been seen as a huge demotion, he's a senior staff member, only the director is above him, and the IT position isn't even a manager, so there wouldn't be any bonuses, but the real deal breaker was he found out yesterday that the senior staff member who told him what he thought the salary was for that position was wrong. My husband spoke to HR in CA, and that position actually pays $15k less than what he's currently making.. My husband came home last night, he was not happy... what made it worse is he was going to accept the $7k pay cut.. He was frustrated because now he knows he'll never have that job..The director called him yesterday afternoon after he rescinded the offer and said Im glad you're staying, i need you where you're at, I know you always wanted that job but it would've been seen as a demotion and career wise it would've been a mistake for you to take it.. Thanks everyone for responding.
  9. My husband works for a federal contractor, there were new guidelines just put in place, and several employees quit, and a few were fired because of how they acted. I won't make any further comment on that, I just wanted to explain why this job came avail.. The position that my husband has always wanted has come available, it's in IT, everyone knows he's wanted this job, even the guy who had the job who got fired today has said in the past that my husband was more qualified for it than he was, but he already had the job when my husband started working there.. The senior staff person in charge of hiring that position came to my husband today, and said the job is his if he wants it,, he still has to interview other people but he told my husband it's his. He asked my husband how much he's making now and was shocked at how much, i dont know why, my husband is senior staff just like he is. He said he thinks the top salary for that IT position would be 7k less than what my husband is currently making. My husband said to me tonight that he'd do the interview but he's not taking a pay cut, I said think about it first, do you want the job you have right now for the next 30yrs, he said no, I hate this job, I already knew his answer, he gripes about his job every night when he gets home.. I said we can make it work with $7k less, it won't be fun, but you've always wanted this position and i want you to be happy, he hugged me and said ty for saying that, it means a lot, I guess you didn't marry me for the $$, we both laughed, he was making $11 an hour as a security guard when i met him. lol I'm a little scared about a pay cut tbh, my husband said when he finds out what salary they're going to offer him he'll come home and talk to me first, and we'll decide together if he should take it.
  10. Yeah, I was just spooked I guess. I paid it off but 3 days later they're reminding me a payment needs to be made. I thought their computers updated at night, and would send out those emails to people who didn't have their accounts show paid the next morning.. Thanks everyone for responding..
  11. Good morning. Happy Labor Day, everyone. I don't understand why Citi keeps contacting me. I paid off the $605 balance Friday, my account online shows a zero balance. Should I reach out to them, or just ignore the notifications?
  12. I was at the dentist yesterday, she has 3 children all younger than Chris. I was telling her about Chris' first Pfizer shot and her side effects and how the 2nd shot was so much easier.. she said Im glad you told me because my son got his 1st Pfizer shot too, and he's had severe fatigue, and we haven't been sure about getting him the 2nd shot, she said you've made me feel a lot better. I said my dr thinks Chris had covid right before the shot, she said my son DID have covid, right before his first shot, he tested positive for covid in Feb, he had zero symptoms, she said the vaccine on the other hand made him feel awful.. Usually they say about any given vaccine that the side effects are so much less than the condition you're getting the shot for, but i think this covid vaccine is proving that to not be true... for some people.
  13. Update: She got the 2nd Pfizer last Friday. She woke up the day before and said I want to do it, I want to get it over with. I don't want to be tired all summer.. I made an appt for the next day @ 3:30pm. That night around 9:15pm I went back on CVS's website to see if i could get an earlier appt, maybe someone canceled...I saw they had opened up all their morning appts, they were all available. I picked 9am. We get there at 8:30am and walk to the counter, i said my daughter is here for her 2nd shot. It was funny, the pharmacist and all 4 of the workers looked @ me like wtf. One of them said what time is her appt, I said 9am, the worker said what's your daughter's name I said Christina .. She said your daughter does have an appt...well...ok.....we're going to have to get the vaccine out of the freezer first, and defrost it. lol. The pharmacist said we've only had afternoon appts avail for the Pfizer shot because kids are in school all day.. but the TPTB @ CVS told us yesterday they were planning on opening up all the morning appts on the vaccine website, but they didn't tell us when they were doing that. I said did anyone else besides me make an appt, she said no, you're the only one, you're the only vaccine scheduled until 3pm. It was great, we didn't have to deal with any lines of people, I guess it took 25min to defrost the vial because when we got back in the car to leave it was 8:57am. The best news of all is she's had zero fatigue! Six hours after the shot she had a 100.3 fever, it never went higher than that..the fever lasted 2days. She has some mild body aches but that's it.. Thanks everyone for your responses. I appreciate them..
  14. He's always been one of my favorite people on CB. I've been here off and on since 2004. Maybe something personal is going on w/him. Hopefully it's not a divorce or an illness that's keeping him away, and that he's just busy...
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