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  1. After 8 years and this thread is still going on. Oh well, I am going bald top and bottom so I no longer have such issues...
  2. I have you all beat. I will retire on June 7th and plan on taking the whole summer off. I'm not going to let anyone bug me for any reason!
  3. Three bathrooms to clean, laundry to do, gotta clean the car out...and then...and then...I am on vacation for a week!!!!!
  4. Want to add, please make sure you burn aged or seasoned wood and the chimney is cleaned. Watch your roofs. We have candles as well in case of power loss and plenty of canned goods and blankets. The fire place runs off natural gas...yes I'm a wussie and don't like to clean out the ashes. The real problem is my grill is under a snowdrift so I will be eating raw meat tonight!
  5. I can't tell, the wine is taking over!
  6. Marty716


    I can relate to that.
  7. I am at home, a polar bear came by asking for directions to Jacksonville, so I gave him OC's address.
  8. Taken in Kansas City 15 minutes ago.
  9. There is not a reputable CBer on facebook! :glare:
  10. Booby Doo? Do I even want to know?????? Yes, we do, inquiring minds want to know.
  11. MMMMMM looks like it's a finger painting.

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