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  1. Please sign this petition for Ethan, my daughter's friend that I've been talking about on here. I've belonged to CB for 16yrs, and have never asked for anything like this before. I don't know if a petition like this can help, but it's worth a try.. https://www.change.org/p/police-court-cps-of-nevada-save-ethan-moore
  2. He was 74yrs and a prior cancer patient, and went to a rally with 6k people.... without a mask. His death is not unexpected.
  3. I've never had one, never really wanted one either. My daughter and I were talking a few months ago... she said what is one thing I could do you really wouldn't like. I said I wouldn't love it if you got a tattoo. She died laughing, she said so like murdering someone is ok, I said I think murder and other things like murder are already baked in as an obvious NO. lol She still teases me about that conversation. lol She's real artsy fartsy and fun like her older sister, so she thinks it's funny a tattoo bothers me. I think small tattoos, especially if they're meaningful are nice, but tattoos all over someone's body, like Post Malone...yuck! lol I told Chris it's obviously her decision if she ever gets a tattoo, but if she wants a good job having obvious tattoos might make it harder to get hired.
  4. That makes sense, I never thought about it that way... I have hope, now that a psychologist believes the boy and with CPS getting involved, that he won't be forced to go back and live with his dad.
  5. Ok, so CPS is coming today. Get this, the father called the psychologist! He told her his son is schizophrenic and/or bipolar because all the things he's saying are lies, the boy fell, that's how he got his bruises and scratch, he never touched his son. The psychologist called the boy and said she wanted to see him right away. He went back and she did a full psychoanalysis on him and found he is not bipolar or schizophrenic, he's normal. She said he does show signs of PTSD from his father though. She assured the boy that CPS is involved and he would be seeing a CPS worker today.. If there's any changes to his situation I'll let you know. Thanks again for responding..
  6. Hi. Chris is wearing braces for 2 years. She has an overbite AND an overjet. Her last visit about 6 wks ago, when she saw the orthodontist he said wow, I would've expected a lot more progress on the gap between your teeth. She didn't say anything back to him, but I felt like saying she hasn't seen you in months because of covid, so nothing was tightened or changed, so how could there be any progress. So that last visit he put on heavier wires and it was SO painful for her, but then when she went in today the woman saw her teeth and said OMG, I'll brb, she grabbed the orthodontist and he walked in and looked at Chris' teeth and said your gap is gone!!! In my entire career I've never seen a gap close that fast, I didn't even think it was humanly possible! If Chris hadn't gotten braces she would need surgery as an adult because of her jaw issues, and it would become painful for her as they worsened, so we made the investment now.
  7. Thank you both for responding. Small update. The boy called. He saw the court mandated psychologist. She took pics of all of his bruises and the long scratch, and contacted CPS. A CPS worker is seeing him today. The boy's mom wants the police called and so does the boy but the grandparents are stalling... The grandparents are upset at what their son did, they acknowledge what he did, they aren't minimizing it, but at the same time it's apparent they don't want him arrested. Does CPS call the police in these types of cases? The mother says her ex husband knows the judge who made the decision, so she doesn't know how he was able to handle this case. She is so upset right now. She knew this was going to happen! She knew he would hit their son, and he did. The boy cried during the trial, talking about how it felt watching his mom get beaten and how his dad tried to strangle her once and how he was crying and begging his dad to stop, he was seven at the time. He has nightmares about it, he told Chris about it long before the trial. The judge apparently believed the father. The mother never called the cops on her husband during their marriage for hitting her, there is no record of anything on him...
  8. My 15 yr old daughter has a friend, he's 15yr too, his parents divorced when he was 8yrs. His mom is from my area, born here, graduated hs here. She went to vegas with friends and met a guy and fell in love, and never came back to NY. He was in vegas visiting from Israel. They married, he eventually got a green card and apparently after that he changed, that is how the boy's mom feels. She thinks he used her. He started hitting her regularly. The boy told Chris of a memory he has where his mom held his hand, and she carried his younger brother, and she ran out to the car with his father chasing his mom. As she pulled out, he was banging on the car window, saying he would kill her.. He has a lot of money, he owns 5 multi million dollar homes so he got custody of the two boys. He could keep them in their private schools and martial arts classes, plus he takes them on trips all over the world. She has a hs education and was a sahm, so she couldn't provide a life that was anything close to that. She's always seen the boys all summer, and the holidays. She's maintained a loving relationship with them. So last summer the oldest boy told his mom he didn't want to go back to his dad's, that his dad was hitting him on a regular basis. The mom got a lawyer and got an emergency custody order to hold onto the boy. She's had him all this time, since the start of summer last year. I guess because of covid the trial didnt start til a few months ago. The boy testified on video that he grew up watching his dad beat his mom and now his dad is starting to beat him, and he didn't want to live with him anymore. The father said he's lying, the mother brainwashed him.. The judge made his decision 2 weeks ago and said the boy had to go back to vegas, within 10 days. Everyone is shocked. The boy flew back to vegas 4 days ago. The dad met him at the airport, and said nothing to him. On the drive home the boy said why are you doing this, you don't want me here, I want to stay at mom's, the dad never responded. They get to the house, the boy goes up to his room, he has his own bathroom attached to his bedroom, his dad walks in to that bathroom and starts ripping out the sink. He said to the boy if you want a drink, from now on you can only get one through me. The boy texted Chris the video of the sink. Then last night he texted her and said his dad beat him, he showed her the pics. He had bruises on his chest and on his arm, and a long scratch on his arm. He's at his grandparent's house right now, they're his dad's parents. The boy is seeing a court mandated counselor today, that was already scheduled by the court, and they're going to the police afterward. He was doing really well with his mom, yes they don't have the money his dad has, but his grades were better, and his teachers loved him. I guess one time they had a homework assignment where they had to memorize something, he asked if he could recite it by singing it as a song with his guitar. The teacher let him bring his guitar in and sing it.. He also has a youtube channel where he sings, and he has a part time job working in a restaurant. They love him there too, they said when he comes back he can have his job back. Can he emancipate himself? He's refusing to go back to his dad's house. He's said if he goes back he will run away.. His mom is remarried, her husband has always gotten along really well with her sons, he's already started building a house on their property for her son, they have 12 acres. They're hoping between him having his own place, and having a job that it will be enough to get him emancipated when he's 16yrs.. I don't understand why he has to emancipate himself just to be able to live with his mom, that makes no sense, I thought in this country that at a certain age kids could decide where they want to live.
  9. It's official, the gap between my daughter's front teeth is gone. 😢 She's so happy about it, I told her I was really happy for her, and I am... but tbh I thought she looked adorable with the gap.
  10. I didn't know that, I feel a lot less sorry for her now.
  11. Why doesn't her mother bail her out? I know Tori got herself into this mess, but her mom has the $$ to make Amex go away.
  12. My thoughts exactly. wtf I'd want my money back from the ps, if he did that to me!
  13. My favorite brand of sanitizer is Suave. I always buy a bottle of sanitizer, a package of tp and a container of cleaning wipes now, when Im in the store, because I know when covid and the flu are both circulating at the same time this fall, they're going to be hard to find...
  14. Who’s Enforcing Mask Rules? Often Retail Workers, and They’re Getting Hurt The risk of a violent reaction now hangs over jobs already fraught with health perils. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/15/us/coronavirus-masks-violence.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage This is a free article. All covid-related stories are free on the NYT.
  15. Yeah, I'm thinking even if you take every precaution possible, if you're on a plane with someone with Covid, you're going to get it.

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