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  1. This is some serious BS. The newborn baby girl was dropped on her head, on the table, and nobody does anything!! Unbelievable. https://www.facebook.com/mo.henderson.5/videos/2648842091797161/
  2. I apparently embedded the video without even trying to. lol Ok, so there are two parts to the video. I'll give you the link to Youtube that has part 2. The guy with the gun is a lunatic, but the other guy should've never gotten out of his car. Crazy all around... This just happened a couple days ago.
  3. Update!!!! I have great news! I just heard from Kalie, from my mortgage companie's twitter, a couple minutes ago, and she told me everything's been fixed! They had accidentally listed our school taxes and county taxes twice on our escrow payments to be paid.. She said we actually have an escrow surplus of $49, lol, but because it's less than $50 they're keeping it in the escrow account. I wrote her back and thanked her, and asked her if there was an email or phone number where i could reach her boss to tell them how much i appreciated her help. She gave me an email address, and said i could also post on their twitter too, which i will. They get a lot of complaints, so a note of gratitude might be well received. Thanks again for all of your responses.
  4. Throw all your extra money at it, if paying it off early is your goal. My dh got a $5k bonus 2 years after we bought this house, and we put ALL of it towards the mortgage. That started the ball rolling. Now, with the extra money we've paid on it it over the years, we're on track to have it paid off around 7 years early. Not to shabby...
  5. The woman from the mortgage company on Twitter just tweeted me back! When she DM'd me I wrote her back and said I know you've handed this off to your tax department, but when you briefly looked at it did you see anything awry? I told her it was my last question. So this is her writing back. She said "I do see the school tax and Town tax line have been listed twice in the escrow account. I wanted to confirm with the county that we have the correct amounts.^Kalie
  6. Hi. I'm so sorry I didn't come back on here and respond til now. I wanted to make some calls today and find out more information.. I called our local county tax authority and she saw NO evidence of a tax increase whatsoever. In fact, she told me to call my mortgage company and ask them on what information are the doubling my escrow for the town taxes. I called the mortgage and because the mortgage is in my dh's name they wouldn't talk to me. That's never bothered them before, and I'm the one that set up removing the PMI from the mortgage, but apparently the escrow department is hallowed ground and they wouldn't take my call. So, I tweeted them. lol And to their credit whoever is running their twitter tweeted back right away and told me to DM them and tell her everything, which I did, and she wrote back and said yeah, i see what you're talking about. Im handing this over to our tax department to hopefully fix this issue for you by tomorrow. So, we'll see. I mean if the taxes for the town went up then taxes for the school should've gone up too... We've been appraised at this number before, a few times actually, over the 16 years, and our taxes barely bumped up at all, so why it doubled now at this same number i have no idea. I get what you're saying Centex. Your points are well taken, but have a heart, lol, no one wants their taxes doubled out of the clear blue, with no rhyme or reason attached to it. I'll update as soon as I know anything. Thanks for all the responses! I appreciate them. Oh, Hege, we did put up a 3ft wooden picket fence last summer, in our backyard. It looks great actually, so that may have caused the $5k increase in the assessment, but again we've been assessed at this number before with barely a noticeable tax increase. HRS1980, I don't know what exemptions we have or don't have. I do know we get a check every year from Coumo (again no politics intended) around August or so, for property tax relief.
  7. They exactly doubled. It isn't the school taxes that went up, it's the town's taxes. We got a letter maybe 2 weeks ago or so that said our assessment went up by $5k. No big deal, we thought. We're in NY, south of Buffalo. Is this even legal? How can they just double your taxes like that? This feels like highway robbery! We live in a rural area of Western NY, who do I even call about this? Do I call our Rep Tom Reed? Mod note: I am NOT trying to bring up politics at all. And i won't. I'm only trying to figure out who to make a telephone call to. I'm freaking out. :( We had just signed the contract with the orthodontist on Friday to pay him $6k to pay for our daughter's braces. We made a huge down payment and the balance will be paid off after 9 additional payments. Uuugh, this tax increase couldn't come at a worse time. Thanks for listening to my rant. We've lived here almost 16 years, and tbh we've never had an increase like this, in fact, we've barely had an increase at all. We almost always get a check after our analysis. So this increase is shocking af. I'm sure a lot of you who regularly get tax increases are now thinking welcome to our world. lol
  8. I applied for the Gold Delta SkyMiles, and was approved!! I have a $1,000 credit limit. I'm done applying for anything more. I'm just sitting here stunned that Amex is letting me back in, after I Bk'd them. I'm shocked! I thought Amex blacklisted forever! I Bk'd Amex for about $7k back in 2008. I'm so happy!! lol
  9. Thanks Hegemony!! It's great to hear from you.
  10. As a mom of an autistic son, I can't stand the anti anti-vaxxers either. That whole study that was done, that supposedly linked the MMR vaccine to Autism, was based on fraudulent data. None of it was true! Why can't people comprehend that?
  11. Thanks!! Well, I still say they are BK friendly, because they offered me a chance to do business with them again, when they didn't have to at all. The wait of 10 years to get back in with them is fair, I think, if someone BK'd them thousands of dollars, like I did. The card they're giving me has a 0% interest rate for the first year, then a whopping 22.99% after that. I am hoping that in time they'll increase my CL.
  12. Hi. I filed BK7 in Feb 2008. I had a 7k balance with Citi at the time. I always thought they were not BK friendly, but I've been receiving credit card offers in the mail from them for the past 6 months or so. This morning my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to apply, and I was shocked that I received an approval! It's only a $1k credit line, which is puny, but I deserve puny, and I feel very lucky to be back in with them. They pulled my Equifax report. I'm in NY in case that matters.. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know in case someone else thinks they can't get back in with Citi, following a BK7.
  13. Update: The shooter has been charged with manslaughter. https://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/Shooter-charged-with-manslaughter-in-Clearwater-stand-your-ground-case_170853729
  14. Thank you so much, for your responses and advice. I appreciate all of it. I'm now keeping a much closer look at all of our bills and due dates. I've had a lot going on in my life lately, and I've been busier than I've ever been before, so I guess I wasn't at the top of my game when it came to paying attention to payment confirmations. I will never let a payment go late ever again.

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