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  1. butterflywings

    OMG Amex just approved me!! 11yrs post BK7 (I bk'd them)

    Thanks!! Experian, and I'm in NY.
  2. I applied for the Gold Delta SkyMiles, and was approved!! I have a $1,000 credit limit. I'm done applying for anything more. I'm just sitting here stunned that Amex is letting me back in, after I Bk'd them. I'm shocked! I thought Amex blacklisted forever! I Bk'd Amex for about $7k back in 2008. I'm so happy!! lol
  3. butterflywings

    Approved for Citi Rewards 11yrs post BK7

    Thanks Hegemony!! It's great to hear from you.
  4. As a mom of an autistic son, I can't stand the anti anti-vaxxers either. That whole study that was done, that supposedly linked the MMR vaccine to Autism, was based on fraudulent data. None of it was true! Why can't people comprehend that?
  5. butterflywings

    Approved for Citi Rewards 11yrs post BK7

    Thanks!! Well, I still say they are BK friendly, because they offered me a chance to do business with them again, when they didn't have to at all. The wait of 10 years to get back in with them is fair, I think, if someone BK'd them thousands of dollars, like I did. The card they're giving me has a 0% interest rate for the first year, then a whopping 22.99% after that. I am hoping that in time they'll increase my CL.
  6. Hi. I filed BK7 in Feb 2008. I had a 7k balance with Citi at the time. I always thought they were not BK friendly, but I've been receiving credit card offers in the mail from them for the past 6 months or so. This morning my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to apply, and I was shocked that I received an approval! It's only a $1k credit line, which is puny, but I deserve puny, and I feel very lucky to be back in with them. They pulled my Equifax report. I'm in NY in case that matters.. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know in case someone else thinks they can't get back in with Citi, following a BK7.
  7. Update: The shooter has been charged with manslaughter. https://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/Shooter-charged-with-manslaughter-in-Clearwater-stand-your-ground-case_170853729
  8. butterflywings

    How bad is this for dh? Regarding MY mistake with Amex

    Thank you so much, for your responses and advice. I appreciate all of it. I'm now keeping a much closer look at all of our bills and due dates. I've had a lot going on in my life lately, and I've been busier than I've ever been before, so I guess I wasn't at the top of my game when it came to paying attention to payment confirmations. I will never let a payment go late ever again.
  9. butterflywings

    How bad is this for dh? Regarding MY mistake with Amex

    I resemble that remark. Okay. I won't bring it up to Amex any further. I loathed calling them! I knew the stakes were high: call them and they will for sure notice the late; not call them to explain the situation and risk a late on his report that would last 7 years. Now, all I can do is hope no negative account action is taken. Fwiw, he would survive a financial review. He was honest with his income all along, and he currently makes about $6k more than what is stated on his account with Amex. Thank you for responding, Centex. I appreciate it.
  10. Before I tell you what happened, let me be the first to say I know I screwed up. I feel like a total loser right now. No one can say anything to me right now that I haven't said to myself at least a 100 x's. Here's what happened. Dh has had Amex's forever. He has a perfect credit score of around 750. He has two Amex's. One was due August 7th, and like I always do, I paid it early on July 27th. I never thought another thing about it. I always check the next day or 2 days later to make sure the payment hits, and I also look for the "payment received" email. I never noticed that I didn't get one from Amex. I wrote the payment down in our payment journal when I made it. Somehow there was a glitch and the payment didn't go through. I honestly don't know. I found out when I went online today to make another payment, thinking I was making an extra payment, and it said that the due date was August 7th and it had the amount still due! I immediately made the payment. There was no late fee or anything. I then went on the Amex chat and the Amex rep (thinking he was talking to dh) said it shows my dh's account is still current. I said the payment was due 3 days ago. The person said well, for whatever reason his account shows current and there has been no trigger for a late fee. I said will this late payment go to the credit reporting agencies, and he said call the 800# and ask, but you have a decent chance it won't. I was not going to call dh at work about this. He has an executive position, a very demanding job with a contractor of one of the departments of the government, and the last thing he needs thrown at him was this Amex situation. Yes, I know my rationale is totally self serving. The truth is I was also too embarrassed and ashamed to tell him. So, me with my very feminine voice, called up Amex and tried to sound like as masculine as I could, and told the Amex rep that I (dh) had a bad cold. She believed me. Anyway, she said that since dh has been with Amex for such a long time, that the late fee was not triggered, and that Amex doesn't report lates until they're 60 days late. She said to take off the table the fear that it would show up on the credit reports. She also said this one time thing won't have them close his account or anything, I had asked her if they would. She actually acted like it was not a big deal and said to relax, it was one time after almost 15 years of on time payments. Do you think there is still cause for concern?
  11. Apparently, Barclays wants to break up with me too. lol I got the same letter a couple of days ago. I have a small balance on it, and pretty much only used it for my cell phone bill.
  12. My husband and I totally disagree on this. I believe the shooter was justified, and dh says the guy was already retreating. He says whether he was retreating because of the gun or not, it doesn't matter, the fact is he was retreating. I personally don't think it was that much of a retreat, more of a single step back. Who knows what the guy said to the old man after he slammed him to the ground. I'm guessing the threatened him even more. And who does that? Who just walks up to someone and just sucker slams them down like that without seeing what the argument was about. It was ridiculous. You can't put your hands on someone! If you do, especially in Florida or TX, you just may get shot. I think the old man could reasonably assume if he had gotten up that he was going to get slammed down again. I agree though that the old man should've minded his own business. What a jerk! I can only imagine what he would've done in my situation the other day. It was 2 days ago Friday and I parked in the shopping center and was walking across the parking lot towards Spectrum Cable's door. We're switching back to cable after being with Playstation Vue for 2 1/2 years. Anyway, there was a large car parked directly in front of Spectrum's door, in the fire lane. A woman in front of me was carrying two huge boxes that looked heavy and she had to walk around it. There was a big guy in the passenger seat. I walked past the car without looking at the guy, but inwardly I rolled my eyes at him. When I walked in I could see the person he was with wasn't just quickly dropping off a payment. It was a woman arguing about getting cable at a new address, but she had an outstanding bill she had to pay, first. She and the rep went back and forth, and back and forth some more. Finally, another woman came out to take care of the rest of us waiting in line.. I can only imagine a permit patty type of person in my situation who would've gone up to the guy in the car telling them they parked in a fire line and call 911.
  13. butterflywings


    My son was fully, and quickly, approved for SSI. We received the award letter yesterday.
  14. butterflywings

    how long do brake pads last?

    I'm at $31k miles and our brakes were just fine. I made a post in the Automotive Forum a couple weeks ago that we have to replace all our brakes, because all our rotors are rusted out. It's maddening having to replace decent brakes, but we had no choice. We got the front brakes done already and we're getting the back brakes next week.
  15. butterflywings

    Chargeback with Discover

    Definitely. I hope you all do, too. I put her on blast on Twitter on Friday as well, thanking her. When someone goes out of their way to help me, I make sure everyone knows.

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