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  1. He rescinded his notice of interest in the job, he's not even doing the interview.. The job would've been seen as a huge demotion, he's a senior staff member, only the director is above him, and the IT position isn't even a manager, so there wouldn't be any bonuses, but the real deal breaker was he found out yesterday that the senior staff member who told him what he thought the salary was for that position was wrong. My husband spoke to HR in CA, and that position actually pays $15k less than what he's currently making.. My husband came home last night, he was not happy... what made it
  2. My husband works for a federal contractor, there were new guidelines just put in place, and several employees quit, and a few were fired because of how they acted. I won't make any further comment on that, I just wanted to explain why this job came avail.. The position that my husband has always wanted has come available, it's in IT, everyone knows he's wanted this job, even the guy who had the job who got fired today has said in the past that my husband was more qualified for it than he was, but he already had the job when my husband started working there.. The senior
  3. Yeah, I was just spooked I guess. I paid it off but 3 days later they're reminding me a payment needs to be made. I thought their computers updated at night, and would send out those emails to people who didn't have their accounts show paid the next morning.. Thanks everyone for responding..
  4. Good morning. Happy Labor Day, everyone. I don't understand why Citi keeps contacting me. I paid off the $605 balance Friday, my account online shows a zero balance. Should I reach out to them, or just ignore the notifications?
  5. I was at the dentist yesterday, she has 3 children all younger than Chris. I was telling her about Chris' first Pfizer shot and her side effects and how the 2nd shot was so much easier.. she said Im glad you told me because my son got his 1st Pfizer shot too, and he's had severe fatigue, and we haven't been sure about getting him the 2nd shot, she said you've made me feel a lot better. I said my dr thinks Chris had covid right before the shot, she said my son DID have covid, right before his first shot, he tested positive for covid in Feb, he had zero symptoms, she said the vaccin
  6. Update: She got the 2nd Pfizer last Friday. She woke up the day before and said I want to do it, I want to get it over with. I don't want to be tired all summer.. I made an appt for the next day @ 3:30pm. That night around 9:15pm I went back on CVS's website to see if i could get an earlier appt, maybe someone canceled...I saw they had opened up all their morning appts, they were all available. I picked 9am. We get there at 8:30am and walk to the counter, i said my daughter is here for her 2nd shot. It was funny, the pharmacist and all 4 of the workers looked @ me like wtf. One of the
  7. He's always been one of my favorite people on CB. I've been here off and on since 2004. Maybe something personal is going on w/him. Hopefully it's not a divorce or an illness that's keeping him away, and that he's just busy...
  8. My mom who is 87yrs old had Covid last month and had NO symptoms!!!! Can you believe that??! She wanted to start going to church once the restrictions were lifted and asked to be tested, she wasn't vaccinated yet. She said she felt no need to be vaccinated since she hasn't gone out once during the last year.. they stuck that thing up her nose and it can back she was in the middle of an infection. She was stunned, we all were. We were even more surprised when my sister and BIL, who she lives with, were tested and they were negative! I wrote above that our Dr said Chrissy can't be te
  9. My Dr said at the first post-shot visit, "it's too bad she wasn't tested for covid when she had her cold symptoms, then we'd know if it was covid or not. I said she was sneezing all over the place, we all were, I thought that symptom pointed away from covid so I didnt consider getting any of us tested. Also, our Dr said she can't be tested for covid now because the test can show positive from the vaccine, not all the time, but some of the time so that the results won't be conclusive.. She's got asthma so the stakes are high about the decision we make, and I heard there
  10. I trust my Dr, he's been our family Dr for 30yrs almost, and he's seen my daughter since Day 1, but like he said we just don't know about this shot's effects on teenagers yet..On older people there is a lot of date out there already, but not on teens yet, so he can only assume she'll be ok after the 2nd shot.
  11. My husband, myself and our son have all been fully vaccinated. My husband and son only had a mild sore arm. I developed a 102.8 fever after the shot, and I was sore all over, and had really bad nausea, but it only lasted 2 days.. Our 16yr old daughter received her first shot May15th, 24hrs after the shot she was throwing up, that lasted 12hrs, she had a 102 fever that lasted 5 days, but the worst has been her massive fatigue, we're talking mono type of fatigue, she was sleeping 16hrs a day, one of the days she slept 14hrs straight.. She's the top student in her grade but she was
  12. Please sign this petition for Ethan, my daughter's friend that I've been talking about on here. I've belonged to CB for 16yrs, and have never asked for anything like this before. I don't know if a petition like this can help, but it's worth a try.. https://www.change.org/p/police-court-cps-of-nevada-save-ethan-moore
  13. He was 74yrs and a prior cancer patient, and went to a rally with 6k people.... without a mask. His death is not unexpected.
  14. I've never had one, never really wanted one either. My daughter and I were talking a few months ago... she said what is one thing I could do you really wouldn't like. I said I wouldn't love it if you got a tattoo. She died laughing, she said so like murdering someone is ok, I said I think murder and other things like murder are already baked in as an obvious NO. lol She still teases me about that conversation. lol She's real artsy fartsy and fun like her older sister, so she thinks it's funny a tattoo bothers me. I think small tattoos, especially if they're meaningful
  15. That makes sense, I never thought about it that way... I have hope, now that a psychologist believes the boy and with CPS getting involved, that he won't be forced to go back and live with his dad.
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