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  1. I think I have their fax # from the first time they called...does that stand up in court as well?
  2. A local hvac company did "work" at my home and never fixed the problem. Had to end up buying new unit from another company. Received their bill via fax (on a Friday) and faxed back later that day with questions about line items on the bill. Monday morning (only 3 days later) they lady got mad that I asked questions and turned me over to collections. Total crap! Sent a "do not call me" letter certified RRR and they are still calling.... checked online - USPS left notice and they are obviously refusing to pick up the letter. What do I do now? TIA!
  3. Was denied for the Weekender card a couple of days ago. What do you think my chances are of calling them and getting them to reconsider me for perhaps another card? On a side note 10 months ago when I applied for a crap 1 card they denied me and there were 7 lines or reasons why, this time there were only 3 so I guess I'm making some progress!
  4. After some recent disputes and a dv, AFNI sent me a letter (received this past Friday) stating that they are deleting the acct from my cr's...blah blah. Anywho, I've been pulling TC and it still hasn't come off EQ. How long does it normally take for that to come off? How long should I wait before sending a copy of the letter to EQ?
  5. eeekk....dont' ever give a collection agency your checking acct info. Did you get the agreement in writing?
  6. If you disputed addresses or disputed as "not mine" the cra's usually throw fa's on. A nice simple letter to the cra's certified asking them to remove will get rid of them. Oh and don't forget to include a copy of a utility bill and ss card. Good luck on your journey!
  7. I sent them a DV about 2 1/2 weeks ago, received a letter this past Friday saying they are deleting! They do back down when you know what you're talking about!
  8. This is a total waste. The HSBC link said I could get a Weekender card and when I applied for it they denied me. So I guess I just don't see the point of a pre-selector. Now I've burned an INQ
  9. Congrats!! Looking forward to that day as well!!
  10. My goal is to be able to be joint account holder on my and dh's mortgages, credit cards, utilities etc. Right now I have been unable to do any of these things for fear of damaging my dh's perfect 800 + credit score.
  11. So is it for real that it's for anyone who ever had a cc during those dates? I may have to sign up...
  12. I had an old account that I was able to get deleted (The jdb's had re-aged it). I provided proof to the CRA's and they deleted. First JDB then sold the account to yet another JDB who re-inserted it with the same illegall re-aging. I sent them a nastygram and they deleted from TU (the only one they were reporting to) approximately a week ago. Now I updated TC to find that they (2nd JDB who got the nastygram) put it on my Experian report now!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH!!! I am SOOO pissed!
  13. I have typed all but my first dispute letters. I mailed out mov letters to the CA's yesterday CMRRR!! Will update this thread if/when I hear something!

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